Bustese water polo promotion party

There is a Bustese water polo promotional party at the Forus center in Busto Arsizio for the promotions of the two teams, male and female.

Bustese water polo promotion party

Last weekend the women’s team went up to A2 and the men’s team to B and then it’s a promotion party.

The last weekend was memorable for the athletes at the Busto Paglini water polo shop who train daily at the Forus facilities in Busto Arsizio.

Francesco Anesini’s girls were promoted to A2 and Luca Polacchi’s boys to B.

First, the men’s team won 8-3 at the Treviglio Pool, winning the promotion a week earlier.

Later, last Saturday he played the last match at home in the center of the Forus in via Manara in Busto Arsizio against Novara.

The girls played the playoffs in Avezzano, in the province of L’Aquila where they won.

The two victories with Bentegodi Verona (12-5) and with Camogli (8-4) were decisive.

This for the girls of Busto Arsizio is the first historical promotion of the women’s A2 series.

Luca Polacchi’s boys were promoted to B.

Luca Polacchi

“A dream come true: to return to Busto Waterpolo in Serie B – said Luca Polacchi, the boys’ coach -, what the boys have achieved in these two years was wonderful. In fact, it is precisely two years of joint work that led us first to the national semifinals of the under 20 category last season and then to the achievement of the same goal in this one. In addition, for two years we were second in the under 18 category, where this season we will play in the Scudetto at the end of July. The B Series is dedicated to all of them, who from the first moment believed in themselves and then in the project. There was nothing simple, they sweated with their daily work. One of my personal satisfactions is that we have a rise with many guys from the youth sector in the staff, which is fantastic. I dedicate this milestone to my children, to my partner to whom I have stolen so much time, to society and to the whole city of Busto Arsizio, because Busto, in b, is even more beautiful. “

Francesco Anesini’s girls were promoted to A2

Francesco Anesini

“After many years in the world of water polo as a player,” said Francesco Anesini, the girls’ coach, “on Sunday I experienced one of the greatest sporting emotions of my life.” For the first time in its history, the water polo bust deservedly conquers the women’s A2 series and does so with a group of extraordinary girls. It’s a mix of early athletes on the first team. Others, although still young in age, with significant previous experiences. I am so proud and proud to have made this trip with them that it has led us to a wonderful promotion. I hope that this result will be a push to grow the women’s sector, becoming an important reality on the scene. In addition to the promotion, we managed to reach the U20 national semifinals with a team of only nine warriors who were never spared until the end. I want to thank all the people who have contributed to this success. Starting with Luca Polacchi, Filippo Pedroni and Fabio D’Onofrio without whom nothing more than society would have happened. From a personal point of view, I want to thank and dedicate this success to my wife who has patiently supported me from day one. To my brother who is always willing to give me advice. And to my parents who were in the stands in the first game of the year and were also in Avezzano for the playoffs. “

For those interested, it is possible to have information on water polo courses open to all ages and levels at the facility.

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