2022 edition presented at the Cascina don Guanella

“The Giir is not just a competition, the Giir is a party”

Saturday 30 July vertical valid for the Italian Mountain Racing Championship and stage of the VALSIR Mountain Racing World Cup. Sunday 31 July Classic Giir of 32 km and Mini of 18 km

VALMADRERA – Stylish presentation for the Giir di Mont 2022 that comes to him 28th edition after two years of being forced to make a double appointment not to be missed. In fact, two days of racing program: July 30 and 31 and four races on the calendar.

Get started Saturday with an absolute novelty: Giir de Mont Up Hill (climb only) FIDAL races valid for the Italian junior championship and Italian championship, as well as a World Cup event valid for the world athletics classification “VALSIR Mountain Running World Cup”. In the afternoon via al Giir Di Mont Young.

Girr di Mont 2022, presentation of the 28th edition

Sunday we run there classic 32 km race by 2400 meters of altitude and the Giir Mini of 18 km and 1200 D +. The race to the race will be the CAMP Team Di Mont classification within the Giir that is elaborated by the sum of the times of each member of the equipment.

The presentation of the28th edition of the Giir di Mont took place last night, Friday, in the splendid setting of Cascina Don Guanella in Valmadreraentrusted to Delio Gianola.

Don Agostino Frasson
Don Agostino Frasson

It was to do the honors of the house Don Agostino Frasson who stated bluntly: “One of my aspirations was precisely to have the presentation of the Giir di Mont here at the Cascina Don Guanella. When I was told that there was this possibility I said: we will spread red carpets, because the the combination of love for the mountains and sport should be encouraged. The farmhouse welcomes boys and girls who have lived not too good experiences, so offering them such an experience can arouse curiosity and the desire to try to get involved and get closer to the mountain race. Don Guanella, a mountaineer who meditated on his charisma at the foot of the Pizzo Stella, will be by your side in this experience and his blessing is mine ”.

Angelo Gianola
Angelo Gianola vice president of AS Premana

After the welcome of Don Agostino, the culmination of the presentation came with the words of almost relief Angelo Gianola, vice president of AS Premana sports association that manages the Giir: “The Giir di Mont is finally back! We have deliberately stopped him in the two years of the pandemic even though other races have been organized. We did it because Giir is not just a competition, Giir is a party which involves everything Premana and which attracts a lot of people to Premana. If the Giir was to be just a competition and not a party, it made no sense to organize it. That’s why we preferred to give up. All this after a last edition, that of 2019, conditioned by the storm that reached Premana a few days before the race. In the face of all this, I can say that the effort of the organizing committee to regain enthusiasm and energy to recover the Giir was great, so great that the Giir returns and does so by doubling ”.

Federico Gianola
Federico Gianola of the Giir de Mont Committee

And it was right Federico Gianola member of the Committee manager to motivate this choice. “We wanted to add something to the Giir and our intention met the need FIDAL (Italian Athletics Federation) who organized the Italian mountain running championships. It was the perfect occasion to create Saturday’s event: the Giir de Mont Up Hill 1000-meter ascent race with a positive difference in level that will start from the Industrial Zone (town of Giabbio) to the Alpe Solino, a race that will also be valid as a stage of the Valsir® WMRA World Cup ” .

Giampalo Riva, regional councilor of FIDAL
Giampalo Riva, regional councilor of FIDAL

Giampalo Riva, regional councilor of FIDAL, he recalled: “We return to Premana after the 2017 World Cup and return as a Federation because we are always by the side of these great events. I define AS Premana as a bright and lush association that knows how to organize events of this caliber in the best possible way. Seeing then that the organization is made up of many enthusiastic young people, leads me to say that the 28th edition is presented today, but it will not be difficult to reach the 50th. Not to mention that the Giir di Mont, in its classic 32-kilometer race, has become a benchmark for mountain racing on the national and international scene ”.

Domenico Pomoni Deputy Mayor of Premana
Domenico Pomoni Deputy Mayor of Premana

Remember what the Giir was also the Premana Deputy Mayor Domenico Pomoni: “The Giir returns with double capacity to recover the time lost during the two years of the pandemic and the people cannot wait to celebrate the Giir di Mont. As the text of the anthem made in Premana on the occasion of the World Championships says: ‘In Premana every athlete is the protagonist’ and this is still the spirit with which every athlete will be welcomed by all the Premanesi ”.

Giir, as has been said, is not just a competition, but a festival of all things Premana that becomes an engine of tourist promotion, in addition to involving all the associations of Premana.

Stefano Gianola
Stefano Gianola president of the Nives Choir and president of the Business Network of Mountains and Lake Como

Stefano Gianolain double capacity of president of the Business network of the mountains of Lake Como to which 160 companies and president of the Cor Nives explained the importance of being a community. “As Coro Nives, the challenge we will have to face is to manage the catering, and I assure you that without a good organization and a good unity of purpose it is difficult to feed 1200 people in a few hours, and we will have to do it on Sunday ”.

In the business field, Gianola has focused on the hospitality industry: “We have been collaborating with Giir for years in the management of the reception of athletes. We are aware that this event is a showcase of prime importance to illustrate the beauties of our territory. Premana wants to develop a tourist vocation and what better opportunity than the Giir di Mont to make known the mountain pastures, the roads and our territory that are less than 30 kilometers from Lake Como ”.

Patrizia Gianola
Patrizia Gianola of the Esplanade Premana

And it is precisely in terms of tourism that the project was recently born Explore Premanapresented by Patrizia Gianola: “This is a project born in recent years, which aims to raise awareness of Premana from the point of view of tourism, a sector that has so much potential. The Giir di Mont is an excellent opportunity to enhance our territory from a tourist point of view ”.

Marco Rampi
Marco Rampi (Run Together)

Giir di Mont who also looks at the social sector supporting and collaborating with theRun Together Association from Marco Rampi. Support that also came through the sale of the book Filippo Fazzini titled “Beyond the race” with which Fazzini has explained the Giir from its beginnings to the present day through its eyes.

Rampi in his speech confirmed the presence of Kenyan athletes in Saturday’s race recalling: “Our goal is to give a chance and help African boys and girls to show off their talent. Run Together works with that one goal in mind. “

Giovanni Combi president of the BCC Valsassina
Giovanni Combi president of the BCC Valsassina

On the evening of the presentation there were two important sponsors: the Bank of the Valsassina I Car drivers. For the BCC Valsassina on President Giovanni Combi He emphasized: “We have always been sponsors of AS Premana and Giir di Mont, an event we missed. The bank is closely linked to Premana and it is a pleasure to be here and see so much vitality, energy and enthusiasm in organizing this great event. “

Umberto Fandetti Autovittani
Umberto Fandetti (Autovittani)

Umberto Fandetti di Autovittani, on the other hand, invited everyone, at the end of the night, to see Renault Megane E-Tech’s new innovative and state-of-the-art electric vehicle.

Martina Bilora, Luigi Gianola, Delio Gianola
From left, Martina Bilora, Luigi Gianola, Delio Gianola

Witnesses of the presentation were the two athletes: Martina Bilora new female winner of Resegup 2022 and the premanesa Luigi Gianola.

Presentation that ended with a toast and a rich buffet with products made by Cascina Don Guanella e Cherry Cheeses another Waltz sponsor sponsoring the Giir di Mont.

Thanks to Alberto Locatelli for the photographic support

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