Volleyball, Italy-South Korea 3-1. Blue in the League of Nations final

With partials of 25-17, 23-25, 25-15, 25-19, the Mazzanti girls beat the rearguard of this VNL and are arithmetically acceding to the Final 8 which will be played in Ankara from 13 to 17 July. An important milestone reached two days before the end of this third and final phase of Sofia. The Blues will now return to the pitch tomorrow Saturday 2 July at 7pm against Bulgaria. Live match on Sky Sport and broadcast on Now

Victory had to be and victory was, even without shining: women’s volleyball beats Italy 3-1 South Korea Well, yes arithmetically it is classified for the finals of the VNL scheduled in Ankara from July 13-17. Sylla and her teammates win with partials of 25-17, 23-25, 25-15, 25-19. This is the sixth consecutive success of the blues who will now be able to confidently prepare for the last two games of this Sofia pool. We return to the pitch tomorrow Saturday July 2 at 19h against Bulgaria. Live match on Sky Sport and broadcast on Now.

First set: blue dominance from the beginning

Mazzanti changes a lot with respect to the match won against Poland: play Nwakalor instead of Stay diagonally with Malinov, Sylla replaces Gennari diagonally with the other batter Degradar, Bonifacio instead of Danes with Chirichella in the middle. Fersino to replace free agent De Gennaro. Italy dominated the game immediately with a first break of 3-0 that reaches 3-3: it is Chirichella quickly who leads the blues to 6-3. The set is balanced to 10-8 for Italy, then a 7-0 run goes to 17-8. Advantage that European champions easily manage to the end: a Korean error Park gives Italy the first set with a score of 25-17.

Second set: unrecognizable blue, partial in Korea

In the second set, Korea starts better than Italy: the Asians lead first to 5-2 and then to 7-3 (Malinov invasion). Blue who, however, reacts immediately with Sylla and Chirichella who bring the score back to 7-7. The advancement of the European champions comes with a 10-9 thanks to a beautiful wall by Ofelia Malinov. From here it is a point-to-point struggle with Italy very imprecise and inconsistent in reception who cannot express his game. At 22-21 for the blues comes an ace from Alice Degradi who seemed to lead the partial, but from here Italy disappears from the field giving the partial to rivals: Korea even wins the set with a free ball that the azzurra defense drops to the ground with a 25-23.

Third set: Italy meet again

Balanced start in the third half until 5-5 when a wall by Alice Degradi and an ace by Cristina Chirichella give the Blues a small advantage. Two points difference that Italy maintains until the technical timeout where it reaches 12-10. On returning to the field the blues are definitely there and with the turn to the bat of Nwakalor leads up to 16-10. To close the Koreans ’comeback attempt is the series in the service of Chirichella pushing Italy 21-12. So Sylla and her teammates have no trouble bringing the set home and so it is Alice Degradi with a penny start that seals the 25-15.

Fourth set: Nwakalor makes the difference, Italy closes

After the splendid closing of the third part, the blues return to the field distracted and inaccurate: Korea takes advantage and immediately passes the 5-2. Even in this case, however, the Mazzanti girls react and fill the void until a tie that reaches 9-9 thanks to a good attack by Nwakalor that makes a splendid defense of the strainer Malinov. Shortly afterwards it is still our opponent who makes the difference by putting the advancing ball on the ground in the technical timeout (12-11). As in the previous half, returning to the field is Italy who gives the decisive acceleration for the conquest of the set: the three consecutive points of an excellent Nwakalor give +5 to the European champions 17-12. Korea, however, is not there and reacts by returning to -3 on 22-19. It’s a flash in the pan: there are three consecutive points of the blues that close the set in 25-19.

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