Single Check: Apply by June 30 today for arrears

Thursday, June 30th is a crucial date forunique universal check. This is due to the fact that the applications sent to the INPS within this day will enjoy a favorable treatment with respect to the general rule imposed by the legislation according to which the start date and the validity of the check will be calculated. from the date of application, although then start receiving materially from the following month.

Basically, those who are in a hurry to submit a single check application before June 30th you will also receive legal arrears. On the other hand, in the case of a check application submitted from 1 July, you will receive payment from the following month without delay.

Introduced from 1 March 2022, the single universal aid has replaced a whole series of subsidies and aid to families, which from that date began to receive the new economic benefit from the INPS in function of its own economic situation in Isee and the number of core components. However, applications were opened on January 1, 2022.

The application for the subsidy can be submitted by those who have very specific requirements, but it is in any case a measure that corresponds to all Italian families, whether salaried, self-employed or unemployed. That is why it is defined as universal.

What delays are we talking about? How does the procedure work? Let’s see the details.

Unique universal check 2022: who receives it

The INPS grant is paid all families with children (regardless of the employment situation), which is why it is called universal: it starts from the seventh month of pregnancy and is paid until the age of 21, with some exceptions.

The aim is to provide financial support to families who have:

  • dependent minor childrenfrom the seventh month of pregnancy;
  • dependent children with disabilitiesno age limit;
  • adult children charge until compliance with the 21 years old.

In the case of adult children, however, the grant is due if the child is alternately in any of the following conditions:

  • attends a school or vocational training course or an undergraduate course;
  • offers work / internships, in addition to having a total income of less than 8 thousand euros per year;
  • is registered as unemployed and looking for work in the Employment Centers;
  • performs the universal public function.

It is recognized to those who, at the time of the application and during the entire duration of the benefit, are:

  • Italian citizens, EU citizens or holders of EU residence permits for work, research or long-term residents;
  • subject to the payment of income tax in Italy;
  • resident or domiciled in Italy;
  • resident or having been resident in Italy for at least two years (even non-continuous) or holders of an indefinite contract or lasting at least six months.

Single check 2022: income and amount bands

The monthly payment includes a minimum amount of 50 euros, which is gradually increasing depending on the ISEE band to which it belongs, but also depending on other family conditions: disabilities, young mothers, etc., to maximum amount of 175 euros per month.

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The amount disbursed to each family takes into account the ISEE indicator presented. The lower its value, the greater the amount of the grant. On the contrary, as the ISEE increases, the amount of the check will decrease. Three thresholds are taken into account: a minimum threshold, a maximum threshold and an “additional threshold”, ie an amount paid by those who do not have any ISEE indicators.

  • Minimum range: ISEE up to 15 thousand euros
  • Maximum range: ISEE more than 40 thousand euros
  • Extra band: no ISEE has been submitted.

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Single check 2022: overdue payment

Payment of the single check began in March 2022. Therefore, it is good to point out that arrears can only be traced back to this month.

  • Who submits their application until Thursday, June 30, 2022 will be entitled and will receive automatically with the first payment, also the arrears until March 2022.
  • Who instead submits the check application from Friday 1 July will lose this right and will only have to settle for payment from next month to the question.

How to pay the single universal check

The payment of the subsidy, according to the modalities chosen by the user during the application phase, is made:

  • to a bank or postal current account,
  • bank transfer to the post office,
  • postcard,
  • SEPA area external current account,
  • prepaid card with IBAN.

As explained by the INPS, these accounts must be in the name of the applicant or the other parent (if the amount is chosen).

Single verification 2022: INPS application procedure

The single and universal grant application is annual and is valid for monthly payments from March to February of the following year. How to send it? Just follow these alternative procedures between them.

  • The question arises on lineaccessing the appropriate service available on the INPS site with your credentials or
  • addressing the Contact center Inps to Mobile Phone Numbers 06164164 | 803164 fix
  • alternatively you can ask for the support of Coffee and patronage (who will submit the online instance instead of the user).

The documents for applying for a single check

No specific document must be attached, except in specific cases that are communicated to the user at the time of submitting the application. The information requested at the time of compilation is only:

  • data of the children (tax code, possible disability),
  • data of the other parent (if present and only the tax code),
  • payment data, statements of responsibility and consent to the processing of data.

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Those who receive citizenship income do not have to submit the application, the check is automatically paid to the RdC card >> read right here.

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