The wellness and beauty treatment operator course begins in Teramo –

TERAMO – The issue of early school leaving still represents an important critical issue for our young people in Italy. The latest data from the OECD annual report “Education at a Glance 2021” places Italy in fourth place in Europe with a rate of more than 13% and a better dropout rate than only Malta, Spain and Romania. This is a real emergency that produces “educational poverty” and an estimated social cost over the years of 55 billion euros. In this context, Vocational Education and Training (called “FP”) education based on the “dual mode” has a central role to play in combating early school leaving and early school leaving, ensuring compliance with the law and the duty. in education and training, allowing young people to obtain a professional qualification and at the same time introduce them to work by activating apprenticeship contracts. By means of the public announcement for the financing of courses destined to the fulfillment of the right to the Education and the Professional Training in dual modality relative to the triennium 2022-2025, the Region of the Abruzzo has entrusted to Eventitalia, body of accredited training, a Course of three years for the achievement of the Professional Qualification of “Wellness Operator – Management Provision of beauty treatment services” aimed at young people under 25 years, in possession only of the high school card, with priority of reserved access to minors.

The course for the acquisition of the IeFP title of “Wellness Operator – Beautician” is completely free, is open to 13 young people identified by a special selection notice published by Eventitalia and is divided into three years that include face-to-face training activities, workshops professionals and learning. recovery and development workshops, guided tours and, as noted above, recruitment through an apprenticeship contract at associated beauty and wellness centers. During the triennium, students will also be supported through accompanying actions with guidance, dynamism and counseling activities. In addition, beneficiaries will be provided with free teaching materials and reimbursement of transport and meals will be recognized. At the end of the course, students will be given the accumulated training credits and students who have passed the final exam and obtained the professional qualification will be able to choose whether to remain in the world of work, to continue their studies. in a fourth year of vocational training or in a school year of a state vocational institute for obtaining the baccalaureate degree.

For the success of the path, Eventitalia uses the collaboration of a plurality of partners. In addition to the institutional ones, among which are mentioned the Institutes “Di Poppa – Rozzi” and “Crocetti – Cerulli” and the social districts “Teramo”, “Gran Sasso – Laga” and “Val Vibrata”, a collaboration important is that represented by the network of beauty and wellness centers that have been made available for recruitment with a learning contract, lasting two years from the second year of the course, of the students benefiting from the intervention .

Those interested can find the registration forms on the website or at the offices of the training organization in via Brigiotti, 14 in Teramo and can submit their application in the form indicated in the announcement selection no. later than July 29, 2022. The course will begin in September. For more information, you can contact the Eventitalia information desk at 0861 210821 or at the email address

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