Keralpen absorbed by the Dolomites, but apart from football, dominates women’s sport in Belluno

From fusion club to football family. The Dolomiti Bellunesi, since yesterday, also has a women’s sector. A possible operation for the absorption in the corporate and technical cadres of Keralpen Belluno, currently the only women’s football team registered in the federal championships. In the not too distant past, girls had many more opportunities to unleash their passion: in 2010 between Series C (Keralpen, Dynamo Vellai and Alpago) and D (Cadore, Alpes Cesio) there were 5 active companies in the province. In recent years, the creation of a women’s sector within historic clubs had been mentioned several times: for example, at the beginning of the 2016-2017 season, Belluno, chaired by Perissinotto, had started a specific discussion, always with Keralpen, then relaunch it in the spring of 2017, but without finding a concrete way out of the project. In September 2020 Daniela Pomarè, a former footballer from Cadore, Domegge and Keralpen, had launched a call to give a chance to players from mountain areas, for whom practicing this sport was virtually impossible. And again in April 2021, a month after the start of the merger, Union Feltre had thought of creating a women’s sector, an idea that included the Keralpen absorption hypothesis, or alternatively the ‘preparation of at least one Football Team 5.

In the end, Ssd Dolomiti Bellunesi took over. Yesterday morning the announcement is surprising but not entirely, because the projects of the club that united Belluno, Union Feltre and San Giorgio Sedico are increasingly 360 degrees, from the top championships (these days the new Serie D team is born ) investments in structures (particularly in the area of ​​the Sedico stadium, a real axis of activities). Could a female sector be missing? And then the absorption of the thirty members of the Keralpen Belluno, including the technical staff, “and above all – he writes in the official press release – the wealth of skills and experience in the field of the” pink ball “materializes “.

It is the president of the Dolomites who explains the operation. “We are delighted to bring the women’s sector to life,” says Paolo De Cian. As for us, it is one more step in our growth process. Also because I’ve been able to talk to managers and girls – they have an extraordinary passion, a contagious enthusiasm, and a deep desire to get involved. This union of intentions, we are sure, will make a remarkable contribution to the provincial football movement. “We are happy with this step,” said Chiara Tranquillin, Keralpen’s manager. It is a turning point, because, in the recent past, all aspects were done independently and we were the only reality left in the Belluno area, while from now on we will identify in a structured club and organized. We are facing an important opportunity. At first it will take a period of filming, but such a collaboration can only bring advantages to women’s football in the province.

In fact, many details remain to be defined regarding the inclusion of the Keralpen group in the activities of the Dolomites, doubts the same official press release (“waiting to define the details and methods of development of the activity. .. “). There is some certainty: the Dolomites are taking over the Keralpen sports title, so they will be competing in the same championship, the Excellence Championship. But in addition to the first team, “special attention will be paid to the youth sector” is promised in the statement.

And on this front, the credibility of the project is at stake: will the Dolomiti / Keralpen become a benchmark in women’s football, transforming generic passion into a concrete opportunity to practice the discipline in a competitive way? Even the youngest (under 14) boys and girls play together, but after that, more is needed. Spaces, ideas, technicians. And especially players. Keralpen has about thirty members, about sixty are young practitioners according to the FIGC of Belluno: the prospect of the Dolomites could make it possible to multiply these figures.

However, perhaps more than anywhere else in Belluno, those who deal with the practice of sports, the results, the stories related to the playing fields, know that women’s performances now offer more and more reasons of interest than men. .

A name above all, Stefania Constantini. Only she, the curling champion who has conquered all of Italy, with the perfect combination of grace and strength, elegance and determination. In a decline of the sport that does not go well with the “pink” usually associated with the women’s world, because the color of the sporting performance of the Ampezzo certainly has stronger nuances. Or maybe pink, but the one that tends to red in the amazing sunsets of the Dolomites, in its Tofane, as when the phenomenon of the rosary transforms the rocks into a kaleidoscope of emotions, even before the nuances. Forgive the digressions, but they help to better understand those wonderful feelings conveyed by the companies last February in China, where along with Trentino Amos Mosaner, Stefania Constantini won 11 matches out of 11, getting an Olympic gold that has already entered. the history of Italian sport. The last confirmation of her popularity among the concurrence of the capital, last May 26, when she was invited as a witness to the sport of Belluno at the beginning of the Belluno-Marmolada stage of the Giro d’Italia . That is why women’s sport has created its own space, without taking it away from others. He’s taken it, like the Felt BTT girls are doing.

Giorgia Marchet and Giada Specia are, in fact, the protagonists of the latest sports news, thanks to the exploits of the European Mountain Bike Championships that end today in Portugal. This morning Giada will look for an important result in the cross country specialty race, to prove if she is the strongest under 23 on the continent. On Thursday Giorgia Marchet had played the masterpiece, finishing in second place on the short track. And on Friday, both had played a key role in the other silver medal, this time as a team, in the relay team (the 6-person relay).

“In my experience I have never felt differences between us, women and men, fortunately – is the testimony of Giorgia Marchet, who has just returned with 2 silver from the European mtb championships. When I ran with the very young ones, going to pick them up and take them off was a spur and hitting them was a great satisfaction! The fact that women are emerging more also depends on the coaches you meet along the way, women are “weird,” but if you can channel our potential the right way, you can build something important because in my opinion we are more stubborn. and more resilient than boys. And that is fundamental in sport.

Returning just a few days ago (last weekend, in Rieti), to the absolute Italian athletics championships, two women had won the medals of the Belluno movement. Paola Padovan of Belluno the gold in the javelin throw, the middle distance runner Cadore Gaia Colli the bronze in the 5 thousand.

Another leap to the present, but staying in the chair, that of road bikes, however, not mountain bikes. Because in the men’s Giro d’Italia we didn’t have Belluno professionals in the race, while in the women’s race, which has just begun, we find Lara Vieceli from Fonsza, who is doing very well: yesterday the 32nd place in the third stage. , the Cala Gonone-Olbia; in the general classification it continues to improve (now Elisa Balsamo, the current Italian world champion occupies the 52nd position 54 seconds behind the pink jersey). But the names to do would be many. In rugby, for example: Alyssa D’Incà from Belun is now a permanent member of the national team, with at least 5 rugby players growing up in the blue youth teams. And in the last Winter Olympics, how can we forget Lucia Dalmasso (snowboard) and Anna Comarella (cross country)? The list will certainly be incomplete, but it gives the idea. Whoever says woman says sport hurts whoever thinks otherwise.

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