Brachetti, the variety never dies, is now Tik Tok – Libri

(by Mauretta Capuano) (ANSA) – ROME, JULY 02 – A journey through the mythical Paris of the Belle Epoque and the French stars, from Mata Hari to Mistinguett and from Leopoldo Fregoli to Josephine Baker, and in the golden age of variety . A leap in time, between the end of the 19th century and the 1930s, which is surprising for its modernity in the way it conceives the show and life.

Arturo Brachetti, the master of the art of transformation, is the narrator of an unrepeatable moment of which he tells us anecdotes, stories and wonders that are not found in books, in the podcast “Et Voilà! La Belle Epoque”, produced by Storielibere. .fm exclusively for Audible. An adventure in 14 chapters of about 50 minutes each, written by Brachetti with accomplices Jacques Pessis, licensed French entertainment journalist and writer Alessandro Barbaglia, Premio Strega boys and girls 2021. With them Federico Bernocchi, sound designer of the podcast.

“I like to tell a story that is not written in books.

During the confinement I said to myself: why don’t we do a podcast ?.

Pessis gave me information about each of the characters.

With Barbaglia I wrote the chapters also adding mine, because I met many characters directly or I own them or they came in contact with key objects of their lives “Brachetti tells ANSA”. , two thousand years.

They always seem to die and then comes Cirque du Soleil.

It almost seems taboo to use this word, but variety will always be maintained because it is tied to entertainment, to sleep. Tik Tok is an electronic variety, made up of many bits. The mechanism is transformed but does not die. Of course, today it is hard to find at a high level. The creative part is missing due to the flattening that the television soup of the last 20 years has created “, Brachetti underlines.

A trick used in the podcast is “to have an object linked to a star for each episode. Something that inspired me the poet Joan Brossa who had framed a comb and called it ‘Poetic Object’. It was the comb of the his grandmother and when he saw him he felt a little of his soul. It’s all a game of imagination and that’s what we live for, “explains Brachetti. So, drawing from his suitcase of memories, he imagined in the podcast that a key object tells the story of its owner. “Here in my house I have a vase of papier maché that belonged to the scenery of Fregoli. It has turned a little grayish brown, his father had made it and it was given to me by the heirs of Bologna,” says the king of the art of transformation of which we saw the show ‘Solo’ in 2022.

“I also have a collection of Folies-Bergère hats.

Listening to these objects and finding news we have built these stories and it is like watching a movie with your eyes closed, ”he explains.

And so is the Bella Otero “star of the time, who charged with palaces and jewelry for the men she was with and retired at age 46. And Mistinguette with her four passports in which the date of birth changed every time to die 15. Young women, these women are ahead here, ”says Brachetti, who made her Salzburg debut in the opera ‘The Barber of Seville’, with a silent role invented for him.

But the most moving story of the podcast, with personal memories, is the one that takes us to Paradise Latin and the death of dancer Frédéric Rey whose funeral master Jean-Marie Rivière wanted to stage the funeral “with the royal corpse in the coffin and the around black-tailed illusionists and make-up dancers like Moira Orfei. My friend and I were crying and laughing in a corner of the theater in the face of that moving madness. I hope to have a funeral like this, “says Brachetti. (MANAGE).