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To the deserving students of the schools of Ladispoli and Cerveteri, a letter of praise and small gifts from the dozens of sponsors

An afternoon of great celebration to thank and congratulate the girls and boys of the “Melone” of Ladispoli and “Don Lorenzo Milani” of Cerveteri who, in the opinion of the final examination commissions of the first cycle of education, reached the highest level high rating.

The answer to the silly and sterile controversies of recent days, appearing on social media, were the boys on the beach of the establishment “Papeete club” in Ladispoli, generously made available to us by the owners Michela Ciampa and Franco Di Nallo . The real spectacle was the cheerful, beautiful and sunny faces of girls and boys who, having heard the parliaments of the mayor, Dr. arch. Elena Gubetti (in her first official appearance as first mayoress of Cerveteri) and the mayor Alessandro Grando, just reconfirmed at the head of Ladispoli, and the two presidents of the school boards, lawyer. Laura Morresi and Luca Massenti, have withdrawn the praise and small gifts offered by various companies who have wanted to thank their commitment in their studies and have thanked teachers and parents who help them achieve this first important milestone. Among the various acts of thanksgiving, there have been moments linked to the present with the appeal to the freedom of choice of women or the desire to have soon, in Italy, a woman president of the Republic to prove that these guys don’t have their head inside. the clouds or closed between two pages of flowery books, but study, know, understand and live life by observing reality and reading newspapers.

To the companies sensitive to the cultural growth of young people, this year some permanent theaters of Rome have been added, such as the “Ghione”, the “Ambra Jovinelli” and the “Teatro 7”, the company “Travel Theater” that will stage. a play by Goldono at the Teatro “Porta Portese” and the project of the Associations “Musical Generation” and “Farò” “A Theater for Bracciano” at the Charles de Faucauld Theater in Bracciano, which have made available tickets for some shows nocturnes. in order to stimulate, in the most reactive minds, the love of theater. The boys will be able to have real contact with the world of the show of the transformation of the actor into a character. The purpose of the School, we must not forget, especially that of the first cycle, is to show children all forms of knowledge, stimulating in them the love for culture. This is also the goal of the “Melone Orchestra” which performed a very sweet piece under the direction of maestro Sergio Cozzi and maestro Patricia Vargas as violin teacher.

Then the note of praise to the girls and boys, excellences of the “Melone” and the “Don Milani”.

<< Dear friends, I congratulate you because the operation of the Final State Tests of the first teaching cycle of the school year 2021/2022 was concluded by highlighting, in the final evaluations, a result that led you to be among the best students of the School, having obtained the maximum qualification.

It is, therefore, with my enormous pleasure and great happiness that I want to congratulate you, but above all to thank you for how you have prepared and for having always shown your willingness to learn, proving to have this curiosity of intelligent people. · Ligents. , as you certainly are and have shown.

Your passion and seriousness, confirming your attention to culture and education, make me very confident for the future. A future that, if lived by beautiful people, inside and out, like you, that is, people who love knowledge and, therefore, the neighbor, will certainly be better for everyone. In fact, I believe that the study makes you strong and confident, as it allows you to understand the reality and the people around us, thus ensuring freedom and respect for the rights of all. In this conviction I am supported by the thought of great men like Epictetus, who wrote, “Only the cultured man is free,” or Aristotle, who asserted, “Cults are superior to the uneducated to the same extent as the living are superior.” to the dead. ”, or, much more recently, Oriana Fallaci, who stated that having culture means first of all having a civil conscience, which is why it is necessary to ensure that those who study are aware of their own dignity and that of others. We must not forget what the great Don Lorenzo Milani stated, that is, that the difference between worker and boss is that the worker knows 100 words while the owner 1000, or what Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. ”

I don’t know what you want to do as a “grand,” but I’m sure whatever path you take, with curiosity, passion, determination, and commitment, will allow you to leave a beautiful and lasting imprint in this World, often sad and bad for ignorance and those they ride it, a world you will change with your love and your existence.

“A winner is a dreamer who has never given up,” so never give up and remember that only you can choose your path: no one has the right to destroy your dreams that, with your passion and thanks to the your contribution, they will lead them. to a better society.

In greeting you, I want to conclude this letter with my wishes of happiness for you, for those who love you, and for those you love and will love. I am sure you will see all your dreams come true for your future, which, I have no doubt, will be as splendid as you, because you exist!

Good life and … ad majora! >>.

Here is the list of people, companies and theaters who have wanted to thank our excellence with gifts, in some cases, very precious: – Aquafelix – Arch. Angela Chinè – Artestetica – Asd Ladispoli Equitazione – Bar Borgo San Martino di Emanuela i Fabiana Sbaraglia – Bar “Melly’s coffee and lounge bar. SRL “by Federico Minelli Valcanneto – Bar Mimosa by Claudia Valcanneto – Ben di Bio – Black Sand – Buondì shop Valcanneto by Gao Alessia Mei – CareBeauty the beauty clinic – Files by Rita Elena – Badia Rami service center – Ceramica D’Urso di Grazia D ‘urso Castell de Santa Severa – Travel theater company – Coral Shop – DASTE by De S. Ciarlantini – Digicam – DUELLE Bracciano by Paola Ricotta – Emporio by Eleonora Gianmarini – Herbalist “La Triaca” – Aesthetics fifth essence of Campanari Valeria – Estetica Romina – Farò Non-profit association – Fit 4 well by Silvia Piergiovanni Valcanneto – Fitness suite by Francesco Cordeschi (Valcanneto) – Helamani Helamani – Idea Gibì – The world of women – Kasanova – La Barberia by Simone Fontana Valcanneto – Stefano Massimi’s coffee corner – Lexup (innovative startup in the legaltech sector) – Mondadori Bookstore – Writings & Manuscripts Bookstore – Alessandro Bettini’s Logic Bicycle – Lo scrigno – La Alessandro and Fabr izio Valcanneto butcher shop – Manhattan – Moodworld – No + vello beauty center in Cerveteri by Nicoletta and Valentina Rossi – Olimpus – Gold 2000 by Giacopello Danilo – Ottica Grilli – Paddle box – For him for her – Swimming pool The lizard by Massimo Rosi and Cristina Chiari – Black polka dot – Project of the Associations “Generazione musica” and “Farò”, at the Charles de Faucauld theater in Bracciano – Eco-bio soap factory – Game exchange by Antonello Sciascia – SM BEATY SHOP Valcanneto by Stefania Camerini and Manuela Multari – Spiga d’oro – Estanqueria i stationeria by Emanuela Ciani i Egizia (Borgo San Martino) – Tattoomusic – Teatre 7 – Teatre Ambra Jovinelli – Teatre Ghione – Typical – Total look by Degli Angioli Federica – Thun – A piece of rustic – Wind three. To all of them our most sincere thanks for showing our “jewels” thanks for your commitment.

Hoping not to forget anyone, we must also thank all those who have helped collect the different gifts: teachers Stefania Pascucci, Jessica D’Aurea, Claudia Falanga, Maria di Matteo, Samantha Laducara, Margherita Ferrazza, Liliana Addario, Laura Canestrari, Barbara Masci, Maria Annunziata Mastroianni, Roberta Specchi, Emilia Riccio, Filomena Vigorita; our ex mare, arch. Angela Chiné; the directors of the Institute Dr. Bruna Cimenti, Luca Massenti and Alessandra Fattoruso; the mothers Mrs. Tamara Birsa, Sabrina Salomoni and Cristina Fortunato.

Other thanks go to those who packed the prize and prepared the “numbers” for the cast: Donata Aurigemma, Martina Cama, Jessica D’Aurea, Vincenza Conti, Claudia Falanga, Stefania Pascucci, Pina Ruggiero, Luisa Stagno, Filomena Vigorita .

A special thanks to little Sofia who drew the numbers of the complementary prizes, handed out the gifts to the lucky ones and entertained the audience with her smiles and thanks.

But the last thanks goes to the protagonists of the party, boys who will be prominent and proud characters of our cities, but now they are just happy girls and boys:

Aiello Sara
Anza Sofia
Opponents of the Giulia
Chiara Barbato
Well done Beatrice
Bonanni Samuele
Boriani Suami
Bran Mary Magdalene
Cinelli Matilde
Cioanca Irina
Shepherd Emanuela
Weather in Corso Graziana
Costantino Antonio
D’Annibale Gabriele
By Alexandris Beatrice
Of the master Arianna
Duke Gabriel
Dumitrescu Maria Alessia
D’Urzo Giovanni Luca
D’Urzo Manuel
Falzanano Noemy
Susanna Filistes
lightning of Paris
Lara Acosta Alejandra Belen
Loreti Alessandro
Mainescu Roberta
Mantilla Angelica Gaid
Marchetti Ania
Mascarenhas Antunes Nicole
Massenti Elena
Mellini Matteo
Looking at Angelica
Morello Emanuele
Mustache Lorenzo Gabriel
Nardi Cristian
Chiara is coming out
Ilaria Paglioni
Palumbo Carola
Sylvia fish
Picariello Fabrizio
Weather in Pigliucci Andrea
Piotrowski Sebastian
Antonio Pisacà
Ploscaru Ana Elisa
Poerio Gabriel
Polignano Matteo
Pompili Michela
Puppo Naomi
Ricci Elena
Riili Stefano
Russian Maddalena Margaret
Santirosi Paolo
I chose Samanta
Scognamiglio Marta
Sura purple
Susanna Aurora
Lones Alice
Todde Fabio Massimo
Tosi Alessio
Tudorache Natalia Bianca
Virtuous Daniel
Vitale Cristina

We wish them and those who love them a good life!

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