School competition for common and support places, which changes with L.79. Trial year and three-year contract

How the school competition with the Law 79/2022 DL 36 conversion? Who has access to the contest?

How will the school competition work?

The main novelty of the school competition is that it will be a computer-based open test, no longer closed. Then it will be the turn of the oral exam, which will verify the disciplinary and pedagogical and didactic competences i aptitude for teaching.


In addition the appropriate who have passed the tests of ordinary competition (and the STEM 2021 competition) – former Minister Azzolina has also announced – it will be included in the ranking.

Access to the contest

Who can participate in the contest? In general i The requirements for access to common places are the title of access to the competition class plus qualification. Therefore, access to the contest is guaranteed to:

  • Those who successfully pass the teaching qualification course, which will certify the minimum competencies that will make it up teacher profile according to the objectives set by the so-called Final profile of the professional competencies of the qualified teaching staff.
  • EL precarious without qualification but with 3 years of service (in the last 5) in public schools, of which at least one year completed in the specific competition class.
  • Those who have achieved at least 30 ECTS on 31 December 2022, provided that part of the credits are direct internships. In this case, we specify that these subjects will only be able to access the competitions until December 31, 2024, as they are subject to a transitional provision.

Regarding the support sitesAnyone in possession of a specialization will be able to access the competition.

The trial year

The winners of the competition for a common place, with a teaching degreethey are subject to an annual probationary period in service, the positive passing of which determines the effective entry into office.

Exceeding the annual probationary period in service involves performing a service actually performed for at least 180 daysof which at least 120 for the activities ofdidactic.

Teachers in the probationary period are subjected to a final test, which assesses how the theoretical, disciplinary and methodological knowledge of the teacher has been translated into practical teaching skills, and an evaluation by the director of the center, after consultation to the faculty evaluation committee, based on a tutor’s research.

In case of not passing the final test or negative evaluation of the test period in service, the teacher is subject to a second annual trial period in service, non-renewable.

By decree of the Minister of Education, which will be adopted before 31 July 2022, the procedures for carrying out the final test and the evaluation criteria for staff on probation will be defined.

Unqualified contest winners

The winners of the competition who have not yet obtained the title of teacher sign an annual replacement contract with the territorial office of the school to which the chosen center belongs and must acquire, in any case, 30 CFU / CFA among those that make up the university and academic course of initial training.

Once the degree has been obtained, the teaching staff is hired for an indefinite period of time and is subject to the annual probationary period in service, the positive passing of which determines the final entry into the position.

Acquisition of the 30 CFU / CFA involves a final exam that includes a written test and a mock lesson. The written test consists of a didactic planning intervention inherent in the discipline or disciplines of the competition class for which the qualification is obtained.

Winners of the contest in support

Even the winners of the competition for a support position are subject to an annual probationary period in service, the positive passing of which determines the effective entry into office.

And then? Bail to three years

ELThe teacher who passes the final test and is evaluated positively is annulled of any other ranking, by merit, institute or exhaustion, in which it is registered and is confirmed on paper at the same school where the probationary period was conducted.

The teacher is obliged to remain in the said school, in the same type of place and class of competition, for a period of not less than three yearsincluding the probationary period, to which is possibly added the period required to complete the initial training and acquire the license.

In any case, teachers may submit an application for assignment and temporary use within the province to which they belong and may accept the assignment of substitute teaching for the entire school year for another modality or class of competition to which it corresponds.

Competition classes will change

With one or more decrees of the Minister of Education that will be adopted, in agreement with the Minister of University and Research, within twelve months from the date of entry into force of Law 79, the revision and update of the typology of competition classes for access to the functions of the teachers of the secondary and baccalaureate centers, through these rationalization it is of them mergingin order to promote the interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity of innovative professional profiles.

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