Playing with a color palette in nature: the playground created by the urban artist Vesprini inaugurated in Albinea

With a big sports party, yesterday in the late afternoon the artistic courtyard created in Albinea by the urban artist of the Marches Giulio Vesprini was inaugurated in the Lavezza park of Albinea.

The ribbon-cutting was done with the presence of a large audience and followed by a triangular one with the participation of local administrators, journalists and boys and girls from Gast Onlus.

Among others, the mayor of Albinea, Nico Giberti, the president of the province, Giorgio Zanni, the councilor for sports of Albinea, Daniele Menozzi, the mayor of Scandiano Matteo Nasciuti, councilor of Montecchio, Stefano. Ferri, Albinet councilors Duccio Simonelli and Chiara Codeluppi and Scandinavian councilor Paolo Meglioli. Max Menetti, coach of Pallacanestro Reggiana, was also present as a guest of honor.

The mixed teams walked for the first time through the wonderful colorful courtyard created by Vesprini along with a team of collaborators who helped him during the construction phases. Among them Giulio Faggiani and Marcello Buganza, alumni of the International School of Comics of Reggio Emilia, Valeria Mazzoli and Primo Montanari, who made very detailed photographic reports, the Albinetians Davide Bonini and Mattia Lugli, who made available their drones for filming and aerial photos. All coordinated and followed by the Office of Culture and the Technical Office of the Municipality and made thanks to the collaboration between the same Municipality, the artist, Matteo Maffucci and the Agency 4.4 (Italian company that operates in the sector of digital management and communication linked to the art world) and Federico Biagioni of the You and Web agency.


Combining the art, colors and beauty of the nature of the albino territory with sport and its values. In short, this is the meaning of the operation carried out in Lavezza Park, where a very important playground for Albinea was born and unique of these characteristics in our province. In addition to offering everyone the opportunity to practice outdoor sports, in a wonderful place surrounded by nature, it also represents an operation of high artistic and cultural value. In fact, the intervention was carried out by Giulio Vesprini, an internationally renowned artist, known for his works exhibited in exhibitions and museums, for his murals and for some important interventions in playgrounds and skateparks throughout Italy.

The playground is 32 meters long and 19 meters wide The surface pavement, made by the company Waterproofing SRL of Correggio, is high performance and latest generation, with a multilayer system based on acrylic resins in aqueous dispersion, in combination with a gum. eco-sustainable granular mat (made from recycled rubber tires at the end of its useful life), which allows to obtain an elastic ground with a high comfort of play and excellent technical performance; as well as ensuring high resistance to wear, ultraviolet rays and different weather conditions. The surface was applied on the asphalt substrate specially created by the company Zannoni Srl.

Above this “skeleton” was created Vesprini’s work of urban art, which he conferred

the basketball court looks quite exceptional, colorful, cheerful and positive.

Vesprini, an architect by training, has worked all over the world. His latest creation was made in April at the “Street Art Phygital” and is clearly visible on a wall in the Fidenza Sport Village. He has participated in dozens and dozens of festivals dedicated to urban art in Milan, Sant’Elpidio a Mare, Turin, New York, Rome, Genoa, Florence, St. Moritz, Lisbon, Berlin, Venice, Mantua, Lecce, Helsinki and many more. other places where he left his artistic testimony.

In addition, the artist was the author of a “background” well known to lovers of sports-themed video games: in fact, it is the courtyard of the FIFA 2022 field.

“This intervention was a dedication to the abstract landscape. The synthesis of colors is derived from the sampling of the natural elements that surround and host the future sports plate, explained Vesprini. – My attention has fallen on the main signs offered by the nature of Albinea: the river Lavezza that runs through the park is represented in blue tones, the forest in green tones, the plots of land in red, pink and yellow that , seen from above, becomes the sun that illuminates the park, as well as the other natural elements of the sky and clouds. This new work is part of the research on abstract landscape that he has been carrying out for a few years, inserting pavement painting into urban design and looking for a continuous dialogue between urban art, architecture and nature ”.


Giulio Vesprini was born in 1980 in Civitanova Marche, where he lives and works.

He attended two major schools: the Academy of Fine Arts and the Department of Architecture. He has won several awards and publications related to his work in graphic design, urban art and illustration. He moves freely from graphic to illustration, from painting to street art, from video and photography to architecture. His research has focused on various fronts, such as land art and urban culture. He prefers simple lines similar to his graphic and architectural origins. Draw primitive design with graphic signs, illustrations and urban actions. His works are born of a minimal culture where form represents the main idea.

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