Inauguration of the Teen Lab of Pinerolo, a laboratory for adolescents against early school leaving

Eurostat data from March 2022 show a particularly significant increase in NEETs in Italy. Italy ranks first in Europe with 23.3% of young Italians aged 15 to 29 who do not work, do not study and do not follow training courses.

This general framework includes the “Teen Lab – Laboratory for Adolescents”, a project aimed at reducing early school leaving and promoting the employment and social reintegration of young people in difficulty, who are no longer part of the training system and who I am not in a position to enter the world of work in a stable way. “Teen Lab” is a project funded by the European territorial cooperation program Interreg VA Italy-France ALCOTRA and developed by a cross-border association formed by the City of Pinerolo and Ville de Chambery that has the Intermunicipal Consortium of Social Services (CISS) as enforcement body in the territory. The respective territorial networks of the associated cities are involved in a process of exchange of experiences and knowledge, to reduce cases of marginalization and to effectively integrate young people into the local community.

Pinerolo’s TEEN LAB space inaugurated on June 30 at the Olympic Ice Stadium (Viale Grande Torino n.2) is an inclusive meeting space based on the FabLab model, a digital manufacturing workshop where they will be trained, in this first phase of the project, 60 young people at risk and in a situation of early school leaving. The space is equipped with a series of numerical control machinery, 3D printers, laser cutters, cutting plotter, numerical control milling machine and 13 personal computers: through the support and training of a specialized figure, the Fab Manager , young people will have the opportunity to use the machinery, learn how it works and acquire the skills needed by local businesses and needed to enter and remain in the local job market.

As Luca Salvai, Mayor of Pinerolo, points out: “Labor policies, even for young people, must be linked to social policies in order to be effective: only from this point of view do they become an investment in the future and of well-being. be of all. The winning idea of ​​the Teen Lab is to activate an approach to work with young people through laboratory activities, experimenting with concrete actions and highlighting their talents: those talents that they may not know they have, but that they can discover in a path guided by our trainers “.

For Thierry Repentin, Mayor of Chambéry: “Early school leaving can be counteracted. There are many talents in young people, who have the opportunity to express themselves outside the traditional school paths. The fulcrum of the Teen Lab project, carried out with Pinerolo, lies in looking for the “nugget” that hides each of the young people, adapting this particular program to their personality. “

The “Teen Lab – Adolescent Laboratory” project is funded by the European territorial cooperation program Interreg VA Italy-France ALCOTRA – Axis 4 “Social inclusion and European citizenship” – Specific objective 4.2. and focuses on the following activities:

· Organization and management of training courses for NEET, young people who do not study or work

· Development of joint training initiatives of professional subjects operating in the territorial network that deal with training and employment policies

· Creation of an inclusive TEEN LAB space, in which laboratory activities will be developed. A neutral place to meet, discuss and acquire new skills.

The Pinerolo City Council project was carried out with a budget of € 444,954.00, fully covered by ERDF funds and CPN State funds.

The selection of young people participating in the activities of the laboratory “Teen Lab” has been carried out in collaboration and synergy with the regional guidance system, Obiettivo Oriente Piemonte (OOP) which makes available to students, families, teachers, operators and in general of all. citizenship, information, tools and resources to orient themselves with regard to school / training itineraries, labor market trends, opportunities for the development of skills, to accompany children to consciously choose the most appropriate itineraries for themselves in the different cycles of ‘studies and in the early stages. of professional life.

For the realization of the activities of the project the City council of Pinerolo and the Intermunicipal Consortium of Social Services (CISS) count on the collaboration of some public and private subjects:

– The net. Pin del Pinerolese and in particular the upper secondary schools and the Training Agencies of the territory with which a Memorandum of Understanding was signed;

– Pinerolo Employment Center;

– ENGIM Piemonte based in Pinerolo, for training / laboratory activities;

– CFIQ for training / laboratory activities;

– CIOFS-FP Piemonte for training / laboratory activities;

– Carabattola scs social cooperative society for educational activities;

– LIBRO OPERTO Snc by Caizzo Emilia and Caizzo Marilena for training and supervision;

– LAB.IN.S Società Cooperativa Impresa Sociale for monitoring and evaluation;

– FABMANAGER Marco Cassino Individual Company;

– BLANK SPACES srl Web Agency – Software House for communication activities;

– CHINTANA srl., For administrative management.

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