Young. MEPs call for the “Erasmus4Ukraine” program to be launched.

With more than four million Ukrainian refugees, including one million minors forced to interrupt their studies and training activities, the war in Ukraine is generating an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

Since the beginning of the conflict, according to a large group of MEPs *, the EU has reacted vigorously with military and humanitarian support and the application of financial sanctions against Russia and Belarus, without guaranteeing valid action to ensure the continuation of Ukrainian Refugee schools and universities, leaving Member States responsible for organizing education and training initiatives without adequate political and financial support.

Hence the proposal to launch an extraordinary program for Ukrainian students, Erasmus4Ukraine, which provides for free tuition at a university during the current academic year and the recognition of qualifications and credits acquired at the universities of the Member States. Program, according to MEPs, whose financial endowment should come from funds not used during the pandemic under the Erasmus + program.

On the proposal, the Commissioner for Youth, Mariya Gabriel, recalled that “the Council has activated the temporary protection directive, which gives people fleeing the war under the age of 18 the right to access the state education system. However, the responsibility for the content and organization of education systems lies with them
in the Member States, while the Commission has a supporting role. In line with this function, the Commission immediately took steps to support students and teachers fleeing the war in Ukraine through the Erasmus + program. Participating EU higher education institutions – Gabriel continues – can offer students fleeing Ukraine mobility for long- and short-term study and internships. The Commission also removed the requirement to have a signed learning contract, while guaranteeing full and free access to the new Erasmus + online language support platform. ”

Ukrainian students, confirmed by the Commission, can be quickly welcomed by the institutions of
education participating in Erasmus + cooperation projects, thanks to a flexible use of project funding. In addition, financial support is provided to Ukrainian teachers and trainers to facilitate their integration and temporarily send qualified personnel to the refugee reception regions.

“The Commission – concludes the commissioner of the von der Leyen Commission – has encouraged national Erasmus + agencies to open rounds of optional applications for organizations interested in carrying out initiatives on the effects of war. At the same time, measures are being developed to support the recognition of degrees and periods of study in the EU.

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