Flp Alessandria-Asti: the Education and Research and University sector is born

The Territorial Coordination of the Federation of Public Workers and Public Functions for the Education and Research and University Sector is also born in the provinces of Alexandria and Asti.

The FLP – Federation of Public Workers and Public Functions was born in 1999 to embrace all sectors of the Public Employment and the existing Public Functions and that will be established, as a result of the processes of restructuring of the Public Administration, implemented with the “Bassanini” Laws, which provide for administrative decentralization, the transfer of state functions to other public or private structures, and the establishment of new contractual sections, such as the Tax Agencies and the Presidency.

In 2004, the FLP joined, as a constituent organization, the CSE – Independent Confederation of European Trade Unions, a trade union confederation that, in contrast to the current trend, on the occasion of the last election round of MSW achieved the requirement of the most representative confederation.

The FLP, therefore, is advancing against the trend with regard to the loss of consensus recorded in recent years by traditional unions; the dynamism that characterizes it is reflected in the will, own of the present Secretariat, of wanting to construct a new union organization, that proceeds to a complete revision of the relation between the Union and the workers, adding, with the FLP, all the Public Employment sector, profoundly modified by the ongoing transformations.

The basic idea is to recover the participation of the workers in the elections of the union, by means of the reinforcement of some contractual instruments (for example the referendum) with which the first can verify the work that carries out the second.

The FLP’s action focuses on the recovery, within the category of public employees, of a critical and responsible collective consciousness.

In a world governed by the rules of the productive challenge, it is necessary that even within the Public Administrations the staff is organized and represented according to new models, which do not arise as a result of ideological conflicts that have now been overcome.

We have long lived the reality of administrations that skinny their employees, and the government policy that sanctions this situation is manifested through known phenomena: professional retraining with respect to the introduction of new technologies is virtually nil; In fact, salary increases have been blocked for years, due to a hardening of the working day, ignorance of the tasks actually performed and the increase in the tax burden.

Fully sharing the principles of the national document, we considered it appropriate to create a Provincial Section of the School Sector also in Alessandria-Asti, to implement this new form of concrete unionization.

We intend to provide all school staff with the assistance they need to navigate the jungle of school regulations; at the same time we want to develop an activity of “protection” of the rights of school workers, recently put in strong discussion, ensuring our constant presence both at the provincial level and in each school, in which our members request the our diligent intervention. .

FLP is a union:

FOR FREE: because it is democratic and independent;

AUTONOMOUS: because it is full of ideas of its own and far from political influences;

REPRESENTATIVE: because it represents and protects the interests of all staff;

FORMATION: because it promotes the training of members and temporary staff;

As of July 4, 2022, a face-to-face and online care service was opened to advise and assist workers and precarious workers in the Education, Research and University sectors.

Advice will be given, for members and those who want to register, by appointment Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 15:30 to 18:30, can be booked at 331-7229037 e-mail alessandriaasti@flp.it

Throughout the year the FLP offers at reduced prices to its members or for those who want to subscribe to the services of Caf and Patronato, In particular this period of expiration of the contract of many employment contracts the FLP the Service of elaboration and sending of the Naspi- Unemployment benefit.

For more information, contact: Cell: 331/7229037 email alessandriaasti@flp.it website https://alessandriaasti.flp.it

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