A new star in the galaxy of the Inter football school

The 2022-2023 season begins under the best auspices, positivity and news for the Piossasco. “The 2021-2022 season – says Nico Raeli and Darius Fox, vice president of the club- was full of praise and success for the improvement achieved by our boys, especially in football school. And we are proud to have won tournaments and championships in different categories. “

A success ‘not by chance’ given that the Head of the Technical Area is and will be Abdullà Fusseini, very good in the coordinative and situational part, able to adapt the training to all types of tactics and player roles. Fusseini, among other things, has already activated the opportunity of personal trainer this season where he makes available, in private training, his experience as a former professional footballer, for boys and girls, flanked by Antonio. De Rosaalso a former professional footballer.

A route that involves an initial evaluation of the player, then a personalized training program is developed that includes both the technical part and the physical, coordinative and situational one-hour duration. Abdullà Fusseini and Silvia Moroni who will also be the referents of the great news in Piossasco: “The technical collaboration project signed with Inter – emphasize Raeli and Volpe -.

A collaborative project of which we are very proud and proud, as collaborating with a professional club like Inter is really an important element for us and our players. All our members of the football school will wear Nike with the official Inter shirt while for the rest of the categories our boys will wear Kappa also in 2022-2023.

In a process in which we have written and given new rules to those who become part of the Piossasco family and with the help of technicians and managers we have managed to make them understand that they are necessary and fundamental. Special thanks to them for the commitment and seriousness they have given to Asd Piossasco: they have been great! Thanks also to the families for their trust. We have three structures that allow us to better manage our teams, two bars -one in the main building of San Giorgio- that allow you to better manage matches, events and tournaments. We have and still have many projects to implement, all possible thanks to the support and collaboration and the great commitment of the Mayor Pasquale Giuliano.

The motto that distinguishes us is “First we do and then we talk”, a motto that has shown us so far. We have an office prepared for every need and highly qualified that allows us to answer all the questions of parents and not only, very quickly. And then structures monitored 24 hours a day, thus ending a season in which the word ‘positive’ doesn’t quite describe it. Each of our coaches or instructors is licensed and licensed, a very important aspect for the growth of our athletes. We still have a lot of work to do to make Asd Piossasco one of the most sought after realities in the area but the path is the right one and our staff has all the qualities to surface and get our boys and girls out ”.

Piossasco who, in anticipation of next season, will organize and will organize, from July 4, open days in all categories. “We did not expect a growth in the number of subscribers even during the season,” conclude Raeli and Volpe. This is thanks to the whole Piossasco company that is working and that continues to redo its appearance as an advent in our grandstand and the new roof built on the floor of Via Nino Costa ”.


President: Dario Volpe

Vice President: Nico Raeli

Municipal Report: Orazio Palazzolo

Sat 1st team and U19: Marco Larosa

Sat Thursday of September: Nico Raeli

Resp. Soccer School: Luca Giuliani

Team manager: Piero Rubino

Head of Secretariat: Felicia Mandrila

Field manager: Gigi Bonetto

Resp Bar: Deborah Dacci

Warehouse manager: Manuela Rosso

Resp. Abb. Kappa: Lineasport

Head of Structures: Nicola Note

Ds Femení: Stefano Note

Technical staff

First team: Pippo Chillè

Under 19 years: Fabio Clames

Under 16 years: Gianluca LAnzoni

Under 15: Antonio De Rosa

Under 14 years: Alex Veronese

Prep. The goalkeepers: Maurizio Nacre

Beginners 2010: Salvatore Reale

Chickens 2012: Luca Cancellara

Chickens 2013: Luca Virgilio

Mixed Chicks: Domenico Mocciaro

First stitches: Mocciaro, Ibba, Uligini

First stitches 2014: Abdullà Fusseini, Alessio Ibba

First stitches 2015-2016: Silvia Moroni, Andrea Uligini

Prep. The goalkeepers: Giampiero Placidi

Female Excellence: Antonio De Rosa

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