The degree to teach with Law 79 published in the Official Gazette: the profile of qualified teachers is born. The focus is on digital skills

DL 36 has become law, as anticipated by our deputy director Reginaldo Palermo. From now on, with regard to teacher recruitment, qualification and training courseswe will talk about it Law 79/2022already landed Official Bulletin.

As already disseminated in the latest versions of the decree law, one of the main novelties of the teacher recruitment formula is the birth of Final profile of the professional competencies of the qualified teaching staffto which an aspiring teacher will arrive at the end of the university and academic course of initial training.


What competencies does the initial training course affect?

The university and academic trajectory of initial formation, a compulsory attendanceit is organized and taught, for the relative competition classes, by universities or AFAM institutions through centers identified by higher education institutions, also in an aggregated way.

He The initial training, selection and test course, in particular, aims to develop and verify in future teachers:

a) the cultural, disciplinary, pedagogical, psychopedagogical, didactic and methodological competencesespecially those of inclusion and student participation, with respect to the basic nuclei of knowledge and the competency goals set for students;

b) the competences specific to the teaching profession, in particular pedagogical, psycho-pedagogical, relational, orienting, evaluative, organizational, didactic and technological.integrated in a balanced way with disciplinary knowledge as well as with legal competences, especially those related to school legislation;

c) the ability to designalso through group programming and peer tutoring activities, flexible educational itineraries adapted to the abilities and talents of students to be strengthened in the school context, in synergy with the territory and the educational community, in order to promote learning critical and awareness-raising, guidance, as well as the acquisition of transversal competencies by students, taking into account the subjectivities and specific educational needs of each of them;

d) the ability to perform tasks consciously related to the role of teacher and school organization and professional ethics.

Requirements to access the degree itinerary

Access to the qualification itinerary is made after obtaining the master’s degree or single-cycle master’s degree, or the 2nd degree diploma in artistic, musical and dance higher education, or an equivalent or equivalent degree ( consistent with the mode of competition for which it is enabled.).

It can also be accessed by those who are regularly enrolled in courses of study to obtain the same degrees. For those enrolled in courses to obtain the master’s degree, access is subject to the acquisition of 180 CFU. In compliance with the principle of autonomy of universities, the CFU / CFA of initial training for teaching are obtained in an additional modality.

The enabling path

We reiterate this: the degree for teaching in ESO and baccalaureate is obtained after passing the university and academic course of initial training of at least 60 CFU / CFA and overcoming the final test of the said path, comprising a written test it is a simulated lesson.

The aim will be to offer the teacher those skills, corresponding to Final profile of the professional competencies of the qualified teaching staffas it comes fostered the digital transformation of school organization and learning and teaching processes.

Achieving the degree does not constitute a qualification or entitle to the hiring of the function outside the competition procedures for access to the fixed functions.

The degree to teach in secondary and high schools has an unlimited duration.

Those who are already in possession of a degree in a competition class or other level of education and those who are in possession of the support specialty can achieve, without prejudice to the possession of the necessary degree with reference to the competition class, the degree in other competition classes or teaching degrees through the acquisition of 30 CFU / CFA of the university and academic course of initial training, of which 20 CFU / CFA in the context of methodologies and technologies teachers applied to the reference disciplines and another 10 CFU / CFA of direct practices. For each CFU / CFA practice, the commitment to attend classes cannot be less than 12 hours.

How do you place yourself on paper?

The initial training system and access to permanent roles is divided into:

a) a enabling the university and academic trajectory of initial training corresponding to not less than 60 university or academic creditscalled CFU / CFA, in which aspiring teachers acquire the minimum skills that will make up the teacher profile according to the objectives set by the so-called Final profile of the professional competencies of the qualified teaching staffas part of a later one decree of the President of the Council of Ministers, which will be adopted in agreement with the Ministers of Education, University and Research, before 31 July 2022.

This path ends with a final test that includes a written test (critical analysis related to school practices performed during the trip) and a simulated lesson.

b) A national public competitionheld at the regional or interregional level.

c) A probationary period in the service of dannual fee with final test and conclusive evaluation.

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