Rent-A-Girlfriend, the list of requirements for renting a girl comes out: almost no one could do it

The second season of Rental – A-Girlfriend has arrived and, with the wave of enthusiasm, we discover quite particular things about the bridal rental service. For example, you won’t be surprised to know that there really is a Rent-A-Girlfriend service similar to Japan, but do you have any idea what the requirements are to be able to be a rental girl?

Yes, there are requirements to be met. Rent-A-Girlfriend girls must have certain characteristics and here we have it available Complete listwritten by a Japanese company that offers a bridal rental service called “Rent a Cane “. The list immediately went around the internet, because it’s pretty particular.

In her everything is reported characteristics that you MUST have a girl and those who instead lead to exclusion. Since the list is long and detailed, be prepared to write it all down to see if you could have a future in this field, or if your love could be rented in a universe like that of Rent-A-Nvia. Mind you, you have to meet all the requirements.

What characteristics should a Rent-A-Girlfriend girl have?

Based on the list provided by Rental Kano, you can become a rental girl if you are:

  • Women between 18 and 35 years old, physically and mentally healthy and able to work with integrity, honest and that they keep their promises.
  • Women who like it fashion and be a lot female.
  • Women who like cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues, located and 1.5h from major leisure areas such as Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Sendai and Fukuoka.
  • Women able to have pleasant conversations with men between 30 and 50 years old and that they treat them with kindness and courtesy.
  • Women with hair black o brown (not blonde).
  • Women who can be active for at least 6 months and willing to work at least as hired girls one day a weeknot counting public holidays and weekdays, per at least 2 hours per day.
  • No experience required academic or business the above, thinks the training company. The service can be provided by students, workers, the self-employed, aspiring actresses, voice actors, models, television personalities and other artists.

The highlight of the list, however, which is also the one that raised a few eyebrows, is what describes what are the characteristics that make girls NOT “rent”. Get ready and be honest with yourself, your hypothetical future at Rent-A-Girlfriend is at stake.

You can’t become a rental girl if you are:

  • Women friends (only possible if grantedo of the boyfriend or willing to separate if they let him).
  • Women under 20 years you need the written consent of parents.
  • Women who they are not beautiful or that they feel ugly.
  • Women who plan to leave work before 6 months.
  • Women straightening their teeth (Language straps accepted) or who have damaged skin or acne.
  • Women with little femininity, unfashionable and unpopular with men.
  • Suspicious women or very shy women.
  • Women who need money.
  • Women with dark skinwithout makeup or with eccentric clothes.
  • Women greasy or greasy (BMI must be less than 22).
  • Women who look younger or girls who go to high school.
  • Women who take long to respond to emails, messages Line etc.
  • Women too busy with daily work or studies and women working part time.
  • Women with children (unless they have nowhere to leave them).
  • Women with mental illness (including those under drug therapy), psychotic or similarmentally unstable, sick or already active sex workers.
  • Women who have already presented themselves but who never give an answer again.
  • Women who have no will of their own (that is, need permission from parents, friends, or others before doing anything).
  • Women working in other companies of the same nature (Come visit us after quitting).
  • Women who don’t have a smartphone (IPhone or Android). Buy yourself a work phone.

The list went viral quickly online and of course they weren’t made to wait user reactions, all of them mostly negative. Here are some comments:

“Why not dark skin?”

“Are there women who meet all the requirements?”

“Isn’t that discrimination?”

“I thought these things only existed in the manga, what kind of people use them?”

“Look, they’re just looking for beauty, they don’t want ugly people”

“These are valid conditions, the man pays a lot of money”

“I bet the bitches will be bothered by the requirements”

In case you are curious, here are some of the girls who, having all the requirements in order, have managed to be girls for rent for Rental Kano (and maybe they would also work at Rent-A-Girlfriend).

EL service prices real ones are not even as expensive as you might expect: according to the category of the requested girl you are going to Junior and Regular in the Premium.

A two-hour date with a girl Junior he comes $ 73against $ 88 required to regulate and premium. Any additional time is paid 5,000 / 6,000 yen per hour, and no additional service charge is included. At Rent-A-Girlfriend, on the other hand, we know that the base rental price is $ 48 an hour (5,000 yen).

Then, you would have a future in the universe of Rent-A-Girlfriend? Let us know.

Source: VocesabiAnime

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