The public domain project ‘Politico Poetico +’ was presented in Rome

ROME – ‘Dear city’. This is the beginning of the letters that students from 5 schools have written for Rome. Groups of girls and girls from the IISS Cine Tv Roberto Rossellini, the Ripetta Art Institute, the Via dei Papareschi Institute of Human Sciences, the Socrates Classical Institute and the Caravillani Art Institute have black and white desires, visions and projections, to explain their vision of the future that they hope will soon become the present. ‘We only go faster, but together we go further’ and then, from a reflection shared in 10 workshop meetings, from January to May 2022, came to life these 5 writings that touch on the topics most loved by the most generations young people: environment, work. and economics, inequality, community, and education and training.

‘Dear city, I am writing to you, so I am a little distracted, and as you are very special, the stronger I will write to you- reads Eleonora De Luigi- There are those who said that the new year will bring news, and we are all already waiting . There will be collaboration to help people of all ages, this can be done through the redevelopment of the surroundings, and everyone, as they wish, can help create safe and family places for the most needy, who often have no roof. . to sleep ‘. Lucio Dalla, with his’ Next Year ‘, inspired and guided students who declare with conviction an idea of ​​a city suitable for everyone, starting from school:’ Where to learn languages, history and cultures of different peoples of the world, and all the subjects that want to study, a bit like the Lyceum of Aristotle, where all could study anything, always taking into account the fundamental matters ». And besides, in times like these it is to be “community.”‘:’ Because even in the most difficult times we must remember that we are not alone, and that only together can we save ourselves. ‘

“Dear city, let yourself be carried away by the news we can offer and bring us young people – says Beatrice Martial Law – No one should be frightened when two people of the same sex hold hands. No one should “to frighten when a person has difficulties, motor, intellectual or psychological. No one should be afraid of anyone.” Addressing the “inequalities” chapter, girls and boys ask for confidence: ‘Let us guide you with a bandage, we take your hand. Don’t worry: we’ll show you every step, every puddle, every hole and every blow; you just have to trust and you will arrive safe and sound at your destination. Sometimes a little difference is good, it makes you see the world from another point of view. Differences make us understand that there is more than what we see, or what we want to see; that there is more than we feel, or want to hear. We are fluid like water, and we can adapt to any situation. We are as light as the air, and together with you, the city, we will carry a wind that smells of change ‘.


And if yellow and red are the colors of Rome, boys and girls for the next season of autumn / winter and spring / summer instead, they “rise” through the green, light or dark, cold or warm, green hope: ‘So,’ reads Anna Maria Di Franco, ‘the Romans, who love you so much, should be the first to take care of you. There are already many citizens who take care of you voluntarily. I sincerely hope that they can grow and increase so that they can adorn the neighborhoods with urban gardens, and that the parks come back to life becoming places where you can also study outdoors, trying to erase the perimeters of classrooms, windows , bricks and concrete. It’s time to get cars off the main streets and make sure everyone has to get organized to walk or bike. Or maybe taking public transportation. But not the ones that are there now, which are malfunctioning, are swaying and turning on. It would be a dream to see a new subway start operating in less than a year! And you no longer find yourself hidden among the rubbish, but invaded by flowerbeds and kiosks and by people crossing you without arguing or arguing. That then – he concludes – green is also a color that calms you, makes you feel calmer ‘.

But the future also means knowing how to behave as an adult, acquire awareness and skills specific to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges, so students are asked to learn more about work and economics, bureaucracy and finance. “It often happens to me to compare myself with my classmates and reflect with them on what awaits us after high school,” explains Matteo Zanazzo. “Will we be ready to face all the challenges?” Conquer our independence made of small big everyday gestures? Super simple things, like paying a bill, signing a rental or employment contract, knowing the rights and duties to which we will be entitled as workers, college students, or trivially free citizens. We’re almost embarrassed to say it, but we know absolutely nothing about all of these things. However, we know for sure, also thanks to those who passed before us, that they will come to us at any time. And that scares us. And then we ask ourselves: but can we do nothing to prepare ourselves? And who can we ask for a hand? Perhaps the school, which would serve precisely to prepare us for the world as autonomous and independent citizens.

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Then there are those who dream of going back to their school in a few years to find him changed. Imagination takes them to a place in full swing where education is directed not only to the mind and intellect but also to sensitivity, towards themselves and others. “The study, grades and evaluations of ‘teachers’ in general are very important,” says Gabriele Antonini, “but sometimes we feel the strong need to stop for a moment, all together, and create a situation of sharing their thoughts and states. of soul, take care of one another; and there is no better place to do it than the School. And speaking of places, who said school should necessarily be only in the canonical classrooms we all know? We are the School, and we can take it where and how we want. Students and the entire school community have millions of possibilities ahead of them! Near our institutes, for example, it often happens that there are disused or even abandoned spaces. Where now there is only dust and weeds, we want to see flourishing libraries, movie clubs, outdoor study spaces, bars and gardens! Dear City, we want ours to become a high school, in constant transformation, because it is enlightened by our enthusiasm, our ideals and our passions’.


Lively, talkative, sensitive, receptive, open to discussion but above all in need of space and voices: these are young people under 25 in the Public Domain. Pupils and high school students who had the opportunity to participate in the Artistic and active citizenship project ‘Politico Poetico +’. A review of the project ‘Politico Poetico’ of the Teatro Dell’Argine, special prize UBU 2021. After an intensive initial training on the contents of the Agenda 2030 and on the practices of cooperative learning ‘impartido by the Teatro dell’Argine , with the participation and support of the hub of Rome Visionary, and also thanks to the invitation and debate with many guests and realities active in the area and committed to the social field, young people were invited to conceive new challenges and projects of the future, as well as writing the 5 Letters to the City of Rome, convening an assembly and speaking in public at the final act ‘Parliament meets the City’. They read their letters and presented the results of the project to a wide audience of local institutions and stakeholders. Present in the listening position: Marta Leonori, Minister of the Lazio Region, Lorenzo Sciarretta, Delegate for Youth Policy of the Lazio Region, Lorenzo Marinone, Delegate for Youth Policy of Rome Capital, Tiziana Biolghini, Councilor of the metropolitan city of Rome capital delegate for Culture, Equal Opportunities and Social Policies, Luca Fornari, CEO of ATCL and Maya Ventri, councilor for culture of the eighth municipality.

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