Eighth grade exams 2022, assignments and daily commitment of the teacher appointed secretary of the committee

The final exam of the first cycle of education takes place between the end of classes and June 30. The secretary of the commission: when and by whom he is appointed, what commitments.

Exam 2021/22

The final state examination of the first cycle of education as 2021/22 is governed by OM n. 64/2022, issued by virtue of article 1, paragraph 956, of Law no. 234/2021 and by Ministerial Decree no. 741/2017.

Eighth exam, two written tests and an interview. Here is the ministerial order. DOWNLOAD PDF


The exam, in accordance with the provisions of the said OM, consists of two written tests and an oral one:

  1. written test related to knowledge of Italian;
  2. written test related to logical-mathematical skills;
  3. interview.


There commission exam, chaired by the director, is composed of all the teachers of the town councils of the third-class classesincluding support teachers, teachers of musical instruments and the Catholic religion; is divided into subcommittees composed by the teachers of the individual councils of the classes of third parties (within which a coordinating teacher is identified);

Committee agreement: meeting preliminary

The committee takes office with the previous meeting, scheduled and communicated to the faculty by the principal.

Secretary of the Commission: appointment and commitments

The chairman of the examination committee, before the start of the previous meeting or better after having convened the appeal, appoints (of course from among the members of the committee) the secretary who will be in charge of the minutes of all the operations of the same commission: from preliminary plenary session until the final one. For this purpose, the special register of minutes of the commission will be used.

In general, the Secretary will proceed to record the following:

– preliminary meeting, during which the committee:

  • establishes the hourly duration of each of the written tests, which may not exceed four hours;
  • defines the order of succession of written tests and the order of succession of classes for interviews;
  • draws up the traces of the written tests, based on the proposals of the teachers of the disciplines involved (the traces must be consistent with the objectives of development of the competences foreseen by the national guidelines);
  • defines the common criteria for the correction and evaluation of written tests and the evaluation of the interview;
  • it also defines the articulation of the interview [che deve accertare anche il livello di padronanza delle competenze relative alla lingua inglese e alla seconda lingua comunitaria (considerato che, per il 2021/22, non si svolge la prova scritta di lingue straniere), nonché delle competenze relative all’insegnamento dell’educazione civica]; we remind you that, for music courses, there will be a practical instrument test as part of the interview;
  • identifies any tool that students can use to take the written tests (for example, the dictionary for the written test in Italian …), notifying the candidates in advance;
  • defines the organizational methods for conducting examinations for students with a certified disability or a specific certified learning disability;
  • assigns individual candidates to individual subcommittees, after examination of the documentation submitted (in the presence of private candidates with a certified disability, they are assigned to one or more subcommittees in which there is a support teacher).

– written test in Italian (and relative draw of the tracks);

– written test of mathematics (and relative draw of the clues);

– ratification of written tests;

– Conducting interviews;

– final evaluation;

– Final plenary.

(We note that, during the examination, the committee may find itself deliberating – therefore drawing up minutes – on aspects other than those listed above, such as the sudden absence of a commissioner, the postponement (in the supplementary session) of the planned tests (in the absence of some candidates …).

In view of the above and that the work of the committee (as well as the subcommittees) is always carried out with the presence of all members, the commitment of the secretary of the said committee is onerous and provides for its presence every day of ‘exam. .

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