Teenagers are increasingly afraid of the future

Amid insecurity about their appearance, pandemic and war, young Italians are increasingly questioning who they will become and what they will do.

Worried and disappointed with respect to the future and aware that Covid has irreversibly compromised its education in part. A lot less likelycompared to the recent past, to pursue university studies. Greedy and sedentary, dissatisfied of its own appearance and at the mercy of an aesthetic dictated by influencers and fashion bloggers. All the time more “connected” and with a slow but steady worsening of family relationships and with the peer group. The widespread desire, much increased over the past, is so much so that it almost tastes good “Desire to escape”is to travel.

This is the cross section that arises from the 2022 edition ofNational Survey of Adolescent Lifestyles resident in Italy, created annually by the non-profit association Laboratorio Adolescenza and the Research Institute GARDEN in a nationally representative sample of 5,600 students aged 13 to 19 years.

After the year of Covid – says Maurizio Tuccipresident of the Laboratorio Adolescenza – we had put in the survey this year the title “Adolescence between hopes and fears”, but unfortunately, data in hand, fears seem to be far greater than hopes. To pass from father to warwithout interruption, has caused adolescents, already severely affected psychologically by the pandemic, to return to more fragile and fearsome. A fact above all that describes the situation without mercy: in an age that should be stretched all towards the future, in which dreams and utopias should be the masters, in which one should be optimistic almost “for status, “teens are” insecure. ” or “worried.”

The relationship with your body

He 58% of adolescents (69.4% of women) state that in the two years of the pandemic it has done so eaten improperly (too much, too little, unregulated …) and the 37% complains of being gained weight. It is certainly true that dissatisfaction with one’s own body has always existed in adolescents, but the IARD data show a clear worsening after the pandemic. Theopinion of colleagues It is very important, but to influence the relationship with the body itself, and therefore also with food, the role of influencer, fashion blogger, fashion and advertising. That’s true for most guys and for almost 8 out of 10 girls.

Sedentary adolescence

Undoubtedly, the unsatisfactory perception of one’s physical appearance is aggravated widespread sedentary lifestyle. In fact, during the pandemic, many young people stopped playing sports, perhaps driven by restrictions and sinceimpossibility to do sports a social moment as it has always been. An alarming figure, which is growing especially among girls, as confirmed by pediatrician Gianni Goodfor which the practice of physical activity is necessary to ensure a correct physical, psychological and social development.

School and University

The survey revealed interesting assessments of students about negative effects produced by the years-Covid in the preparation overall and academic performance. As for the preparation, only the 30% states that the effects products were few or even none, while for the 70% the training was penalized enough or much. High school students have noticed the biggest repercussions on their acquired knowledge. The data regarding the choice of are worrisome they do not continue their studies in college: if before the pandemic only 22% of students already looked like workers, today more than 30% decides not enrolling in any university; percentage rising to 40% if only me males. According to the rector of the University of Bologna Ivano Dionysus that depends on one distrust of the future – fueled by the pandemic – and towards adults. To this is added the difficulty to find a job after graduation and the cost high university experience, which often happens in burden for families.


Research proves it travel it seems like it’s almost an activity “central“in the lives of young Italians.” In an age group where curiosity growsthe desire to discover oneself and others, the desire to to experimentthe search for greater autonomy from the family context – Andrea emphasizes FranzoiSecretary General of the Intercultural Association – the fact of being remained inside for long periods with parents, having gone to school online, not having had any real social space, has them a lot penalized. It is no coincidence that, as a clear reaction to the unrest experienced, in 2021 Intercultura registered the largest number of partners ”.

Social and family relationships

Teenagers ’relationship with parents and friends is still substantially good. A large majority consider family life to be enjoyable or quiet, and relationships with friends are good or satisfying. But in order not to always find yourself unprepared when things stop working, it is important to pay attention to some alarm bells. In fact, the number of those they find relationships with family and friends are unsatisfactory or difficult it is constantly to increaseespecially among girls.

Covid and war

If teenagers still they are struggling to regain the serenity lost because of the Covidthe explosion of the war in Ukraine has more they undermined their sense of confidence in the future. The concern of adolescents is very high (percentages ranging from 80 to 90%) for most of them possible direct and indirect consequences which may result from the conflict. As if that weren’t enough, almost 8 out of 10 teenagers they have by of the Italian intervention in an eventual third world war.

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