Recovery, consolidation / strengthening, expansion: an example for Primary

Each teacher must outline, at the starting point and during the bimonthly and quarterly stops, the profile of their class and indicate the level ranges in which to insert their students trying to identify the ranges of skills, abilities, degree of commitment, interest, participation, pace of learning, achievement of goals, attitude towards study, will and anything else constitute those training elements on which to build interventions in the respective classes , horizontally with parallel classes and vertically with the commands preceding or following.

Extensions, improvements, recoveries or cultural disadvantages

The analytical identification of the real training needs of each learner -as it appears in the document elaborated, with brilliant intuition, by the School San Francesco Saverio of Sarno (SA) directed with big capacity of management by the director Annalisa Sirica-, thought both as extensions. and such as improvements, recoveries or cultural disadvantages in general, will allow to elaborate individualized interventions and specific projects, in order to give answer to any formative need arisen after the initial period of didactic work and after the analysis of the starting situation of the class.

Start at the starting point for great results

Implementing the project from the first moments of the school – reads the document prepared by the San Francesco Saverio School of Sarno (SA) – will allow teachers to intervene quickly and, in case of serious deficiencies of the student, to be able to run immediately. to repairs, avoiding situations of progressive discomfort, which over time would end up getting worse in an exasperated way. All teachers know how, a student without prerequisites or without motivation, considering the lesson too difficult or incomprehensible, tends to lose focus, isolate himself and eventually move away completely from the class group. At the same time, a very gifted student may be bored for opposite reasons, which makes the lesson too easy.

A school suitable for everyone

The implementation of the recovery / improvement / extension project – reads the document prepared by the San Francesco Saverio school in Sarno (SA) – offers each student the opportunity to have the appropriate educational opportunity for their individual needs.

Identification and analysis of training needs

The recovery / consolidation / strengthening / expansion project is being developed to make the school “suitable” for all students. The recovery – the document elaborated by the School San Francesco Saverio of Sarno (SA) is read – will be put in practice to reduce the learning difficulties of the students in whom there have been deficiencies in the linguistic and / or mathematical field , or a low motivation to study. and participation in the training course, with the indisputable commitment of the correct assimilation of the contents and the complete achievement of the set objectives.

The training needs of students are: cognitive and instrumental

The training needs of students are mainly cognitive and instrumental and consequent to situations of disadvantage, especially related to:

  • motivation to study;
  • concentration and participation in the classroom;
  • the organization of work (disorganized study method) and the use of grants;
  • to the relationship with peers and teachers.

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities see teachers engaged in a constant and widespread work, specifically “friendly to students”, aimed at increasing the cultural promotion and training of each student.

Objectives also explained in operational terms

Recovery proposals should be made after identifying the causes of learning failure. These complementary lessons – reads the document prepared by the School San Francesco Saverio de Sarno (SA) – will allow students to make a gradual recovery, partial or total, with the achievement of pre-established objectives, essential to meet the commitments of study with greater serenity.curricular. The following are the objectives to be pursued with the implementation of the project.

Purposes, objectives and methodologies in the annex

The assistant we propose is the result of the brilliant intuition of the very valid teachers of the San Francesco Saverio School in Sarno (SA) led with great managerial ability by the director Annalisa Sirica. In the appendix we will find types of intervention, objectives, methods of intervention and operational channels. A set of proposals which, of course, may not be exhaustive but which are certainly a very valid starting point to deal with.

Download example. Objectives also explained in operational terms

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