Reopening of the GPS 2022 ranking from 12 to 31 May: courses to be completed with the update.

GPS 2022: The official ordinance to update the GPS 2022 rankings has been issued.

Application submission dates: applications can be submitted until May 31, 2022 (11:59 p.m.).

For both new entries and those who need to update their position, it is still possible to subscribe new training courses. There are still almost two weeks left to improve your skills and increase the score in the GPS 2022 rankinghave one higher position in the ranking and, consequently, more chances of being called to school. has a wide training offer aimed at all professionals in the world of education, by:

  • perfect yours abilities;
  • add qualifications and qualifications for improve your position in the ranking (GPS) and in public tenders.

All courses offered are recognized by the MIURand issue final certifications in accordance with current ministerial regulations.

However, the courses that can surely be purchased in a few days, and therefore in time for the GPS update, are digital certifications.

CLIL (Integrated learning of contents and languages) is a method that provides for the teaching of some high school curricular subjects in a foreign language. Therefore, it is not simply a matter of teaching a language (such as English or Spanish) but of teaching a non-linguistic discipline (such as history or physics) in a foreign language that belongs to the student’s curriculum.

A CLIL course combined with a language certification allows you to add to it up to 9 points in the standings.

More information about the CLIL course

Knowledge of at least one European language, particularly English, is now a prerequisite for studying and working.

In particular, the possession of a language certification for teachers and aspiring teachers is also required. B2 certification confers 3 pointsthe C1 4 points and C2 6 points to GPS. allows you to study online using educational material on an e-learning platform. The exams are completely online.

Also, thanks to It is also possible to practice spoken English by conversing with English-speaking teachers.

Learn more about language certifications

Top-level master’s degrees release 60 credits and are assessed 1 more point in the GPS ranking, in accordance with the degree evaluation tables for the 2020/2022 biennium. Registration for the 2021/2022 academic year is still open.

Learn more about the master’s degree also offers advanced courses, which are addressed not only to graduates but also to graduates. Here it is also recognized 1 point for GPS classification.

More information on postgraduate courses

The 24 CFU are university training credits that are used to participate in the School Competition for secondary and high school education. They are also required for inclusion in the Provincial School Rankings (GPS) and for enrollment in the pre-selection tests of the TFA Sostegno course. I am therefore a indispensable requirement for graduates who want to start the training course for teaching.

The certification provided is recognized by the Miur and valid for competition purposes.

More information on 24 ECTS

Tuition and teaching methods

You can follow the courses of remotely on an online platform at any time of the day.

It is also guaranteed to guidance and counseling service who will answer any questions or queries, providing accurate and timely information.

Finally, they can take all the exams online and payment can be conveniently made in installments.


For information and registration call 02 87199126

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