The paper house: the phenomenon

Now everyone is talking about it Squid rangeee of the phenomenon that the Korean series has originated around the world. However, we must not forget that yes Squid game has reached its current popularity, becoming the most watched Netflix series ever, part of the credit goes to The paper house. The most famous Spanish series of all time was the first real phenomenon, not only in streaming but also social, of Netflix.

the Netflix show may or may not like it, but the success, the impact on nerd culture and more that the series has had and continues to have is undeniable. Analyze the influence that The paper house has had in pop culture and not only is it not easy, there are many circumstances and reasons that led the series to the Olympus of streaming. From the origin of the program to the possible reasons for its success, to the social and productive repercussions generated by the series created by Alex Pina, on the occasion of the Netflix premiere of The Korean paper househere it is The phenomenon of the paper house.

The origins of the series

The casa di carta was broadcast for the first time, as many will know, on the Spanish national channel Antenna 3 in 2017. The series was not successful on the Spanish live network and was bought by Netflix for very little time after the end of the broadcast.

The purchase by the platform in the big N went almost unnoticed. However, within a few days, Netflix users began to watch the first episodes of the show and the views immediately increased thanks to face-to-face and online word-of-mouth, especially thanks to the online sharing of songs, scenes and costumes for the series.
From the show rejected by the people of origin to the most popular TV series on Netflix, it was a very short step.

The reasons for the success of La casa di carta

the paper house

Analyze in detail the reasons and explanations for the success of The paper house it is fascinating and extremely complex, yielding to the most superficial and obvious reasons would be easy.

In 2017 Netflix began to be depopulated between different European states, in Italy the platform only landed in 2015 so in 2017 it began to be downloaded by a large number of users. The paper house landed on Netflix in late 2017, almost hidden among the various monthly products distributed and produced by the streaming platform.

Success was almost immediate. The first question that arises spontaneously is the following: why was the series not popular when it aired for free? Soon the motivation is called: originally The paper house, being broadcast on Antena 3, could only be seen by the Spanish public, now saturated and dissatisfied with local products. Thanks to Netflix, the series had the opportunity to be known by the international public, fond of Spanish products but not tired of watching them.

The paper house is a series aimed at a very broad, nonspecific or sectoral goal. The show is perfectly entertaining for young boys to a large audience. The series is designed and intended to be aimed at people, without generations of reference. The study behind the design and themes of the series reveals a careful desire to direct the product to as many people as possible.

the paper house

The choice of costumes, songs and names of the characters is not at all accidental.
Dalí’s red uniforms and mask are now iconic and immediately associated with the show. Easy to reproduce at home without any costly money, immediately available on the market and conveniently to wear, The paper house it immediately became popular among fans of the series. During the period of maximum broadcasting and success of the Netflix series it was common to see fans dressed as their television favorites at comic book fairs, festivals and on the streets of metropolitan cities.
Dressing all the characters in the series in the same costume served both to create the sense of community and brotherhood needed to carry out this robbery, and to identify the group with the audience. I would say I mean it was great.

The most famous piece of The paper house it’s definitely the partisan song “Hello Beautiful”, Symbol of resistance and rebellion made by the gang. Ironically, to be chosen as the soundtrack and symbol of the series was a song not Spanish but Italian. But it’s easy to understand the reasons: the song immediately creates the imaginary of brotherhood, alliance, and mutual support the band necessarily needs to face the difficulties of the robbery. Ara “Hello Beautiful”It is known and sung all over the world.

Paper House Review 4

The names chosen by the characters in the show deserve to be analyzed. Initially, the names associated with the cast were remarkably different: not city names, but simply nicknames. Originally Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) was simply called Silene, Rio (Miguel Herrán) The child (the small child), Berlin (Pedro Alonso) El Dandi, Denver (Jaime Lorente) El Liti e To fly However (Paco Tous) Augustine. Later, however, the choice fell on the iconic names of cities we all know today: more catchy, easy to remember, and immediately associated with the series.

The big credit for the show’s popularity is due to the explosion of bingewatching, the compulsive viewing of one episode after another. Before Netflix I almost always had to wait a week to see the episode following the one I had just finished. With the arrival of the N-grade platform, the audience only had to wait a few seconds to find out how the events in the series would evolve. One episode after another without interruption was the solution desired for years by fans of the television series. The paper house has made the most of this new fructification mechanism and thanks to its fast and fast pace, Netflix users have devoured the episodes of the TV series in a few days. Who knows if now that weekly use returns with bullying to various streaming platforms The paper house he would have had the same luck.

The explosion of content in Spanish

Thanks to the great success of The paper house Netflixand not only that, it has begun to focus on original products in Spanish.

He has joined the most popular Spanish series of all time Elitea mystery series for young adults that re – proposes in the cast of the first season three actors from The paper house. Elite initially exploded the popularity of Jaime Lorente I Miguel Herrán to make himself known to the general public, later, however, he was able to hold on perfectly to his legs and currently has 6 seasons.

The list of Spanish products available on Netflix cannot be missed Vis a visseries always created by Alex Pina, The girls at the switchboard and more recent achievements such as We play I Sky Red. They are all shows that have a strong Spanish imprint but are appreciated and supported around the world.

The social impact and emulators of La casa di carta

If you remember the series for the moments of euphoria and entertainment that the product left you, you are one of those who have experienced the best of the show, unfortunately a part of the audience of The paper house he literally took over the settlements of the series by performing robberies in the style of The Professor.

In July 2019 in Brazil a band of emulators of The paper house got a $ 30 million theft. In Sao Paulo, Brazil, 8 fake cops (complete with counterfeit cars, officers ’uniforms, pass by the airport entrance and arrival at the hangar and kidnap for 12 hours a local official and eight of the his family) had the cargo of 752 kilos of gold delivered to New York and Zurich. It would seem that it would look like the new remake of the Spanish series, but it is a fact of real news. The gang quickly lost track of him and the gold has now been lost forever.

Even more recent are the Italian cases of Milan and Turin. The three people responsible for a maxi robbery that took place last September in Milan were arrested in the Piedmont capital last December. The three responsible for the coup were called The Professor, Helsinki and Tokyo and wore a red jumpsuit and masks by Salvador Dalí. They thought they had come out with their exit after the bank robbery, the hostage-taking and the kidnapping of more than 320,000 euros, but despite the fictitious identities, police were able to locate the perpetrators.
Not all hits end in a happy ending.

The spin-offs and remakes of La casa di carta

The Paper House: Korea, everything you need to know

The success of a program can be measured in the amount of spin-offs, remakes, or sequels it is capable of generating. The original series of The paper house it only ended in December 2021 and the first remake came in June 2022.

The Korean paper house it re-proposes the same story, the same iconic names of the original characters but changes the scenarios: this time the series is no longer Madrid but Korea. From the worldwide success of Squid game, the most watched series on the streaming platform, Netflix wasted no time: here is a Korean product that in all respects recalls the Spanish series and adds that touch of contemporaneity needed to attract fans of Squid Game. Just wait for the show to end to see if the success has been able to be repeated.

The paper house, Berlin

Not only remakes but also spin-offs, the success of The paper house gave rise to various ideas of sequels and prequels devoted to the different characters of the gang of thugs.

The first spin-off of The paper house: Berlinprequel series dedicated to the character of Pedro Alonso, perhaps the most beloved of the Spanish series. It’s no coincidence that the writers of the series have chosen to include continuous flashbacks focused on their lives in seasons 3, 4 and 5.

We now know that the series will inevitably be set before the events told The paper house and will debut on Netflix in 2023. It is very likely, but not certain, appearances on the show Rafael, played by Patrick Criadoson of Berlin and Tatiana (Diana Gómez), Berlin’s last wife. We just have to wait until the start of filming to find out more about the series.
In conclusion The paper house, loved or hated, is a real social phenomenon that, as we have seen, transcends pop culture. Will Netflix, after Squid Game, be able to create another similar hit?

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