Miss Italy Lombardy: Martina di Settimo touches the podium

Martina di Mito, a girl from Settimo Milanese who yesterday, July 3, 2022, participated in the selections of Miss Italy in Lombardy in Sesto San Giovanni, touched the podium.

Miss Italy Lombardy: Martina touches the podium

The Miss Italy Lombardy selections took place at the Vulcano Shopping Center in Sesto San Giovanni. Great attendance from 10:00 in the morning of the new members for the casting phase that began the day, more than 20 new girls who tried to be part of the Miss Italy Lombardy tour managed exclusively by Alessandra Riva for Rial Events. A day they lived as real protagonists divided between photo shoots within the modern structure of the CC Vulcano and the creation of social content as real influencers to present themselves to the public on the web and social networks.

The aspiring Miss also conducted rehearsals on stage for the afternoon show along with the running course conducted by Alessandra Riva of Rial Events. At 17.00 hours began the act of animation that had a great attraction for the public and that saw the aspirants to Masses in a succession of parades and performances that highlighted not only their particular beauty, but also their personality and talent. A
winning the title of Miss Miluna CC Vulcano was Gaia Zamparelli of 18 years, from Milan, 175 cm tall, brown eyes and hair, student, attends the Liceo Classico, at the age of 13 won a national poetry contest (with a poem that still remembers from memory today). ). An art lover, he formerly practiced swimming and athletics on a competitive level. In addition to the shining crown, Gaia received as a gift a splendid Miluna jewel offered by
Colombo Jewelry in Sesto San Giovanni (MI), Vanessa Etemaj, 24 years old from Calcio (BG), 173 cm eyes and brown hair, Italian of Kosovar parents, second place with the title of MISS BELLEZZA ROCCHETTA hairdresser but works in a bar because he loves contact with people. She has always dreamed of being part of the fashion world and has decided to enter the competition in order to fulfill your wish.

Miss Third Place Vanessa Forlin 19 years old, from Lecco, 175 cm with brown eyes and blond hair, studying at the Institute of Humanities, collaborated with a writer for the writing of a book on a collection of different experiences of young people. She started taking her first steps in the fashion world posing for various photo shoots.

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Martina’s fourth place

Miss fourth ranked Martina Di Mito 22 years old from Milan, 173 cm tall, from Settimo Milanese is very close to her family, she loves the sport like her father who is a high level swimming coach. He has practiced synchronized swimming at a competitive level for many years and has brought to the stage a choreography as an exhibition before entering the water, characteristic of this discipline.

Fifth place Melania Ferraro 23 years old and lives in Cardano al Campo (VA). 177 cm tall, he is in his third year of Graphic Design and Art Director at the Academy of Fine Arts (NABA Milan). She loves aerial stunts, hoops and fabrics. Sixth place Giada Loda 27 years, and lives in Buccinasco (MI). 165cm tall, in life he is a beautician and masseur, his passions are the world of Fitness and especially the gym and Yoga.

Special guest of the jury: FRANCESCA MAME ‘, Miss Lombardia 2021 was one of the protagonists of the National Final where the title of Miss Italy 2021 was won by the Bell Zeudi of Palma, and LAURA BAVELLONI among the protagonists of the tour of Miss Italia Lombardia in In 2017 she won the Miss Eleganza Lombardia 2017 track.

The rest of the jury that decreed the winners of the evening were: Edoardo Colombo Owner of the Colombo Jewelery in Sesto San Giovanni (MI), the famous comedian Giancarlo Barbara, and businessman Salvatore Placella.
The Bellissima Imetec station, which will be enabled for the care of the hair of the aspirants to Masses, will allow them to always be impeccable during the succession of daily activities. The soundtrack of the event was curated by Lorenzo Gray, an internationally known Italian fashion DJ and producer.

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