Italian Gymnastics Federation – Arosa

While Flavio Cannone was invited to the Party Gymnastics, where he received his well-deserved gratitude after a long and award-winning career at the Trampoline, his now former teammates were dedicated to the Nissen Cup in Arosa, Switzerland. Five senior blue gymnasts taking part in the World Championships in Switzerland: two in the men’s individual competition, Samuele Patisso Colonna and Marco Lavino, three in the women’s, Giorgia Giapieri, Isabella Murgo and Sofia Pellissier. Unfortunately, the individual positions do not allow access to the semifinals (in this case 16 and not 24 due to the small number of attendees). Samuele Patisso finished 21st with 57,275 obtained in the first of the two available exercises, Marco Lavino 28th with 55,595 in the second execution. In the synchronized duet, the duo Patisso-Lavino, despite a fall at the end, won the final by right to 8. In fact, their 48,500 obtained in the second exercise, is worth the ninth position. However, thanks to the rule that requires only one couple per nation in the final, they advance to seventh. The girls with 44,300 are thirteen and have withdrawn their second nationalities, first reserve. By virtue of the withdrawal of the Japanese couple, they are part of the finalist lot at the last minute. Among individual women Martina Murgo is 21st with 49,665 obtained in the first year, Sofia Pellissier 38th with 48,560 in the second year. Giorgia Giampieri, on the other hand, did not exceed 51,790 in the second year. In the Syncro Giorgia and Isabella improve by more than one point and close their first final in a World Cup with the fourth position. Instead, a mistake relegates Marco and Samuele to last place. Great satisfaction at the youth level in the side tournament of the category. Six members of the FGI in five races and classified in four finals from which two precious medals will come out. In the admission competition Letizia Radaelli – category 13-14 individual Women – enters the round of 16 with the first score (93,960) obtained thanks to two good level exercises performed with great cleanliness and elegance and maintaining a good height. The runner-up, the German Volska is more than 3 points behind. The new junior European champion Silvia Coluzzi -category 15-16- once again showed her class and determination, snatching the pass with the first score (95,235), beating by more than one point the other German, Aurelia Eisloffel. In the Synchronized match the pair Radaelli-Coluzzi – category 15-16 – returns to enter the decisive byte with the first marker, to less than one tenth before the German pair Eisloffel-Moeller Between the men Marco Tonelli and Andrea Radaelli – category 15- 16 – pass with the 2nd score in a grade full of errors. In the same finals, Letizia is affected by the pressure of the favorite and fails in the fourth jump. Final score 16,100. Silvia Coluzzi opens her challenge and sets the bar very high, further improving the score obtained in the second exercise of the qualification. With a total of 52,970, he leaves the two Germans Moeller and Eisloffel about 2.5 points, just a few tenths of a second apart, and is confirmed as the athlete to beat in the junior category. In the synchronized final, the blue loses a bit of tune in the second half of the exercise and reaches 44,800, a little less than the rating. However, opponents improved markedly and the final podium saw Eisloffel-Moeller win ($ 5,140), followed by Britain’s Gallacher-Moorhaouse ($ 45,060). Third place for Silvia and Letizia. Unfortunately in the men’s synchrony Marco Tonelli plays the guards in the third jump and is forced to interrupt the exercise. Then, the Blues stop in 8th place with a score of 8,900. Report on Andrea Radaelli’s excellent 9th place in the men’s individual category 15-16. To relegate him to the first reserve, with a total of 94,060, the exit of the sheet after the last jump that cost him 2 points. Finally, Marco Tonelli missed the second exercise and is 16th with a score of 83,660.


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