for Anief it is unacceptable, appeals to the judge begin

As of today, the school must dispense with more than 150,000 precarious teachers. In addition to a few tens of thousands of atta. At least 80,000 more had finished their work by the end of the lessons, like the so-called Covid workers. In total, these are no more and no less than 250,000 substitutes that the state has decided to dismiss, although in most cases they are workers who have signed contracts for chairs and vacancies without incumbents, therefore completely free. Its “reception” is not accidental, but functional to save public money and to the detriment of the school service: by depriving itself of its contribution, the school administration has considerable benefits.

The Anief union continues to consider all this unacceptable: “State savings cannot be made on the shoulders of school workers,” says Marcello Pacifico, national president of Anief. If you work in a vacancy, you need to be fully included in the legal staff and not in fact. Therefore, the months of July and August cannot be subtracted from the replacement period. Also because the school certainly does not close during the summer and professionalism must be maintained for end-of-year reports and new planning. Also, vacations cannot be subtracted, but must be monetized. Like the severance pay, the salary subsidy with social security function paid by the INPS to fixed-term staff must be paid shortly. “

Pacifico argues that “the decision not to assign any of these workers is also incredible Bonus of 200 eurosthe contribution global sum which provides for the Decree of aid (DL 50/2022) to deal with rising inflation, which so far, however, is incredibly denied to all those who have no salary in July: that, however, more than a precarious school, who already earns the lowest salaries of the AP, is entitled to this compensation introduced by the Draghi government? Pending receipt of responses from the legislature – concludes Pacifico -, the only viable way of appeal is “.

For detailed information on Naspi, you can ask Cedan for advice. While to rightly claim compensation for untaken holidays and for the recovery of the summer months, you can ask the Anief trade unionists for advice. The same applies to the € 200 bonus denied to precarious non-on-call school staff in July 2022.


Wages, Anief activates the quick calculator to check due salary differences

To the precarious salary denied, summer and career monthly payments: the Anief Calculator arrives that estimates the advanced credit

To each precarious worker, the State owes between 1,000 and 40,000 euros for the non-consideration of a part of the substitutes and the reconstruction of career.

Up to tens of thousands of euros remaining from each precarious, Anief presents the Calculator that indicates how many there are

Precarious, poorly paid even for those in office: the judge recognizes thousands of euros in arrears and activates the highest salary

Every month to teachers and precarious ATA denied up to 257 euros, the Labor Court of Mantua says it can not be done

Substitute teachers should be assigned the same salary as regular colleagues, in Crotone the judge agrees with the union: interested in 300 thousand

Salaries, allocation of the professional salary of teachers even to temporary workers, new ruling in Forlì: the substitute is entitled to about a thousand euros a year in arrears, as well as staff Ata and “Covid”

Alternates with reduced salaries, even in Modena the labor judge compensates for RPD and CIA denied

Alternates, unpaid leave must be paid for, the Como Court says

Paying unused leave days to alternates, the ordinary Parma judge does not commit

Temporary workers with a “shortened” salary, in Reggio Emilia the judge returns the stolen goods to the teacher who recovers 164 euros a month

ATA staff can also request recognition of all previous service, in Modena the judge compensates an administrator with 2 thousand euros and places him in a higher stretch.

Teacher hired in 2010 asks for the full assessment of the pre-function service: the Court of Sassari agrees by compensating it with more than 4,200 euros plus interest and raising the level.

A school employee with 10 years of pre-function, the judge asserts her all for the purposes of her career: she gets compensation and a pay raise because she is placed at a higher “level”.

The Sicilian teacher becomes a high school teacher but loses the service that is performed in the nursery, the court makes her recognize everything with compensation and a higher salary

It was a mistake to cancel the “big step” of 0-3 years for all teachers who had substitutes until 2010: a Venetian teacher goes through and recovers the salary plus 3 thousand euros in compensation

In Lucca, the judge confirms the validity of all previous services for the professional career: a high school teacher recovers thousands of euros and the highest salary thanks to the “click”

The alternate to “piece” must be paid until August 31 if it is vacant, says the Supreme: Anief wins appeal and makes a teacher recover the salaries of July and August

If the precarious teacher modifies the classification, the substitute teaching score cannot be reduced, in Venice the judge returns 22 and 11 points to a practical technical teacher.

Precarious teacher for 15 years, only part of the replacements are recognized, the judge in Florence compensates him with 2 thousand euros, recognizes the “step” of the third year and a higher salary.

Salaries, for even smaller temporary staff: in Catania the Labor judge returns 1,700 euros to a teacher for not assigning the Rpd

Private teachers’ salaries of 174.50 euros per month: for Paola’s labor judge, the appeal is “definitively grounded” and returns everything to the teacher who asked for justice

Substitutes without Rpd, the judges continue to agree with Anief: almost 2 thousand euros plus interest returned to a primary school teacher

Precarious teachers without the 174 euros per month of Rpd, it is worth asking for restitution even for a single year of temporary work: the judge of Verona returns 1,200 euros plus interest to a teacher

Precarious workers with reduced wages, even in Cosenza the judge makes available 174.50 euros for each month of replacement. Anief is happy: the favorable rulings of the labor courts are no longer counted

EU Court of Justice declares Italian law to discriminate against precarious workers in the teaching card illegitimate

In Pistoia the administration takes office after almost 9 years of substitutes: the administration only recognizes a part of it, appeals and recovers € 2,200 plus the higher salary range

Teacher card to upgrade from 500 euros per year even to precarious teachers, the decision of the Luxembourg Court will pay half a million euros to the Italian state

Teacher card of 500 euros even for temporary workers, Luxembourg judges have upset the government’s plans and now everyone gets on the winners’ cart

Teacher’s card of 500 euros to the precarious, hurry to resort to recover thousands of euros: on June 20 in the public assembly of Palermo

Contract renewal, unions convened on June 28: Anief needs immediate answers

Teacher card, more money is needed to give it even to the precarious instead we go to a reduction of 500 euros per year: for Anief so the state is harmed.

Reform of recruitment and training, the Mef grants little money: it can not end like this for Anief

Reform of the PNRR, change the text on training and recruitment

Teacher recruitment and training reform, the Senate lacks agreement on the maxi-amendment and everything is postponed to Monday. Anief: without a useful solution for the interims and Even recourse to the courts is inevitable

Reform of the Pnrr for the recruitment and training of teachers, only small changes pass through the Commissions: for Anief the sentence remains negative “

SCHOOL – Reform of the Pnrr, all approved news: Anief’s analysis and criticism

SCHOOL – Reform Pnrr, Pacific (Anief) explains why it is rejected: the negotiation of obsolete and precarious workers damaged

Decree Pnrr reform of training and recruitment, the Government willing to the maxi-amendment that closes any improvement. Pacific (Anief): An error that will trigger many appeals

Reform of the Pnrr in teacher training and recruitment, approves the degree or specialization but only in reserved quotas, Pacifico (Anief) does not agree: precarious workers still cornered

200,000 chairs discovered, even this year the appointments will be a failure. Pacific (Anief): it was enough to open to the interim of the Gps, instead Ministry, Government and Parliament continue with the guilty approaches …

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