The director of the IC Rende-Commenda is retiring, the staff is being fired

Letter to the manager Rosalba Borrelli who is retiring

“Rende, 01/07/2022

Dear Director Rosalba Borrelli,
We have been collaborating with her for many years, so much so that the time we spent together allowed us to modify our initial relationships that were purely related, especially affective, which have managed to transform our school-work environment into a real family emotional context. . For this reason and given the particularity of the moment, it will allow us to address you with your familiarity.

“If you really want to know the future, don’t ask a technician, a scientist or a physicist. No! Don’t even ask someone who is writing the software code. If you want to know what society will be like in 20 years, ask a school teacher. “
(Clifford Stoll).

You have played the delicate role of “school teacher” that changed the destiny of many young students. The years of your teaching have contributed to the formation of the “good part” of our society. Teaching has been a natural activity for you that has always been based on your ability to persuade, your communication skills and your deep pedagogical knowledge. Undoubtedly, the years of teaching coincided with the most beautiful period of your working life because in those years you were able to “camp” the creativity and free thought that you love so much.

Driven by the strong will to serve the Italian state in a different and even more revolutionary way, at a certain point in your career, you chose to be a school principal. It was not easy to achieve this goal, you found obstacles and difficulties that you managed to overcome with that tenacity and strength that distinguish you as a person.

From the moment you took on the role of director, it was very difficult to separate the word “director” from your name. You and the corporate title have become one. You loved school as if it had always been your home, first in San Pietro in Guarano / Castiglione Cosentino where you committed to achieving the delicate goal of creating a comprehensive newborn Institute and then in Rende where you spent energy and strength. , stubbornness. and dedication.

Driving such an important school did not seem to live up to your dreams, you came almost on tiptoe, in silence, with humility and grace. Your arrival at our School has gradually brought to light the characteristics that distinguish and characterize it today and that resemble you in every sense: seriousness, organization, inclusion, communication and innovation.

Our School is yourself because it is in it that you have totally transferred your personality. You have given a strong imprint, an important connotation to what was once a small school in a provincial town. That distant first of September 2016, you would not have dared to think about what the IC Rende-Commenda would be soon.

During these years of work you have always been characterized by your communication skills and the unconditional acceptance of every thought expressed by the interlocutor. In the dialogue you have never put barriers or walls and it was this aspect that pushed our Educational Institution among the best in the province.

The door to your presidency has never closed, it has often been transformed into a “seaport” where young students, teachers, ATA staff and many other representatives of the extracurricular world landed every day. Anyone who has dealt with you, as a manager, has found a desire to listen, confront, dialogue and often also solid support.

The aspect of your way of being human and professional that has most characterized these last years of leadership has been democracy understood as freedom of thought, opinion, capacity for discussion and shared decisions.

During the difficult years of the pandemic you were not discouraged and, feeling the enormous weight of a complex and large educational community on your shoulders, you organized communication networks and distance activities that often made your teachers and your teachers forget the students the loneliness of those. months. With you we all felt more protected and united, close and above all, guided.

Your solid and certain management activity has been indispensable and a priority for this school and has had as a direct consequence a lush growth of staff and classes. All of these goals can be achieved by a school only when the principal spends much of his life within those walls. We’ve seen you open and close school, be online all day, even on Sundays or while you’re having personal or family difficulties.

In our school there were never any unresolved problems until Rosalba found out. As a good teacher, you have been able to scold teachers and employees without triggering negative feelings and too many words. When and if it was necessary to modify work situations that seemed thorny, you achieved this with determined and determined interventions; you have always left the possibility of debate to the interlocutor and you have often spent yourself personally on the final resolution of the problem.

The familiarity with which you have run such a large school has distinguished you in the area has made you a capable, intelligent and available manager. Today, none of those present here can imagine what your life without school will be like, as it has become, over time, your “favorite dress” to wear, but we can imagine you more rested. , less tired, more dedicated to your passions and your beloved family.

We will miss you “a mess” as your dear students would say the names of those you knew and lived and who you have always valued and supported.

The IC Rende-Commenda that loses a safe and solid guide thanks ROSALBA for the dedication, resilience, high professionalism, human skills. The state is grateful to Manager Borrelli, the tangible demonstration of having recruited a school principal who truly believed in the formation of the new generations and in the future of Italian society.

Words born from the pen of professor Prof. Rosellina Brun who unanimously interpreted the thoughts, opinions and emotions of the teachers of the IC Rende – Commenda.

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