Willy Monteiro, the fatal beatings, the escape, the funeral and the commotion- Corriere.it

Just under two years after Colleferro’s assassination, the Assize Court of Frosinone ruled on requests for life imprisonment for brothers Marco and Gabriele Bianchi and 24 years in prison for the other two accused of the crime he has committed. all of Italy. . To the paliano, of 21 years, the gold medal to the civil value

It didn’t have to be any different from many others the night between 5 and 6 September 2020 at Largo Santa Caterina in Colleferro. the small square dominated by some places frequented until late by groups of peoples on the border between the provinces of Rome and Frosinone. A few noises, a few drinks, loves and fights that take time to get to the following Saturday evening. Not that night, not that fight, where without even being involved he loses his life Willy Monteiro Duarte, 21 years olddead in a senseless beating.

The prologue, putting the events back in line, takes place in the Due di Picche room, where around 2330 the brothers Marco and Gabriele Bianchi are with their group from Artena, at a table where Mario Pincarelli sits and Francesco Belleggia, his fellow citizens. but it arrived separately, and to another still the celebration of Paliano of which they compose Federico Zurma and some girls. These are the ones the Bianchi brothers notice, which badly move the chairs to access the bathroom. An arrogance without consequences but which is typical of the arrogance of both. Marco and Gabriele are two practitioners of MMA, mixed martial art, a discipline that mixes the strokes of various fighting techniques. They are known throughout the area for their fights, or rather beatings, in which they target immigrants or subjects outnumbered by numerical inferiority. They bragged about it in a chat called Gang dello Scrocchio which includes Vittorio Tondinelli, Michele Cerquozzi and Omar Shabani, also present at the restaurant.

After that episode, the whites leave to end the evening somewhere else. It turns out they went to have sex with two girls in the cemetery parking lot (Gabriele recently had a child with her partner Silvia, daughter of Forza Italia coordinator in Velletri, Salvatore Ladaga). At Due di Picche the afternoon continues and Pincarelli, who drank abundantly, annoys a Paliano party girl. Pincarelli, like Belleggia as Artena says and between the groups from different places in the area there is always a challenge and a rivalry about to explode. 1.30 am Zurma, with Alessandro Rosati the girls indicate the perpetrators of that gesture and the two decide to face it. A fight arises that cannot even be defined as a fight: words, insults, threats thrown into the air to a fist that Belleggia, despite having an arm in plaster, by Zurma making him fall from the short staircase that leads to the square. A few more verbal exchanges, but there seems to be.

Then he enters the scene a black Audi Q7 SUV from which the two Whites flee, who rush blindly into the heart of the fight. A phone call from Cerquozzi alerted them of what was happening and they ran out leaving the girls they were with. Among those present now is also Willy, born in Paliano to Cape Verdean parents, who dreams of being a chef but in the meantime serves at the tables of a local restaurant. At the end of the shift he returns home with some friends, he is attracted like everyone else to the commotion and in this he recognizes Zurma, his former schoolmate. He invites him to leave, tries to calm his spirits but without having any role in the fight is the goal of Artena’s two brothers. According to numerous witnesses, Gabriel kicks his chest with the sole of his foot, carrying all the force, lightly resting his body on the other bent knee. Willy ends up on the ground already stunned, he also finds it hard to get up but it becomes impossible when Marco hits him again. with kicks and punches that, while everyone runs away, only his friend Samuele Cenciarelli will try to prevent them from signing, protecting Willy with his body. all useless. Some say the attackers even jump on the body of the boy lying on the ground, even Pincarelli and Belleggia – feeling strong by the arrival of the villagers – take the opportunity to throw a few blows in turn.

It’s 3.23, according to research, everything lasts 50 seconds but they are sufficient to cause Willy irreversible damage to internal organs. The autopsy will then check that his heart was broken and that in addition to the kick to the chest, a karate blow to the jugular was decisive. Both, individually, would have been enough to kill him. After the blitz, the whites with Tondinelli, Belleggia and Pincarelli return to the car and flee. The carabinieri found them shortly afterwards in the room of their other brother, Alessandro, a few miles away. Even his car and the carabinieri (the barracks are with their backs to the crime scene and the screams of the boys called them to the scene to start real-time investigations) immediately realize that it was parked not in the side of the room, where there would also be room, but a little hidden at a more distant point. The soldiers arrive at four practically without fail, on the first witnesses gathered in hot. The participation in the beating of the whites, Belleggia and Pincarelli seems safe without any doubt but immediately, or maybe that’s why the four of them start blaming each other for the blows to Willy. All in all, only Belleggia seems credible in her story where she admits her role without hesitation. That is why he gets house arrest while the other three remain in prison. Throughout the indictment it soon becomes voluntary manslaughter, because according to prosecutors, whoever gave those blows knew his power and therefore accepted the risk that they could be deadly.

On whites in particular, details emerge about their lifestyle that aggravate, at least medically, their position. In addition to beatings, drug trafficking episodes, perceived citizenship income without any qualifications, a constant display of muscle and well-being on social media, including expensive vacations and watches. The outrage throughout Italy is enormous, Thousands of people attend Willy’s funeral, including the then Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, to cling to the parents of the 21-year-old Lucia and Armando (with the other daughter Milena, 19) who show enormous dignity and composure and will never miss a word of hatred. or revenge in those years. They have been in Italy for years, are much-loved workers in the country and take refuge in the network of support and solidarity of the Cape Verdean community in Rome. The murals with the child’s face are multiplied and in October the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, gives them away the gold medal for civil valor for an exceptional selfless impulse and extraordinary determination, proving marked sensitivity and attention to the needs of others, intervened in defense of a friend in difficulty, trying to favor the peaceful solution of a heated discussion. The trial begins on June 10, 2021. The municipalities of Colleferro, Paliano and Artena are civil party for the image damage received. He looks for her after listening to her the testimonies of 26 boys and girls present that night, he draws his conclusions: life imprisonment for the brothers Marco and Gabriele Bianchi, 24 years each for Mario Pincarelli and Francesco Belleggia. Judgment tomorrow.

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