Burger King and Casa Arcobaleno: the Pride initiative

On the occasion of the month of Pride 2022 a collaboration was born between an international fast food chain and a social solidarity cooperative. It is about Burger King and Casa Arcobalenowhich is more specifically a safe place for everyone, active since 2019, located in Milan and managed by the cooperative Spazio Aperto Servizi.

The collaboration between Burger King and Casa Arcobaleno was born for girls and boys victims of discrimination

There are many brands that have promoted initiatives for Gay Pride 2022 and Burger King is also among the companies committed to supporting the LGBTQIAP + community.

Pride Month is the occasion that led the multinational to undertake a collaboration with a reality very different from its own, Casa Arcobaleno, a collaboration also set in motion for the Milan Pride Paradethe parade scheduled for Saturday, July 2, 2022 after a two-year shutdown by the pandemic.

The support that Burger King will give to Casa Arcobaleno will be concrete and, as has happened in other countries, it will not simply be an adherence to the values ​​of the community: the fast food chain is committed to promoting a career trajectory for girls and boys welcomed in the House in one of the Burger King Restaurants in Italy.

The director of marketing and communication of Burger King Restaurants Italia, Chiara Camerini, ha he commented – as indicated in Press release issued by the company – about this:

at Burger King we firmly believe that the multiculturalism and theinclusion make us a better company. Topics that we support not only theoretically, but through theimplementation of specific projects. Collaboration with Casa Arcobaleno is a small step, but it can help these young people in difficulty and give them a solid foundation on which to build their future, as well as another place to feel at home.“.

Casa Arcobaleno, the house managed by Spazio Aperto Servizi

Spazio Aperto Servizi was born in Milan in 1993 to help people with difficulties at all stages of their lives. Casa Arcobaleno is, therefore, only one of the initiatives of the cooperative, designed to offer to safe and secure place to all girls and boys who have experienced situations of non-acceptance.

The House currently has two apartments, one opened in 2019 and another in 2020, plus two more under construction. The purpose is receive anyone who has suffered discrimination of families of origin by sexual orientation, gender identity or the transition process initiated, as specified on the official website[1].

Casa Arcobaleno is therefore «an inclusive world, able to empower differences and welcome and promote change, fully embracing the shared values ​​of Burger King», As indicated in the press release.

Not only Casa Arcobaleno: lBurger King’s commitment to greater inclusion

It is in recent years that the fast food chain has begun to increasingly adapt its brand identity to the demands of its consumers and in general also to those that correspond to the environment. An example is the idea, launched in 2020, to propose as much as possible a new diet for cows to reduce methane emissions.

The project that Burger King is carrying out in favor of a greater inclusion therefore, it is part of different types of initiatives that aim to associate new and more values ​​to the brand. In fact, the fast food chain has been supporting Pride for a number of years, making it its motto. “We welcome everyone”A broader concept in support of the entire LGBTQIAP + community.

The chain was also present at the Milan Pride Parade 2019the last Pride Parade before the pandemic, with several initiatives aimed at supporting the cause.

An Instagram story from 2019 showing Burger King’s presence at the Milan Pride Parade.

The creation of the Proud Whopper to support Pride 2022

The multinational, in general, has it proposed for the occasion in Italy and other countries on Whopper sandwich in a “pride” version, creating an envelope with the colors of the rainbow. G.Yes adapted for collaboration with Netflix the Whopper is the medium chosen by the brand mainly to reaffirm theadherence to values of the community and the will to do promoter of greater inclusion. Renamed Proud whopperthe sandwich will be available in Italy in only two restaurants in Milan, the Burger King in Pola and the Tibaldi.

Burger King's Proud Whopper

Source: Burger King and Open Space Services

This initiative would aim in Italy to give greater visibility to the commitment to collaboration with Casa Arcobaleno. As already mentioned, the project aims offer a concrete help to the girls and boys of the houses, allowing them to obtain their economic independence, with the way of professional insertion.

The president of Spazio Aperto Servizi, Maria Grazia Campesethanked Burger King Italia for this opportunity:

The aim of Casa Arcobaleno is to offer the people we welcome a safe place to feel welcomed and to be able to start a personalized path to achieve independence and economic autonomy. He work is one of the fundamental elements of this path, a trampoline a get your life back“.

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