All postponed. In a beautiful alternation of emotions, cruel and soon full of hope, the Azzurri drew 2-2 against France and still have the chance to reach the European semifinals: Sunday (start at 5.30 pm, live by RaiPlay) We need to win the Czech Republic and wait for Spain to defeat France to enter the top four teams in the Old Continent. In addition, the Azzurri will have to turn a goal difference that currently sees them at -2 while the Transalpines are at +3. “We cling to this vision, but it is a positive day for our women’s grassroots football, because the girls have shown that they play like a team like the French,” stressed at the end of the match an exhausted Enrico Sbardella. who lived from the sidelines this whirlwind of feelings.

“These are wonderful matches – Sbardella continues – to live, to play. It is clear that victory was our goal … We knew that in their management of the match they could delay the first half and work harder in the second with the changes. What I liked was the reaction after the devastating one-two at the start of the second half. Right now we’re numbered, we have three players out and a pretty short bench in interchangeability, with players playing out of position. I am happy because the girls are still competing in a great European championship: it is thanks to this type of competition that we are growing ”.

The match. Compared to three days ago, in the European debut against Spain, Sbardella still has to do without Severini -still today out of the starting eleven, as he has trained separately all week- and must also give up the unavailable Schatzer and Berti. , forced to not even go to the bench. In addition, the package of the last day is that of Astrid Gilardi: the blue goalkeeper, just at the end of yesterday afternoon, suffered a dislocation of a finger of his left hand and was forced to say goodbye to competition. Instead, the blue squad summoned Fiorentina goalkeeper Viola Bartalini, who arrived in the morning and was immediately catapulted into the reality of the UEFA tournament. Gilardi herself, however, along with the other, another from a very unfortunate blue list, injured Alice Giai is sitting in the grandstand of Ostrava’s ‘Bazaly Stadium’ to make her friends feel their support.

From the first moments of the match -as it was legitimate to wait on the eve- we understand that a great protagonist of the confrontation will be the heat: initially the French avoid pressing very high the blue defensive line in the innings phase and so the girls of Sbardella they have more space available on the first pass line. The first opportunity comes in the 15th minute: after a good choral action, Pfattner from the right lane puts an insidious cross in the center which Arcangeli does not reach just for a matter of inches. In the 21st minute, France also appears: Azzurre loses a ball in the middle of the field and Benyahia, once the ball is recovered, doesn’t think twice and looks for the spectacular and effective solution from the middle of the field, seeing Beretta out of the poles: the wolf of the the number 19 transalpine is by very little high. The rhythms, due to the high temperature, are struggling to rise and France maintains control of its own half. In the second half of the first half, Sbardella summons his girls to a faster circulation of the ball to surprise the rivals and in the first minute of recovery a good maneuver to the left on the axis Robustellini-Arcangeli sends to Pfattner to launch from an excellent. position. The advance to number eleven is a foul and Arcangeli herself chooses from the point the same corner of the match against Spain: it is 1-0 Italy, which also closes the first part of the match.

Despite the advantage achieved, the Azzurri continue to push even at the beginning of the second half. The first shock of the rivals comes in the 9th minute with the usual Benyahia, whose header from an excellent position only flies over the crossbar. Ringler operates a triple shift and fresh forces give greater vitality and vivacity to the French maneuver. At 14 ‘and Beretta is called to the game: his start on Ribadeira thrown into the net is perfect and timely, and saves the blue advantage. We reach the 20 ‘and the tie materializes: the idea of ​​Bahlouli on the left finds the perfect insertion of Coquet that from inside the area does not miss the appointment with the 1-1. Bahlouli unleashes and four minutes later, again on the left, puts the Italian rearguard in crisis again: this time in the center of the Ribadeira area he is ready and signs the advance from two steps.

Exhausted by the heat, dazed by a one-two that could knock out any team, even the most experienced, the Azzurri still feel a reaction to stay inside the tournament: five minutes from the end, in the development of a corner, Ferrara. loads the right and shakes the crossbar of the French goal with a shot of rare power. A minute later it is the new entry Della Peruta who takes the blue attack on the shoulders, with a personal action that forces the French to use the bad guys to stop him: it is a new penalty for Italy and again Arcangeli, from the spot, shows all his coldness by the 2-2. The end of the match, in its seven-minute break, is a succession of emotions, with both teams eager to get involved. However, the result no longer changes and, therefore, the outcome of the tournament is postponed to Sunday, when, with his feet on Frydek Mystek and an ear also on Ostrava, to hear the evolution of Spain-France, the the blues will know if they will. be among the top four teams in Europe.

The photo gallery of the party

Italy-France 2-2
Italy: Beretta; Battistini (7’st Bertucci), Massimino, Passeri, Robustellini; Pfattner, Ferrara, Pavan (7’st Pellinghelli); Corelli (33rd Arrigoni), Beccari (33rd Della Peruta), Arcangeli. Available: Bartalini, Severini, Cesarini. Coach: Sbardella
FRANCE: Brands; Vairon, Rastocle, Sevenne, Fontaine; Binate Soumahoro (10th Kboda), Coquet, Benyahia (10th Neller); Yetna (49’s Notel), Mouchon (10’s Ribadeira), Bahlouli. Available: Francart, Haelewyn, Bataillard, Haugou. Coach: Ringler
REFEREE: Pejkovic (CRO). Assistants: Homarac (BIH) and Aktan (TUR). 4th official: Van Der Helm (NED)
NETS: 47’pt and 43 ‘Arcangeli in apparatus., 20’ Coquet, 24 ‘Ribadeira
NOTE – admonished Vairon, Bahlouli, Neller. Two cooling pauses at a time.

The list of those summoned

The goalkeepers: Viola Bartalini (Fiorentina), Beatrice Beretta (Tavagnacco);
Defenders: Elena Battistini (Rome), Sofia Bertucci (Juventus), Marika Massimino (Rome), Angela Passeri (Inter), Alice Pellinghelli (Sassuolo), Chiara Robustellini (Inter);
Midfielders: Giorgia Arrigoni (Hellas Verona), Erin Maria Patrizia Cerasini (Lazio), Anastasia Ferrara (Rome), Matilde Pavan (Inter), Eva Schatzer (Juventus), Emma Severini (Naples);
Forwards: Nicole Arcangeli (Juventus), Chiara Beccari (Juventus), Alice Ilaria Berti (Sampdoria), Alice Corelli (Rome), Victoria Marie Della Peruta (Pomigliano), Elisa Pfattner (Juventus).

Personal – Technician: Enrico Maria Sbardella; head of delegation: Patrizia Recandio; assistant coach: Viviana Schiavi; secretaries: Giulio Massi; goalkeeping coach: Mattia Volpi; athletic trainer: Adalberto Zamuner; party analyst: Simone Contran; doctors: Andrea Serdoz and Francesco De Carli; physiotherapists: Matteo Cossa and Giuseppina Miranda; nutritionist: Giulia Baroncini; psychologist: Paola Regnani.

The groupings of the final phase

Group A: Czech Republic, France, Italy and Spain
Group B: Germany, England, Norway and Sweden

Results, schedule and classification of group A

June 27th
Czech Republic – France 0-3 (21’pt Coquet, 46’pt Benyahia, 47 ‘Mouchon)
Spain 3-1 Italy (24 ‘pt Arcangeli on the platform, 29’ pt Vignola, 48 ‘pt Álvarez, 16’ Uria)

June 30
Italy 2-2 France (47’pt Arcangeli on the platform, 20 ‘Coquet, 24’ Ribadeira, 43 ‘Arcangeli on the platform.)
Czech Republic 0-5 Spain (23’pt Elexpuru, 37’pt Fiamma, 2 ‘Pinedo, 24’ and 31 ‘Moral)

July 3rd
Italy-Czech Republic (RaiPlay live, TV delayed at 11.15 pm on RaiSport)

Classification: Spain 6 points, France 4, Italy 1, Czech Republic 0

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