Fires and assaults, the very good days in Lucera

Legality has become the right word for any situation: a conference, a demonstration, a school meeting. It is the right hashtag for everything. If we then look better, sometimes it is there too keyword to ask for funds for any of the activities listed above. A word that, in the end, carries with it a myriad of other words empty in the background, but beautiful in form.
We keep focusing a lot legality, because it seems the (easy) solution to any problem of corruption, bad business, etc. But legality, in itself, means nothing and ordinary people, the ones who deal with everyday problems every day, have been noticing this for a long time.
The manifesto of legality is now like an old poster, full of folds for continuous development.
While the state and all its branches in the territory continue to entrench themselves behind the legality to be instilled or inculcated, it is not clear, there is a word that pushes from behind and is more powerful and ancient: justice.
If legality shows all its fragility, justice, despite the centuries, attacks and failures it has gone through, is the real queen.
But beware, as citizens are unfamiliar with justice, they know its twin: injustice. If you think about justice, the first thing that probably comes to mind is an injustice you have suffered. Injustice is frequented by everyone sooner or later in life and today more than ever it roams the streets and homes of ordinary people, of those who believe in the values ​​of the past and in justice. And they support legality.
But then you understand how much they are both missing when you are faced with an injustice, which has impunity as a friend and many others. equally harmful younger sisters.
Injustice, impunity, arrogance, prevarication, aggression, dishonesty, arrogance are also present in Lucera, who is grafted into a disastrous Italian context, with rare exceptions.

And so, while another meeting is being held to talk (and nothing else) about legality, the city woke up yesterday with two new facts from the news (the umpteenth) that impacted it. Beaten, not annoying, because almost everything is getting calluses.

The fire of the car of a municipal manager and the aggression suffered by a girl have awakened a certain spirit and outraged the few who still achieve it.

It hurts to read the words of the father of the young victim of delinquent violence (enough with the insipid term bullying!): “… I am increasingly convinced that my Lucera is in its darkest period, with an irreversible and unstoppable social, economic and cultural degradation. The city is dirty inside and out. Abandoned, dirty, ill-treated, with obvious physical injuries (Sant’Anna, old market via Naples, Politeama, streets with holes, abandoned greenery, completely abandoned suburbs) and less obvious but more tragic morals (rudeness, bullying, incivility, territorial absence ). control, non-cultural manifestations, non-existent social services, motorcycle and car racing everywhere, prejudice, inability to socialize, absent meritocracy, recommendations and could continue for hours). I thought that there was a healthy part, that the best intellectuals would propose with a superior vision for a mission to improve our city of art … And instead the personal and sectarian particularities have shown all their poverty “.

In a few lines the truth, recognized by all those who tried to comfort him through social media, including many concerned parents. However, it is not the first (nor will it be the last) episode of physical violence or car fire (to scare or take revenge) that is recorded in the city.
Other times in those twenty years Luceraweb reported both the informative facts, even more dramatic, and the consequent comments, often cloying, of Lucerini who wake up from who knows what they are and say: “But what’s going on in Lucera?” To then immediately return to their jobs, read only the headlines of newspaper articles and perhaps load the trunk with garbage bags to be left somewhere. But they never find a place on the landing of their house. The end of the world passes.
The injustice suffered by others does not affect them, it does not scratch them. I’m like geese in the pond, waterproof: they stay in the water but do not get wet. But they shout.

Then there are those who have really worked to change things, who have committed themselves to silence, without flaunting merits and medals, such as Fabiowho wrote to his father who was shot in the heart: “Unfortunately we have slipped, in fact we continue to slide into an abyss. I have always been convinced, and I still am, that I should have started with small things like greater control of the territory, but that doesn’t happen. I remember a few years ago when the police at the beginning of the summer organized ‘serious’ checks throughout the city and any misconduct was sanctioned, I’m sure the sense of presence in the area improved the behavior of all citizens.And now? Absolute emptiness, but I do not blame the power of the order of the territory … ”.

Last night, for example, near the parish of Santa Maria delle Grazie, at 167, approximately from 9 pm to 11 pm, crazy scooter races were held. Boys and girls on the street shouting like convicts and competing in the lanes, among passers-by and cars used as “Chinese” for their dangerous slalom. No one intervened to stop them, until they did so on their own, spontaneously. An example of how the city is at the mercy of all kinds of Gomorrah-style initiative. With minors around town at night (even in winter) to do anything or possible victims of criminals.

How do you protect a city with only one service patrol at night? It is the unsolved mystery that keeps journalists, citizens and administrations of almost the entire province of Foggia busy. Two days ago a Manfredoniaas reported by the newspaper the attack, posed the same problem after fights and happily ignored matters of public order. Whoever finds the right answer will win something?
And this in the urban centers, without forgetting the war that has been going on in the countryside for years, with the citizen-peasants victims of the thieves who steal, set fire and threaten. A very dangerous west end, where criminals harass good people who sweat the fruit of their labor. A daily injustice that cries out for revenge.

I am bitterly sorry to be back – rewrite it good readythere is no future for my daughters here. Unfortunately, I am now resigned, I will not be able to leave, but I hope my daughters can get out of this city. If there is still a leap of dignity in this city, now is the time to leave, people, institutions, associations are fighting for a better future, we are fighting against this unbridled human misery, we are giving hope to this city. DEFECT THE LIGHT. “

The slogan is beautiful, but in practice? Who has to deal with this kidney injection? Individuals, as we know, need to get organized. Are there ten that would come together without interest, without commitment, and without escaping the bully’s first “buh” turn?

The associations? And which one? Those inside the “magic circle” or those outside? Those of facts or those of shit as a reason for existence?

The institutions? Those who go to the territories to talk about legality and repeat to the citizens: “You have to report”? And who should they report to? To the responding operator that the machine is busy elsewhere?

Politics remains. Ellipses …

And if there is a hopeful Michele who says: “I also have my children and grandchildren in this area. We cannot give up the fight. We must continue to keep the guard high to ensure a better future for future generations.” there is another that makes a perfect analysis: “I end up saying that Lucera is destined for slow and inexorable death. It’s a city you morbidly love when you’re out, but you hate living in it. What stranger people … “.

Enza Gagliardi

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