seventh seal of Italy against Bulgaria

CT Mazzanti has chosen Alessia Orro for the basic sextet in direction with Nwakalor confirmed diagonally to the contrary, toes Gennari and Elena Pietrini (absolute seasonal debut), Chirichella and Danesi in the center, and De Gennaro free. Ready, the Blues were surprised by Paskova and Chausheva (3-6) only to return immediately to the match meeting with Chirichella, the first winning attacks of Pietrini, Nwakalor and Gennari push him to move forward (13-10). A tear that has extinguished the excitement of the locals forced to corner by the plays of Chirichella, Pietrini and Danesi well orchestrated by Orro (20-11). Once disengaged, Italy continued to play each phase with precision and speed, closing out the first set with a peremptory 25-12.

The music did not change in the second open match by a surgical lobe of Gennari who mocked the wall and the Bulgarian deck. Bulgaria have tried to react with Dimitrova, Yordanova and the usual Chausheva (2-4) but the Blues have not given a chance and, dragged by a wild Pietrini (also effective on the block), have started with 12-8. As in the first half, Italy has never turned around and despite a couple of oversights (in reception and a thrashing of Nwakalor), has not lost confidence and pace, being in the attacks of Gennari and Pietrini and in aggressiveness in service. the back key to close the second set (25-19).

In the third match, Bulgaria tried to keep up with Italy: Yordanova and Saykova took the selection of CT Micelli by the hand, which allowed the hosts to stay in the wake of the savages Chirichella, Nwakalor and Pietrini . But if in technical timeout the Bulgarians were only 1 point behind (12-11), then Gennari, Danesi and Nwakalor thought of placing the first and decisive break (16-12). Despite a few strokes of pride, Bulgaria could not do much against such a cynical and precise Italy in all phases of the match and with Gennari, Nwakalor and Pietrini virtually infallible in attack. The blue in just over an hour lowered the curtain at the Armeec Arena, closing the match 25-21.


Davide Mazzanti (coach of Italy) – « We played a great game in attack – said the Italian coach – and then, despite some girls who had not played for a long time, we were very tidy and we played a great game. It’s never easy when you change and join athletes without rhythm and that’s why I think what the team has done tonight is something very important. Beyond individual situations, the girls were tidy but at the same time able to create very beautiful and important things. I would say that today we have to be satisfied because we played an excellent match. Elena Pietrini had not played for a long time, although she was training a lot. We were careful because his physical problem was particular and we preferred to be patient and in the end we were rewarded with an excellent performance from him and the whole team. Tomorrow we will have to play with Thailand which is a difficult team that plays a different volleyball that will require significant technical attention especially when they start pointing their hands at the block. “.

Sylvia Nwakalor (Italy) – “I am very satisfied because today we have played very well as a team – Nwakalor acknowledged the opposite – also because in many situations we have been good at setting the pace, managing to play excellent volleyball. I have to thank my teammates for how they supported me by putting me in the best situations to express myself. When I enter I have to be prepared but with a few companions to make everything easier. We have to keep thinking about one game at a time, we are very happy to have already made it to the Final but the goal is to try to win them all from tomorrow with Thailand ”.

Elena Pietrini (Italy) – « After a long break due to a small injury and a more or less quick recovery, I am very satisfied with my return to the field – said Pietrini – thanks to my teammates I did well and I am happy with the performance. Then clearly even happier for the performance of the team and the result obtained. In my opinion I was wrong, but I am satisfied because I thought it would have been more difficult. Instead, thanks to my teammates I broke the ice by making a good contribution. I have to grow every day with the help of the staff and my teammates, tomorrow we have one last commitment here in Sofia with Thailand and then we will start thinking about the Finals ”.


ITALY – BULGARIA 3-0 (25-12; 25-19; 25-21)

ITALY: Pietrini 19, Danesi 10, Nwakalor 14, Gennari 9, Chirichella 8, Orro 3, De Gennaro (Libero) NE: Egonu, Sylla, Degradi, Bonifacio, Malinov, Lubian and Fersino (Libero). Ramats Mazzanti

BULGARIA: Todorova M. 2, Kitipova, Paskova 7, Dimitrova 8, Chausheva 6, Yodonova 9, Marinova 3, Barakova, Vasileva 1, Malinova 1. NE: Dimitrova G., Neykova, Vuchkova and Krivoshiyska. Ramats Micels

REFEREES: Collados Fabrice (Fra) and Gerothondoros Epaminondas (Gre)

Length: 19 ‘, 24’, 28 ‘

Spectators: 1000

Italy: a 4, bs 8, m 7, et 2.

Bulgaria: a 4, bs 6, m 1, et 4.

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