The Azzurri of Italbeach immediately conquer their first and historic success: Spain eliminated 3-2

In their first official match played, Del Duca’s girls beat the Iberians thanks to the seals of Pisa, Saggion and Vecchione. Tomorrow’s match against Portugal

A first time to remember. The Italian Italbeach celebrates the first success in the history of the Azzurre: in the Portuguese arena of Nazareth, the girls of coach Del Duca, in their first official start, beat Spain 3-2 and begin their journey in the women’s Euro Beach in the best possible Soccer League.

This European competition, which sees the starting line – in addition to Italy and the Iberian girls – also Ukraine, the Czech Republic, England and Portugal, offers a ’round robin’ divided into two parts: all the teams will face each other, with the first three days of the calendar to be played until Sunday in Lusitania, while at the beginning of September Alghero will host the last two days of the group and the semifinals and subsequent finals. Therefore, it becomes essential to reach the top teams of the ‘Italian group’ to continue their path to competition.

The first match of the women’s beach soccer team takes place in a splendid setting on the Atlantic coast. Three minutes pass and it is Melania Pisa who inflates the net: her turn to the left surprises the Spanish goalkeeper and enters Italian history on the right. At the start of the second half a free kick from Saggion from afar finds the only opening available: his conclusion at the crossroads, which is worth doubling, also snatches the applause of the men’s azzurri, in the grandstand to watch the challenge of his teammates with whom he shares this adventure in the Euro Beach Soccer League.

Spain tries to re-enter the game immediately with Corbacho, but it is Vecchione, at the beginning of the second half, who restores the distances (3-1). Six minutes from the end, a splendid roversciata signed by Lorena halves the distances again and makes the end of the race incandescent. The Spanish assaults, however, were repulsed by Iannella and her companions. The last emotion of the confrontation is a conclusion, destined calmly in the arms of Ruotolo, that to 45 seconds of the end of the party is markedly soiled by the sand: the ball goes back but the crossbar arrives to the rescue of the girls of Del Duca. and gives them this success, the first in the Italian history of the Italian Italbeach

Spain-Italy 2-3 (0-1; 1-1; 1-1)
SPAIN: Laia, Miron, Lorena, Carol Glez, Jessi; Corbacho, Jou, Sara Tui, Cris, Delia, Maria, Manau. Coach: Lacarcel
ITALY: Ruotolo, Pisa, Vecchione, Privitera, Saggion; Mallorca, Iannella, Pagiarino, Chiavaro, Mellano, Naticchioni, Dos Santos. Duke Trainer
REFEREES: Gerhardt (GER), Santos Guelho (POR) and Kartmann (EST). Chrono: Winiarczyk (POL)
NETWORKS: 3’pt Pisa, 3’t Saggion, 4’t Corbacho, 3’tt Vecchione, 6’tt Lorraine

WEBSL Euro Women’s Beach Soccer League

GROUP COMPOSITION: Czech Republic, England, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine

First phase of the round robin, in Nazareth (Portugal)

Friday, July 1st
Spain-Italy 2-3
Czech Republic-Portugal

Saturday, July 2nd
Italy-Portugal (5.30 pm local time)
Czech Republic-England

Sunday, July 3rd
Italy-England (13.45, lt)
Ukraine-Czech Republic

Classification: Italy 3 points (1 race played), Portugal 0 (0), England 0 (0), Ukraine 0 (0), Czech Republic 0, Spain 0 (1)

The second phase of the tournament, with the matches of Italy against Ukraine and the Czech Republic, will take place in Alghero on 7/8 September. Subsequently, the first four of the group will advance to the semifinals, which will always be played in Sardinia as the finals (scheduled for September 11).



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