“Nice Company!” for the learning of civic skills: three classes from the primary school of San Giorgio in Salici participated

Third, fourth and fifth graders of the primary school of San Giorgio in Salici assisted in the Project “Bell’Impresa!” and they learned manual skills and civic skills related to the world in an experiential way cooperation, democracy and active citizenship.

The project was born in 2020 for the Hermete Cooperative and selected by “With children” Foundation. under the Fworld for the fight against youth educational poverty to support the prominence, activation and entrepreneurship of minors, in close relation with Integral Institute, Municipality and Territorial Education Service.

The three classes have followed different paths, each descending into territory based on the wishes of the children and the needs of the schoolin communion of purposes between educators and teachers.

The fifth grade participated in the morning at the Officina Delle Competenze: during the meetings the topic of children’s rights already presented the previous year. With the help of the expert Flora Ambrosi, the children expressed through drawing the rights they love, such as the right to education, family and play, and created some beautiful watercolors which will then be the starting point for the creation of a decorative panel for the school entrance. With the teacher they presented the project in the second class and explained its journey.

The fourth grade, which began last year with a school yard landscaping project, this year founded its own school cooperative, called “Space Cats” and carried out the will to take care of the outdoor space of the schooldemonstrating how children know recognize and value i common goods surrounding them.

With help of the alpine group of San Giorgio in Salicithe class completed the backyard wall of the school with vases decorated by the children themselves, who wanted to remember the path they took with respect. in the 2030 Agenda reporting on some of them the image of different goals addressed, such as “gender equality” and “sustainable cities and communities”. Subsequently, the young cooperative created objects that were then empowered during a market created with third-year students.

The third class, in fact, concluded the “Beautiful Company!” foundation of the school cooperative “The super class” and deciding, always democratically, to create wooden artifacts to expose to the market along with larger peers. The enthusiasm was very great and the production abundant. That was the goal to experiment with alternative materialsto carry out laboratory experiments, to produce specific objects, but also to enhance their work with a wider audience, made up of teachers and educators, but also by companions, grandparents and parents.

In fact, as reported by the Hermete educators Gloria Guardini and Jacopo Boscainieach child grows up in an educational community that has the power to support everyone’s talent and to guide them towards improving and realizing their skills, as well as accompanying children to make them available to the group in a generous and democratic. , in support of others, to achieve a great common goal“.

Thus, on April 9, 2022, on the occasion of the ecological day promoted by the City of Sona in the territory of San Giorgio in Salici, was installed in the sports facilities of the town. the banquet of “Bell’Impresa!” of the school cooperatives “I Gatti Spaziali” and “La Super Classe”. The participation exceeded all expectations and the children had the great satisfaction of having the Mayor of the municipality of Sona Gianluigi MazziTheCouncilor for Equal Opportunities Monia Cimichellathe director Maria Federici, educators and many of their teachers. The visibility of the action was also possible thanks to the work related to the formation and guidance of the adult community, in particular thanks to the project partners with Hermete as leader, specifically Projectworld, Cooperativa Le Fate, Edulife, Irecoop Veneto, University of Verona, Valpolicella Benaco Banca.

Finally, to the immense joy of all the children, the day ended with a snack offered by Civil Protection. “Special thankssay the educatorsit is a duty for the families who participated enthusiastically, also involving family and friends“.

The two cooperatives have chosen to invest the money obtained with donations in different ways: i “Space Cats” bought gardening tools and teaching materials, while the “Super class” preferred to buy board games and books for the school library e donate part of the proceeds to the ABEO association, to help the less fortunate children find their smile again. All the acquired material was exhibited in the room to be able to share the event with all the students of the complex.

The “Super Class”, enthusiastic after the huge success of the market, wanted to run another business: it prepared decorated boxes for each class of the complex. where he handed out games built during the last few meetings. In small groups, during the morning with the teachers, the children visited the rest of the classes to explain the work done and the contents of the gift box.

Charges for the great satisfactions of this yearthe educators conclude – “we can’t wait for a new adventure to begin next year“.

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