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S.and we talk about it sexual symbol of Italian television, you can’t help but think of her. To this woman who gives “star kissesTo her admirers and she made one of the blonde and silk dresses philosophy of life: Valeria Marini.

The 55-year-old woman – but she looks twenty years younger – can’t stand just one thing: going unnoticed. But there is no risk, given the exploding physique and the platinum curl always perfectly curly.

Valeria Marini as a child

I was born in Rome. The mother is Sardinian, ”says the singer (but she is also an actress and entrepreneur). “My parents did it separated when she was a little girl. I was seven years old. The mother returned to live in Sardinia. And me with her ».

Below, as a child with her father

Then, at some point in his life, he returned to Rome. “I had one loving misfortune. Mother, to separate me from him, he sent me to Rome“And that was the beginning of his success.

Valeria Marini as a child

As a young woman, Valeria Marini was very prim. Only around the age of 18 “I started to be plump and drawn. It bothered me a little to have such an arrogant physique. Then, slowly, I used it“. When you have« a naughty physics sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not. Now I live it with detachment ».

In the student version, he has shown that he does not want to conform to the rules. “We were horrible students. Of 21, 12 failed. It was time for rebellion. The girls had joined us we disputed the teachers. We were all pretty girls, very courted. We had a little teacher big pal“.

Valeria Marini on the red carpet of “The Last Duel” in 2021. (Getty Images)

Valeria Marini and love

Lucky at work, Valeria Marini can’t say she was lucky either love. “In my life I have always known people who they pretended to love mehe said, “instead there was only the desire to overwhelm me.”

It was her mother who took her away when she found her wrong men. “They seemed very much in love with me and in the end they became aggressive. Lately, however, I have learned to defend myself.

Even her most important love stories … Vittorio Cecchi Gori and her ex-husband Giovanni Cottone – I am shipwrecked. “Giovanni is disappeared the day after the weddingera canceled by the Sacred Route“.

After these two reports, Valeria Marini finally knows what to look for: “People who know how to respect you. I believe in love, I believe it there are people who know how to truly love you. I have lived experiences that have marked me, then I woke up and then he fell and rose again.

Extreme transparencies for the bride designed by Valeria Marini

Extreme transparencies for the bride designed by Valeria Marini

That flirtation with Jovanotti

Perhaps few people know that Valeria Marini had a relationship with Lorenzo Cherubini, in art Jovanotti. “I was in love with himShe confirmed. “We were not famous. Now I’m even more in love because he’s one great artist. He is unique. “

The most important story, with Vittorio Cecchi Gori

It is worth researching and telling the most important story that Valeria Marini has lived, which is what she has Vittorio Cecchi Goriwhich lasted six years.

Even today, although the relationship is over, when he talks about the film producer, he reveals: “I always feel it, I love it. I am there for him and I will always be there. too with Rita Rusic we clarify it“.

valeria marini

Vittorio Cecchi Gori and Valeria. (Getty Images)

When he met Vittorio “I realized I knew a person special, sensitive, vulnerable, pure. Maybe a maternal instinct activated me. I I put love before my job“Perhaps for the first time in his life.

The two knew each other, they had known each other a couple of times. “I liked it as an artist, had sent me praise, said she was one of the few actresses who could make a signature, as they say in slang. This is he found me strong“.

To conquer it, he sent me one very special note after David di Donatello. Two or three times the flowers. Then he invited me to dinner the first evening.

A report “under the eye of the storm”

And from there love was born. Even with some difficulties. “Our relationship was born under the eye of the storm. The press disbanded. the I wasn’t used to it. The couple made a lot of noise and that bothered me a lot. ”But it’s not enough to break the relationship.

In fact, she greatly appreciated her being. “loyal, spontaneous. Very close to his mother, his family, his children. He is a decent person. But he trusts people too much for the position he holds.

According to Valeria, Vittorio «it has an edge but sometimes he is deceived by naivete. And then it is thick. In Vittorio in tea very beautiful and unique things, he is a man particular that is not found every day“.

One problem: jealousy

The love between Valeria Marini and Vittorio Cecchi Gori was very strong, despite a very important problem: the jealousy. The two were, as the chorister tells us, «of Neapolitan scenery. We are two Taurus. We have a nice temperament. When we fight it is explosion. To be registered ”.

Their disputes “they last a quarter of an hour. Shouts, closed doors, suitcases, “I’m leaving!”. Then I get angry and make peace. “Oh well, you know what I’m telling you? I’m wasting my time, I can’t anymore. Pau.”

And the thing is mutual: “He is very jealous of me and I am very jealous of him. Then, after all. Sometimes I’m jealous sometimes I’m not, depending on how I feel. “

The other stories of Valeria Marini

After the end of the relationship with Cecchi Gori, he married her Giovanni Cottonethat has “destroyed life for two years “.

Then there was the relationship with Patrick Baldassariwith which he participated Temptation Island Vip in 2018. He also stayed on good terms with him. “It’s my love, we still have a relationship today. We love each other, we have a bond with the family. Of so many wrong loves he was one of the few righteous, if not the only one“.

Below, with Patrick Baldassarri.

Today it looks like the actress is having an affair Agustí Iacovodirector of the company Publidei srl, and president of the business complex Genesis Group.

Gianna Orrù, the super mother of Valeria Marini

But because she was – and still is – so important in the life of Valeria Marini, we also give her the floor Gianna Orrù, the super mother of the singer. “I don’t know how I managed to be by his side sometimes, it was a difficult journey“, he admitted.

There is basic “a lot of affectionbut we have two different characters and mindsetsshe is an imposing woman like me, therefore it was not easy. I don’t want to be guilty of immodesty, but I believe it if I hadn’t had a tough woman like me… ».

valeria marini

With his mother Giovanna Orrù. (Marilla Sicilia / LaPresse)

Even in love, she always protected her daughter. “She was circulated by so many bad people. Me, that I fooled myself, but that’s another topic. I have always supported and defended her. I fought for her. I think I contributed to maintain this long career“.

The experience of abortion

When she was very young, she was alone 14 years – Valeria Marini fell in love with a man older than her, with whom she became pregnant. Her mother accompanied her abort. “I didn’t know I was going to have an abortion.”

She was just a girl, though my mother did it for my sake because that love I had for that person it was an unhealthy and problematic love. He was a very violent person.

His mother, with that decision, “life changed. It gave me a chance to run away, not to be imprisoned with a person who didn’t love me, who hurt me. I can’t help but thank you“.

Today, however, she would like to have a child. “I have not abandoned him [questo desiderio], because it is the most beautiful thing in the world. The dream is in the drawer. Being a mother and being a father is the most beautiful thing in the world. The dream is always in the drawer, we hope it comes true.

The children, he added, “I am the future and we must never abandon that desire in any way. “

The beginnings of Valeria Marini on television

The satisfactions that she did not find in love, were received by Valeria Marini from work. He made his debut in the nineties – precisely in 1992 – with Pier Francesco Pingitore in the comedy show Greetings and kissesand then always continue with the Bagaglino Banana peels (1994), Champagne (1995) i Red roses (1996).

He participated in the Sanremo Festival with Mike Bongiorno and Piero Chiambretti and cinema was not lacking: the best-known – and controversial – film in which he starred is Doll (1996) by the director Bigas Luna.

valeria marini

Valeria Marini and Bigas Luna at the Sala Grande on the Lido in Venice in 1996 (ANSA)

“Bambola is a film he still makes 24% share on the ninth passage on televisionsaid Marini today. “They say a failure, though collected a lot. If I were a producer Doll do it again. With Malena it is the only film with a female protagonist that has garnered a lot ”.

There have been other films in recent years: In this world of thieves (2004) i Somewhere (2010), directed by Sofia Coppola, then Holiday operation I My mom plays rock.

Experience in reality TV

One of the genres in which he has given better is the reality show. Valeriona participated Circus of reality, The island of celebrities (three times), Temptation Island Vip I Big Brother Vip.

The chorister of the island. (IPA)

His mother, however, “it was not very favorable to my participation in the GFSaid the singer. “I was preparing a film, a thriller and the program involved some shifts. Then why it’s about undressingwhich is always a bit risky.

He risked losing an eye

Then, again, it was the turn of Survivors, the Spanish version of The island of celebrities. «Back from Survivors they told me I had something in my eyes, though I took the matter lightly“, he explained.

In Italy, “my ophthalmologist told me I had to have surgery. Even then I wasn’t entirely sure, but day after day I was getting worse and worse. I’ve had better since I had surgery. However, as he explained, he risked losing his eye.

Despite the problem, the actress remembers the reality show as “a good experience, he also opened a piece of the show like the one in Spain ».

Valeria Marini today

Today the chorister feels “quite admired, not envied. Instead, at the beginning of success They envied me“When a character.” Is unknown and is at the beginning and has an explosive success, this mechanism generates envy“.

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And despite the many flatterers he has received, what interests him most is “pleasing women.” because “liking men is too easy“. And if she says so ..


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