Gina Lollobrigida, symbol of beauty and sex appeal. Today he continues to fight scandals

It is the year 1954 when Gina Lollobrigida (today on her ninety-fifth birthday) is invited to the Mar del Plata Festival. Gina was then 27 years old. Juan Perónthe then Argentine president, fell madly in love with him, so much so that -according to the magazine- Financial area – has a tennis court built in record time in the village where the actress lives. Parliamentary elections are imminent when a photo of Perón walking with Lollo next to him causes an earthquake. Yes, because Gina is … completely not.

Obviously a photomontage, probably conceived by the anti-Peronists who spread the imaginative news that the image (now found) was taken with an unlikely X-ray camera by order of Perón himself. No need to do it on purpose a few years later, Gina will turn around She goes naked by the world of Ranald MacDougall and Charles Walter, actually a kind of forerunner of Pretty womana film betrayed by the title.

Always at the center of scandals and scandals, often unwanted, Gina Lollobrigida continues to fight, even today, as a pre-centenary in great shape, with those who want her badly or their money: son Andrea Milko Skofic, had by the Slovenian producer of the same name, then also huddled by his nephew Dimitri, demanded (and obtained) that a judge entrust the actress to a support administrator after Gina, according to the plaintiffs, was “plagiarized.” ”By Andrea Piazzolla, thirty-eight years old, officially his factotum. Besides, Francisco Javier Rigau, a (then) 38-year-old Spaniard engaged to Lollo from 2006 to 2007, married her “for power” in 2010 (according to the actress deceptively, but was acquitted), marriage later canceled by the Sacra Rota . To sum up not a moment of peace for the actressalthough assisted by the lawyer and former anti-mafia magistrate Antonio Ingroia, a former collaborator of Falcone and Borsellino.

Apart from personal events, Gina Lollobrigida remains a symbol of beauty and sex appeal for Italian cinema. And not only that, although her appearances in Hollywood movies (as happened to Sophia Loren) are certainly not memorable: from The treasure of Africa (’53) by John Huston where he debuted with an international cast and played the wife of Humphrey Bogart, in Trapeze (’56) by Carol Reed, set in the circus world and produced by the (former) trapeze artist, then a Hollywood star, Burt Lancaster; of meat bread Solomon and the queen of Sheba of King Vidor, alongside Yul Brynner, George Sanders and Joan Crawford in John Sturges’ Sacro e profano (both of ’59) which sees her performing with Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson, to romantic comedies such as Back in September (’61) by Robert Mulligan e Strange bedfellows (’65) by Melvin Frank, also intended to stay alive in public, for the Elderly, the sexist image of the fantastic American actor, hiding his homosexuality.

Luigia started very young (in the theater with Scarpetta) (it’s her name on the record). Already in the second half of the 40s, seventeen, after a small part in Black Eagle of Riccardo Freda, with Gino Cervi I Rossano Brazzi (set in Tsar Russia), stands out thanks to small appearances in musical opera films such as Lucia de Lammermoor for Piero Ballerini, The elixir of love, Madness for opera I clowns (Mario Costa’s last three).

Its extraordinary beauty emerges, also consecrated by a short film that bases its plot on beauty: Miss Italy (’50) de Duilio Coletti, where he is finally the almost absolute protagonist. In this film (photographed by the great Mario Bava and edited by the future king of local sexy comedies Marino Girolami) worth a stop: a journalist and writer (Richard Ney) decides to do a report on the Miss Italy pageant, resumed a few years after the interruption of the war (Lollo had actually participated in 1947, winning third place later Lucia Bosè and Gianna Maria Canaland … but there were also Silvana Mangano and Eleonora Rossi Drago).

And here’s the movie (who’s just waiting for a pretty girls parade is very wrong) like a tear-jerking film with criminal and tragic implications. There is a beautiful paralyzed countess, a cynical thief and a dazzling tailor (Lollo) who will win the trophy (bikini in the armpit and a lot of modrilla). But there is also one fatal woman with a casual past (Constance Dowling) who wants to redeem herself and ends up doing so through suicide (a scene from the film will be shot in 1988 by Tornatore in New Cinema Paradiso). Dowling actually committed suicide in 69 and also committed suicide in room 346 of the Rome Hotel in Turin. Cesare Pavese that he was madly in love with Dowling (and did not correspond) and to whom he dedicated the poem Death will come and have your eyes.

An important film for Lollobrigida because it will be one of the springboards of his greatest hits, those of the ‘target’ in the double of Comencini: Bread, love and imagination I Bread, love and jealousy (’53 and ’54), next to Vittorio De Sica. And then there are the French directors who wanted it: from René Clair to Christian Jaque. Excellent photographer (but also sculptor) who even managed to immortalize Fidel Castro. And this The most beautiful woman in the world (’55) by Robert Z. Leonard, biopic by Lina Cavalieri, Lollobrigida sings.

He turned down Antonio and Ritt’s offers. He also ran in the European Parliament from the left. A complete woman who, at the age of 95, continues to struggle to regain possession of her life. In addition, in the Pinocchio tv (’72) by Comencini was the blue fairy. Who knows she won’t be able to Magic.

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