Ius Scholae: Good news overshadowed by obscurantism

Finally good news in these dark days of war and denied rights. In Italy we are talking again about social rights and in particular about ius scholae. The text, presented by the 5-star deputy Giuseppe Bresciait was, after some postponement, finally scheduled in the Hall on the 5th of July.

60% of Italians are in favor

The proposal seems to have the consent of a large part of parliament (PD, M5S, Italia Viva and Forza Italia) and more than 60% of Italians. Including the voters of the Lega and the Brothers of Italy who are in favor of the hypothesis of granting Italian citizenship to foreign minors. “Whether he was born in Italy or entered at the age of 12 and legally resides in Italy, if he has regularly attended, for at least five years in the national territory, one or more school cycles in institutions belonging to the national education system. or vocational education and training itineraries suitable for obtaining a professional qualification. In the event that attendance is primary, it is necessary to have passed the course itself. “

An obscurantist and humiliating opposition

But the good news is diluted by the strong obscurantist opposition from a part of our parliament. FdI strongly opposes considering the proposal “an offense to Italians struggling with an unprecedented crisis“The League threatens the government crisis because.”with labor problems, the crisis, the pandemic and the war, parliament cannot waste time on these issues“Even the refugee Di Maio – the new leader of Together for the Future – is demanding responsibility. The tensions created by the law.”they clearly threaten the rigidity of the executive and only run the risk of weakening Italy’s credibility. Make us lose the achievement of important goals such as the maximum price of gas and make us lose PNR funds“.

We expect the just grant of a right

We recognize, unsurprisingly, that the rights of nearly a million children are not a priority for these champions of civilization. We are waiting to know what the level of GDP per capita should be that will allow us to ask ourselves these non-divisive questions. And also why the granting of a right, discussed with the normal political debate, should affect the price of gas.

When is culture valid for our country?

Obviously, the fact of attending a school in our country, of learning our history and traditions, of going to Italian classmates in a virtuous contamination of ideas and customs, is not considered sufficient for inclusion. While res quaestio if an adult acquires citizenship only by having married or contracted a civil union with an Italian. It is a dangerous habit not to consider culture as a unifying element of peoples, an insult to our teachers not to consider it competent to train new citizens.

Civil and social rights are universal and inalienable

To open a debate not drugged by ideologies, it is necessary to return attention to the fact that social rights are not behind civil rights and how these are the basis of coexistence. In fact, while civil rights favor only a part of society, social rights are universally applicable and usable because they guarantee “minimum conditions for a dignified life for man.”

Therefore, they are also universal and inalienable, recognized precisely to avoid discrimination to the detriment of a part of the community. We have rightly introduced the right of Muslim boys and girls not to have pork on the school canteen menu. But we do not allow those boys and girls who have used our school system and hopefully learned the rules of tolerance, mutual respect, to be fully incorporated into our society, to vote and contribute to the development of the school. civil life.

One step forward and three steps back …

In 2017 the law that would have introduced it ius soli “Temperate” and come ius culturae, the recognition of Italian citizenship to young people born in Italy, or who have gone to Italian schools, has been abandoned by the Senate for lack of a quorum. Of 319 senators, only 116 sat on Senate benches. Also in that case were absent the senators of the right, the Lega and Forza Italia, who wanted the abolition of the law of citizenship, but much more guilty also the senators of the 5 Star Movement, the centrist parties and some thirty of senators. of the absent Party.Democrat, despite the fact that the law was proposed by the PD. The proximity to the 2018 general elections and the fear of the parties to push through a law that, according to them, would have been unpopular in that period of migration crisis certainly weighed.

Roberto Saviano wrote on Twitter: “today another violence has been committed against more than 800,000 children and young people born or raised in Italy. The #IusSoli was sunk. With the hope of these boys also dies the dignity of this Italy, stepmother, obtuse and irresponsibleWe hope that this majority will be braver than the one that was not in the Senate in 2017 and that Italy will be a responsible and welcoming mother today.

Cinzia Gaeta

The image is taken from Nigrizia https://www.nigrizia.it/notizia/ius-scholae-cittadinanza

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