The area of ​​Savigliano di Confartigianato has rewarded the loyalty of the association

A round table on female and youth entrepreneurship, attended by MEP Gianna Gancia and Youth Policy Minister Fabiana Dadone, was the corollary on 3 July at the awards ceremony. the Associative Loyalty of Confartigianato Cuneo – Zone of Savigliano. The initiative, held at the Teatro Milanollo, aimed to highlight the many companies that have long been recognized in the values ​​of Confartigianato Cuneo, the most representative organization in the sector in the province, and was preceded by a moment of confrontation , precisely, on issues related to “doing business” seen by entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs. At the beginning the greetings of the president of zone Anna Maria Sepertino and of the regional president of the Movimento Donne Impresa of Confartigianato Piemonte Sara Origlia, followed by the interventions of the provincial president Luca Crosetto, of the mayor of Savigliano, in his first public appearance. , Antonello Portera, CRS Banking Director Emanuele Regis and CRS Foundation President Sergio Soave. After the discussion, moderated by Daniela Bianco of the Press Office of Confartigianato Cuneo, during which the national president of the Movimento Donne Impresa di Confartigianato Daniela Biolatto and the provincial president of the Movement discussed together, in addition to the honorable Gianna Gancia and Fabiana Dadone Young entrepreneurs Omar Garino.

Among the issues to be addressed, on the “pink” front, the lack of support from our country for the development of female entrepreneurship, despite the fact that at European level this sector ranks first with more than 1.4 million companies assets, the chronic lack of effective policies in favor of working women and the need to establish good economic training in their favor. As for young people, on the other hand, the mismatch between educational training and the needs of professional figures by companies was addressed, the growing number in Italy of “Neet”, young people between 16 and 34 years old who do not study. or work and the need to teach entrepreneurial culture already in school.

Subsequently, the prizes of 60, 50, 40 and 35 years of associative loyalty were awarded to thirty-one companies in the Savigliano area. Two special awards, to Silvestro Riaudo, 91, founder of AFFILMECC and currently a member of the Anap, and to the sisters Lucia (representative of category in Confartigianato) and Denise Cocordano for the business of long gastronomy managed in the center of Savigliano.

“It is an important event – said Anna Maria Sepertino, president of Confartigianato Cuneo – Zona di Savigliano – which in each edition emphasizes the hard work and ability of our artisans. It was also an opportunity to discuss issues more current than ever. And closely Finally, we must not forget that this event also represented a pleasant moment of coexistence, after two years of social hardship due to Covid, and a gesture of recognition for the commitment of our artisans associated with the area. ” .

“The initiative – concluded Luca Crosetto, territorial president of Confartigianato Cuneo – first of all wanted to pay tribute to the entrepreneurs who are recognized in the principles of Confartigianato, forming the base of members of which is the second Association in Italy in number of (…) Today, in particular, we must accompany our companies on the path to sustainability and a conscious transition.Finally, there is the deeper meaning of “Associative Loyalty”: thanks to these companies , as bastions of a healthy and living economy,, are an important defense of the territory, generating economies and relations, giving work and contributing to the development of our social fabric ”.

Recognized for “Associative Loyalty”

More than 60 years

Piumatti Marco, Fabrizio and C snc (construction, sale, assistance and maintenance of agricultural machinery, Genola)

Kitten Aluminum by Kitten Elio (production and installation of aluminum windows, Cavallermaggiore)

Mana Carlo & C snc (Artisan production of furniture and furnishings, Cavallermaggiore)

50 years

Automobili Massimino snc di Massimino Federico & C (Car repair and auto dealer, Savigliano)

Tomatis sas di Tomatis Mario & C (Construction and repair of manure removal systems and agricultural equipment, Savigliano)

More than 50 years

Crosetto srl (Construction and repair of agricultural machinery, Marene)

Ramello Andrea e Giovanni snc (Body shop, Murello)

More than 40 years

OMT by Bruno Matteo (Precision Mechanics, Cavallermaggiore)

ITG sas di Palomino Fernardo i Mauricio & C (Futeria mecànica, Monasterolo di Savigliano)

More than 35 years

Arese Rossella (Hairstyles for men / women, Savigliano)

Studio photo by Cuntuliano Giuseppe (photographer, Racconigi)

Tortone Riccardo (metal carpentry, Cavallermaggiore)

Panero Giorgio Mario (Decorator, Savigliano)

Running Mauro (Soil layer, Marene)

Fratelli Franco srl (Construction company, Casalgrasso)

Demichelis Antonio i Demichelis Ilario i C snc (Thermohydraulics, Racconigi)

Sem di Lingua Mauro & Fratelli snc (Empresa constructora, Savigliano)

Corimef di Fissore Fabio, Enrico i Piermario snc (Folded and calendered of pipes, Monasterolo di Savigliano)

Oberto srl (Installation of electrical systems, Savigliano)

Brunetto Legno di Brunetto Piero & C sas (Construction of furniture and wooden windows, Monasterolo di Savigliano)

ITG sas di Palomino Fernando i Mauricio & C. (computer consultancy, Monasterolo di Savigliano)

For 35 years

Bruno Impianti srl (Installation of electrical systems, Monasterolo di Savigliano)

TSG di Sobrero Tommaso & C snc (Road transport for third parties, Marene)

Deninotti Giovanni (Decorador, Marene)

Rosso Michele (Car repair shops, Savigliano)

Photogravure Effegi di Ferracin G & C snc (photocomposition and printing, Savigliano)

Mobili Dompé snc by Dompé Fratelli (Production of custom furniture and furnishings, Savigliano)

Foto Gino di Balducci Luigi sas (Photographer, Savigliano)

Biggi Carlo Autotrasporti de Biggi Carlo & C. snc (Transport for third parties, Racconigi)

Lingua Sergio (metal carpentry, Cavallerleone)

Special prize

Riaudo Silvestro (Founder of AFFILMECC of Riaudo Enrico, Savigliano)

Cocordano Denise i Lucia (Gastronomy, Savigliano)


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