Trophy – Roberta Serradimigni – Women’s National Under-17 Final.


Trophy – Roberta Serradimigni – Women’s National Under-17 Final. Costamasnaga and Basket Roma in the Final. The interview with the coach of Lardo Nacional

Bianchi Group Costa Masnaga and Basket Roma are the finalists of the Women’s Under-17 National Final “Roberta Serradimigni”.

In the semifinals, Bianchi Group Costa Masnaga beat Umana Reyer Venezia 78-64, while Basket Roma won 72-54 at Granda College Cuneo.

The final on Saturday 2 July

Third place finish

16:00 Human Reyer Venice

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Final First place

18:30 White Group Costa Masnaga

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Lardo: “Contagious enthusiasm here in Campobasso. The Azzurre worked together “

Guest of honor in the Semifinals of the Serradimigni Trophy in ‘La Molisana Arena’ is the coach of the women’s team Lino Lardo.

“I saw a perfect organization with pretty full stands, even in the matches followed from home. The girls’ enthusiasm is contagious, says Lardo. Good plays with several important elements emerged. Congratulations to the companies that work hard in the youth sector and that we constantly monitor ”.

Two tournaments, in Spain and Friuli, and two rallies represented the center of the last blue phase of the activities of the women’s team. “We are satisfied with what has been done. I summoned a lot of players making a lot of them debut in blue. Both the rallies and the two tournaments have provided us with interesting information – he adds – and, although it is true that we have lost in both circumstances against Spain, we have instead overcome Belgium and Slovenia, comforting aspects in our race towards the ‘European, but we are still looking forward’.

In this sense, the medium and long term goals could coincide with the Olympic Games. “This is certainly the highest goal, but difficult to pronounce now. We are running for next year’s continental event. We have won two group rounds and we are happy, but there are still four left and if we get to the European Championship, we will aim to have a good tournament to enter the range of places that will assign us the classifications for the tests that will take place. be there later. We just have to cross our fingers, aware that the girls, so far, are proving to be well together and this is a significant aspect in perspective.

The chronicles and points of the Semifinals


Umana Reyer Venezia-Bianchi Grup Costa Masnaga 64-78

Umana Reyer Venezia and Bianchi Group Costa Masnaga meet again in a National Final in just under twenty days. Last June 12 he was in the scudetto final of the National Under-19 Final in Battipaglia, tonight in the semifinals of the “Robertina Serradimigni” Trophy in Campobasso.

It could have been a resumption opportunity for the Venetian team that as the rival had three veterans of the previous final (Valentina Penna, Giorgia Festinese and Emma Zuccon for Venice; Maria Bernardi, Cristina Osazuwa and Fiamma Serra for Costa), but also Costa tonight has not only won, he has won.

“We managed to rest in the second period – explains Cosimo De Milo, coach of Costa Masnaga – when we started to defend strongly and have the pace to launch the attack. The “two towers” ​​tactical weapon option for this stage of the tournament? It is a peculiarity that we have and that, by virtue of the full availability of the girls, we have implemented.

Are we the favorites for ultimate success? I honestly listened to it and made some superstitious gestures, but what I can say is that the girls are working hard to try to create a tournament where they can try to explore their own limits and peculiarities ”. Venezia managed to return only from the first break (from 4-11 to 11-11 with two free throws from Festinese and continued at a distance of three points until the end of the first quarter), then slowly sank under the blows of a natural. Costa’s aggressive defense and a more physical and in any case more technical game than Costa that often forces Venice to make mistakes (23 losses at the end of the match). By successive overtimes (22-32, 22-44, 37-69) in the second and third quarters he won the second youth final of this year (after the third semifinal). In the fourth, Costa’s coach, Cosimo De Milo, alternates all the players, allowing the owners to rest and the bench to play important competitive minutes, although the advantage is reduced to 14 points (64-78), but the latter, for Costa, is distributed.

Umana Reyer Venezia-Bianchi Group Costa Masnaga 64-78 (16-19, 22-44, 40-69)

Reyer Venezia: Capuzzo 9, Guerra, Buranella 9, Penna 5, Zuccon 8, Samolyllych, Purina 16, Ruzza 4, Andreanelli 7, Minincleri, Festinese 6. All. From the Villa.

Grup Bianchi Costamasnaga: Ruta 5, Piatti 3, Bernardi 30, Osazuwa 13, Razzoli 12, Cesana 2, Motta 2, Cibinetto 2, Spreafico, Praderi, Serra 9, Gorini. Ramats De Milo.

Referees: Mariotti, Gai.

Granda College Cuneo-Basket Roma 54-72

It started with a battle on each ball, which tested the physical strength of both teams. Cuneo paid dearly for the effort produced, accumulated due to the fatigue of 6 days of racing.

“Our second quarter – said Daniele Canini, coach of Basket Roma – allowed us to find the space needed to win the game. Then we tried to make room for all the rotations. I saw some situations that needed to be fixed and even verbally tried to give them directions to avoid a situation similar to that of Sesto San Giovanni. After all, these are opportunities that must be taken full advantage of for global growth.

«Costa Masnaga’s final announced? For my part, I can only stress that this match comes after a week of great content. What will make the difference in the final? Attention to detail “.

In the second quarter Basket Roma extended the defense, increased the pressure and imposed the first break 18-26 with five points from Ginevra Cedolin and a one-off triple from Antonietta Pragliola. Cuneo could not react. Martina Fantini, on the other hand, with her step and shot dominated the sub-basket and increased the difference in favor of Basket Roma, while the triples of Benedetta Cenci and Marta Preziosi allowed the Roman team to gain an advantage of 20 points (22). -42 at 19 ‘). BASKETBALL Rome in its comfort zone managed the third (38-64) and the fourth quarter (54-72) thus reaching the Final.

Granda College-Basket Roma 54-72 (14-16, 12-29, 12-19, 16-8)

Granda College: Di Meo 20, Grosso 9, Pasero 10, Marfulli, Bruschetta 8, Lokoka Iliyo, Unia, Perna, Lorusso 5, Massa, Outtara 2, Ballo. Ramats Grosso.

Cistella Roma: Lucantoni 6, Cedolini 9, Fantini 16, Benini 15, Aghillare 9, Pragliola 3, Belluzzo 2, Preziosi 3, Cenci 5, Tagliente, Marini, Manocchio 4. Tots Canini.

Referees: Antimiani, Foti.

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