Cobas at the helm: “In the province of Lucca 49 classes less, it is unacceptable”

Class cuts, protest spreads province of Lucca. Cobas Scuola is the spokesman for the discontent and, after the MSW assembly, returns to the office against the downsizing.

“Two years ago, supporting the mobilizations of Priority in the Schoolthe Cobas – reads a note – repeatedly denounced the the cut of 49 chairs in the province of Lucca and the lack of classrooms and adequate spaces for schools, asking for funds to strengthen and stabilize the staff, eliminate chicken coop classes, intervene in school buildings and return to a school in presence and security. Two years later, despite the approximately 200 billion allocated by the European Union to the Italian PNRR and the serious problems revealed by the pandemic, the Government, the Ministry and the regional and provincial school offices do not seem to have learned their lesson. given the cut of 49 classes in the province of Lucca and the unacceptable continuity of classes (and in some cases whole schools) still placed in containers “.

“The complaints of the last days of the teachers and parents of the Paladini Institute, the Barsanti and Matteucci Institute and the Integral Institute of San Vito – Lucca 6 for possible class cuts -emphasize the Cobas- these are just the latest cases that have reached the headlines after a long series of protests and principals in front of schools of all levels by parents, pupils and school staff. Just to name a few, let’s remember the protests in high schools like Porcari, Camaiore and the Middle Valley over class cuts or multiclass mergers planned by the Usp in response to requests received from high schools. Specifically, IC Camaiore 1 does not have the fifth grade of primary school, so we will have a class of 29 students and three classes of 22 with 2 or 3 students with disabilities. But don’t forget the continuous postponements of the works of Paladini-Civitali and Carrara, which for the last three years have continued to be taught in containers or in inappropriate classrooms, and the recent transition to containers also of the Vallisneri Institute, to put an end to the insufficient and inadequate spaces of the Fermi-Giorgi Pole where, after last year’s changes to Giorgi’s headquarters with numerous critical problems encountered, the removal of the Fermi Square container was announced with new class movements at the headquarters of Giorgi – Santa Chiara already saturated “.

“To all this are added – explains the Cobas Scuola – the cuts to the planned classes Polo Fermi-Giorgi himself and in other institutes in the province with the serious risk of classes with more than 30 students even in the presence of certified students “.

It is for this reason that the provincial assembly of partners of RSU and Cobas, held on June 28 in Ite Carrara “considers this situation unacceptable – it is explained – first of all for students, but also for the staff of the “school. renewal of the contract that has expired for almost 4 years and that saw the approval of the Senate with the usual recourse to the confidence on a maxi modification on the part of the government, the law of conversion of the Legislative Decree 36/22”.

“The maxi-amendment provides for the reform of recruitment, which in fact becomes a very expensive and almost insurmountable obstacle course, thus promoting greater insecurity rather than the stabilization of staff,” he explains, “the new training system and update, mandatory for new hires. and voluntary for others, which takes the form of a real regime formation, triggering a war between the poor to access a few cents of wage incentives, which will be granted selectively and not in a general way: from the same forecasts. only 5% of the teaching staff will have access to it from the ministry. In addition, resources will be transferred from the Teachers’ Charter to the 25/26 academic year and by cutting 11,300 chairs from 25/26 to 31/32, taking advantage of the planned demographic decline. All this at a historic time when the European Union is adopting an expansive economic policy by injecting an unprecedented amount of public funds into the economy. It is clear that the mantra of ‘no funds’ for school, health and services no longer applies: what is missing is the political will to direct them to these sectors, preferring instead spending military to perpetrate a dangerous and very harmful war economy. . It is absurd to continue to apply the criteria for training classes and staff provided for by the Gelmini Reform, which had as its sole objective to cut 8 billion euros for the school in implementation of austerity policies. The Assembly calls for: the withdrawal of the articles of the maxi-amendment relating to the school, the use of available funds to reduce to 20 the number of students per class (15 in the case of students with disabilities), the recruitment of all precarious teachers. with 3 years of service and Up to 2, massive investments in school buildings ”.

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