“Every word is a story” – 12

for Letizia Leoni, class 2D
Winning story of Second Cycles of the Secondary School “L. Signorelli” – Orvieto.
Spark of words: surprise

It was a cold winter night in 2018, Elisa could not sleep because the noise of the electrocardiogram machine rang in her ears. I was constantly looking out the window, I saw people who could walk freely without problems and especially without having to go to the hospital three times a week. Elisa is an 11-year-old girl, with a very serious illness that allowed her to do nothing but stay in the hospital or at home in a bed, the only places she spent every day. Her dream was to find a cure for her illness because it had affected her since she was little and had not allowed her to go to school, have friends, go on vacation or even make a simple apple pie with her. grandma!

Every day he thought about what it would have been like if he had not had the disease: from an early age his dream was to be a surgeon, one of those who saved lives even if there was the slightest hope. The days went by, her birthday was approaching and every year her parents promised her that she would do something special, but every year they congratulated her and gave her a stupid doll! But this year he felt that maybe something different would happen … who knows, he waited so long! A few days before her party, her mother placed a surprise gift package right on a shelf in front of the hospital bed.

The thing intrigued her so much that she tried to ask the nurses if they could give it to her, but nothing to do, they all told her she would have to wait for her birthday to see what was inside. He thought for a long time what that package might contain, maybe a new game, maybe that t-shirt he had wanted for a long time, or maybe a surgeon’s kit. The more I thought about it, the more I didn’t know what to expect.
Finally arrived on the morning of February 12, Elisa woke up so quickly that she even forgot to have breakfast. There was no one waiting for her, only the nurse who was changing her IV so she asked if she could make her the long-awaited gift she had been there for two days, but she replied that she should wait for them. . their parents.

After a few hours he saw purple and blue balloons arrive from the hallway, his favorite colors, heading to his room with his parents singing the happy birthday song. Elisa was very happy! They had never surprised him with balloons and nurses singing and especially a gift he had been waiting to open for days! The long-awaited moment arrived, they finally gave him the package! It was all lilac with the word surprise in white, decorated with flowers and hearts, the gift was wrapped in lilac tissue paper and a lot of glitter … except for the paper he finally discovered what was there … a CHILD! Opening the box, the doll, in her pink dress and white lace shoes, shouted, “Surprise! Best wishes princess for your 12 years! “

Elisa thought to herself, “No, another doll!” As he looked intently at the doll he noticed that, hidden under the dress, there was a white envelope always with the word surprise, he could not understand it. Without thinking twice, he opened it. Inside he found a note with several writings, one like going on vacation and so it was. It was a ticket to go to the mountains. At first Elisa thought that whoever had put it on was wrong as she could not move and so she had never gone on holiday, so she called her parents to see if she could really go in the snow.

They arrived right away and explained that they had found a structure in France especially for those who had this situation where they would make it do new activities every day and one of the most beautiful and fun things was going to the snow with special protections.
Elisa couldn’t believe it, she started crying with joy, she was so happy! The next morning he finally left for France, taking all his things both to the hospital and home; the nurses gave him a card like the one of the doctors with his name, his photo and the name of the hospital written on it. He left by train, it was a special moment because it was the first time he was traveling with a means of transportation other than the car.

She arrived at her destination in the evening and was greeted by many girls who made her feel at home. Elisa immediately became friends with two girls who had the same disease as Anna and Agnese, they were very friendly and above all they understood how it feels to have this disease and always do the same identical things all day. Her life had finally taken a path that made her finally herself and satisfied. What a most pleasant surprise!

“Every word is a story” – 11

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