Raffaello for Rome at the Casina Raffaello, the appointments of the week

He Raffaello Summer Festival for Rome ’22 Portraits of the author the Casina del Curato or Raffaello’s – located on the current Via Jacovacci – a beautiful 15th century structure that miraculously survived the centuries.
The Circolo della Pipa, which has always been based in space, grants its use to the event with all available amenities (services, refreshments, welcome garden). The upstream façade of the Casina acts as a fascinating fixed setting for shows and the sloping garden under the trees creates a natural and beautiful audience.
The Raphael Festival in Rome (born on the occasion of Raphael’s 500th birthday in 2020 and raised in 2021) adds a subtitle that characterizes its specificity this year: Author Portraits. On stage will be a gallery of portraits of great characters told by performers of absolute and recognized quality, unique in the Italian festival scene. Along with candidate Raffaello Sanzio, this year we will have Antonio Canova, Napoleone, Franz Kafka, Luigi Pirandello, Fritz Grünbaum, Fryderyk Chopin, Frida Kahlo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Virginia Woolf, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Giorgio Strehler, the vampire countess Erzsébet. Báthory, as well as imaginary figures such as Clytemnestra, Ulysses, Captain Failure …
To play these characters there will be names of some fame and professionalism as Giuseppe Pambieri, Roberto Ciufoli, Margherita di Rauso with Gaia de Laurentiis, and again Francesca Bianco with Eleonora Tosto, Bruno Maccallini, Barbara Chiesa, Elisabetta de Palo, Melania Fiore, Patrizia. La Fonte, Giuseppe Manfridi, Miana Merisi, Stefania Ventura, Eduardo Ricciardelli and many of the best talents in our theater.

These are all upcoming events

3, 10, 17, 24, July 31 – August 7
Raphael yellow

by Riccardo Bàrbera and Barbara Chiesa
with Stefania Ventura, Gioele Rotini
and Melania Fiore
directed by Barbara Chiesa

Third year of replays of the theatrical thriller success set in the hunting lodge that was Raphael’s first accommodation in Rome.
A mystery was never clarified: what was the real cause of the death of Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino?
There were no consultations, only commemorations. Raphael’s lover was dismissed without naming him. Well, today we are doing the research, using as an exceptional researcher the first who tried to penetrate the artistic and personal secrets of the great Urbino: Giorgio Vasari, who, about twenty years after the death of the great painter, began writing his biography to include in The Lives.

5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20 and 21 July
In chess
Canova vs Napoleon
by Riccardo Bàrbera and Barbara Chiesa
with Camillo Marcello Ciorciaro, Lorenzo Grilli and Letizia Letza
music by Marco Schiavoni
directed by Barbara Chiesa

On the bicentenary of Canova’s death, the surprising relationship between Antonio Canova and the young Napoleon Bonaparte is reconstructed in Under check. In the encounter / confrontation between the two giants (fruit of a rigorous documentation although with certain necessary dramatic freedom) two geniuses of opposite sign face, thanks to “Bella criolla”, Giuseppina di Beauharnais, first wife of the Great one Corso, who firmly wanted the two to collaborate exerting a strong fascination on both of them. In the background, the Napoleonic campaigns, subdued and sacked Italy and a mysterious chess challenge.

July 8
Tonight I decided to come see me
to chat with myself
By Antonella Ottai and Bruno Maccallini Freely based on the works of Fritz Grünbaum with Bruno Maccallini Music by Pino Cangialosi performed by Livia Cangialosi
Bruno Maccallini, in his exploration of the world of Austro-Hungarian theater, plays Fritz Grünbaum, an excellent Austrian cabaret, director and musician from the Jewish family, who for more than thirty years entertained audiences in Vienna and Berlin with sketches, magazines and irreverent. operettas, before Nazism made him a victim of the Holocaust. A showman of his time. On stage his autobiographical monologues in which he talks to a “second self” arguing with himself.
July 15th
Oh! Dit
of and with Roberto Ciufoli
live music David Barittoni

Ulysses and his endless journey, an example for everyone, the curiosity, the desire to know and explore that there is or should be in each of us. Did he leave after the long siege of Troy, head for Ithaca and his beautiful Penelope, or stay ten years before finding his way home? Ulysses, the image of the modern man or just a distracted person? The question, which has trapped scholars and writers for centuries, will finally find answers. Roberto Ciufoli, starting from Homer, proposes a rewriting of the famous poem, a personal Odyssey. An inescapable opportunity for in-depth comic analysis not to be missed, even for the uninitiated.

July 22-23
Dear Chopin
with Elisabetta de Palo
and Riccardo Bàrbera
on the Mº floor Andrea Calvani

In an age when women embroidered handkerchiefs, George Sand dressed as a man, smoked, engaged in politics and literature. After having gathered many lovers, she falls in love with the genius of Fryderyk Chopin who, before capitulating to her dominant charm, wrote about her: “What a most unpleasant woman! But is she really a woman?”
The tormented and strange relationship between the musician and the writer, through the pages of a surprisingly reinvented correspondence (but as a documentary) and accompanied by the most beautiful musical pages of the “piano poet”. A sui generis love in which nothing is taken for granted.

July 26
The prophet and the diva
Giuseppe Manfridi
presents his novel
Gremese Editore

1969. Evening. In a hotel in Göreme, in the heart of Anatolia, a long table celebrates the last shot of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film Medea. After leaving dinner before the others, Pasolini finds Callas waiting for him at the door of his room. A tearful love was born between the two, impossible because of their homosexuality. But the story has a third protagonist: triple jump champion Giuseppe Gentile, who just won the bronze medal at the recent Olympic Games in Mexico, called, to his great surprise, to play the role of the argonaut Jason. The histrionic Manfridi transforms the presentation into a real event. One hundred years after Pasolini’s birth.

July 27
Maturina Fantesca
heir to Leonardo Da Vinci
of and with Patrizia La Fonte

Amboise, November 1519. In a corridor next to the kitchen of the manor house of the Clos Lucé, the writings and some portraits on wood are expected to be given to the heirs of Leonardo da Vinci, who died on May 2 while he was a guest of the king. Francesco I. Maturina, the last ruler of Leonardo, who actually existed and was mentioned in his will, has given no way of knowing anything more about himself. Here, he has lived with Leonardo in recent years, has his own idea of ​​things and people and will not stop explaining it to visitors. And it is addressed to the public: are they the ones who are sent to bring the writings and paintings of Francesco Melzi and Giacomo Caprotti? Are they bankers or pilgrims? Will they want to put her in the service or buy her the portrait of “Mona Vanna”, the “Naked Mona Lisa”?

28, 29 July
Live life
Frida Kahlo and Chavela Vargas
for Valeria Moretti
with Francesca Bianco and Eleonora Tosto
guitar Matteo Bottini – video Caterina Botti
directed by Carlo Emilio Lerici

If it is true that the love story between Frida and Diego Rivera was intense and passionate, just as intense was the love and deep friendship that united Frida Kahlo with the legendary Mexican singer Chavela Vargas. In an imaginary story / dialogue between Frida Kahlo and Chavela Vargas, Francesca Bianco, who gives voice to the painter and Eleonora Tosto, who interprets the songs, alternate in an exchange of emotions and dreamlike suggestions, in which art, music and life appear essential. .

July 30
Why “Clytemnestra,” why?
by Marguerite Yourcenar with Miana Merisi, Alessandra Corona (dancer) and Guido Tuveri (dancer)
Directed by Maria Assunta Calvisi Voice of the film Luigi Tontoranelli
In Fuochi, Yourcenar has collected a series of lyrical prose linked by the theme of love. Why is Clytemnestra worried about us today? What should a uxoricide reveal to us in an era of atrocious and now recurrent feminicides like a virus? The show wants to sink its hands into this slippery terrain. Three women: an actress on stage who expresses in words the tremors of a woman who has come out of mythology and fallen into a timeless reality; a dancer on stage who counterbalances her with the strength of her own body; a dancer on screen to bring Clytemnestra to life in the contemporary world.

3, 4 August
A room for you
by Virginia Woolf
with Barbara Chiesa

A room for oneself is a text designed for the voice. Two lectures given by Virginia Woolf at Cambridge, October 1928. As is always the case with the great classics, time does not erase the message in any way, but, in retrospect, brings value and freshness to ideas. In these reflections there is strength and determination, in search of absolute space: historical, metaphysical, temporal, literary, architectural, as Virginia thought. Some passages from the essays were the canvas for public or university readings. Barbara Chiesa’s mise en espace will lead us to Virginia Woolf’s soul: the voice is the best instrument of knowledge of the spirit.

August 5th
Castilian is a noir
with Melania Fiore
music by Antonio di Pofi
written and directed by Giuseppe Manfridi

Prisoner of her beauty and protected by the privileges of the wealth that her marriage had deserved, Countess Erzsébet Báthory (1560-1614) convinced that the blood of the virgin girls guaranteed her eternal attraction, made her castle a place terrifying mass extermination.
The trial documents that sentenced her to be walled alive, speak of 650 victims. Báthory had created a perfect system to attract young girls in order to translate her blood into the cosmetics she needed. A real noir, Melania Fiore, led by the author, in a test of great depth actress.


Organizing body:
COMIT srl by Claudio Cecca

Artistic direction:
Riccardo Bàrbera

Organizational management:
Marco Pepe

Technical management:
Francesco Bàrbera

In collaboration with:
Trieste Golden Hall

Casina del Curato or Raffaello’s
Via Francesco Jacovacci, 25
00197 Rome
Reservations: raffaelloperroma@gmail.com

Box office and open bar service: 8 pm
Show: 9.15 pm
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Possibility of parking along the entire slope of Via Jacovacci, from the intersection with Viale Tiziano to Via dei Monti Parioli

Bus: 120F, 628, 982, C3
Tram: 19, 2
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