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Teachers transferred as supernumeraries with conditional or official application may submit a request for use. Conditions, preferences, preference, available use, evaluation of qualifications and application documentation.


He requests of use (and provisional assignment) they can be presented from June 20 to July 4, 2022through Online Instances, which can be accessed with SPID credentials (the application is on paper only for teachers and teaching staff of the Catholic religion).


The application for use, in accordance with the provisions of the CCNI 2019/22 (extended for the 2022/23 academic year), may be submitted by:

  • the teaching staff who, after the transfer operations, are in any case without a definitive place;
  • teachers fired in the province;
  • teachers transferred as supernumeraries with a conditional or ex officio application without having submitted the application in the same school year or in the 9 previous school years, who request to be used as a first preference in the previous center;
  • teachers returned to roles who have had a seat of ownership not included among those expressed on request or teachers returned to roles outside the deadline for submitting mobility applications; Also included in this category are teachers declared fit for teaching who have not been assigned to the school where they practice or who have been transferred to a place not included among those expressed on request;
  • teachers who have resigned from the service who have applied for and obtained maintenance in the service with a part-time employment relationship and have not found the previous position available;
  • teachers, belonging to surplus positions, places or categories of competition, who apply for employment in other functions, places or classes of competition to which they are entitled, or in support positions, within the function to which they belong, still who does not have a degree of specialization, in the province within the limits of the surplus and only after having reserved a series of support positions corresponding to specialized teachers aspiring to indefinite labor relations and of determined duration;
  • tenured teachers of curricular education, in possession of the title of specialization of support or with differentiated didactic direction, that ask to be used respectively in support or in centers with differentiated didactic direction, inside the same level of education;
  • primary school teachers holding a common place, in possession of a foreign language teaching qualification, who apply to be used in a foreign language place, in the titular school or in another center, in the case that in the its own there are no places available;
  • full-time curricular teachers who apply to be used in jobs installed in hospitals or prisons, as well as in CPIA staff offices and in jobs related to the second-level itineraries provided for in Presidential Decree 263 / 12;
  • teachers who have passed professional support retraining courses or intensive courses to obtain the degree of specialization in teaching support positions, who apply to be used in support positions of the same level of education;
  • the high school teachers referred to in art. 43 and 44 of Law no. 270/82;
  • Technical-practical professors and assistant professors, who have passed from local bodies in the State, not registered in the competition classes provided for in table B annexed to Presidential Decree 19/16 and later, to which art. 14, section 14, of Legislative Decree 95/2012 converted into law no. 135/2012 and subsequent modifications and extensions, which may be used in accordance with the provisions of section 17 of the same Law on available places, applying the conditions established therein with regard to qualifications, the educational qualifications and specialization in support, as well as those who complete their studies. support reconversion courses activated with the additional act to the agreement of 29.10.2013 stipulated with the University Day of Education on 7.11.2014;
  • Teachers of the Catholic religion hired in accordance with law no. 186;
  • teachers, even if they are not dismissals, in possession of the requirements referred to in sections 1 and 2 of art. 3 of Ministerial Decree no. 8/2011 that ask to be used, in particular in the primary schools, also organized in the network, for the diffusion of the culture and the musical practice;
  • [per quanto riguarda le utilizzazioni nei licei musicali dei docenti titolari delle classi di concorso A-29, A-30 e A-56 si rimanda all’art. 6-bis del CCNI 2019/22].

Supernumeraries transferred ex officio or with conditional application

As mentioned above, supernumerary teachers transferred with a conditional or ex officio application may submit an application for use.


These are the conditions for submitting the application:

  • The supernumerary transferred on conditional or ex officio application in the same school year or in the 9 previous school years, that is to say, for the academic year, can request the use. 2014/15 and later;
  • the application may be submitted provided that the interested party has requested the transfer in each year of the eight-year period also to the previously owned entity;
  • in the application, the first preference must be that relating to the previous school.


In the application, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, the first preference shall be the formerly owned school, after which it may be stated, in the alternative:

  • the schools of the submunicipal district that comprise the school of previous ownership or those of the municipality of previous ownership or, if there are no places that can be requested in this municipality, those of the neighboring municipality, in compliance with the tables of relative proximity.

It is specified that:

  • the indication of the municipality (or sub-municipal district) of former ownership is mandatory, in the event that the interested party intends to express preferences (both for a single school and for synthetic ones) for another municipality;
  • if the aforementioned municipality of former ownership is not indicated, the preferences regarding educational centers of other municipalities or other municipalities are annulled; in this case, only the preferences relating to the former municipality are taken into account.


The aforementioned teaching staff benefits from the preference referred to in article 8, section 1 – point II, of the CCNI 2019/22, which only applies to provincial uses:

c) Limited to uses within the same province, teaching staff who, from the academic year. s. 2011/12 and / or later, requests the return to the educational center of previous ownership, transferred as supernumerary to conditional or ex officio application (without having submitted an application) in the school year to which the operations, and who has applied to be used at the previously owned school. In case of competition, at the request of the teacher who already belongs to the same type of job (common place, competition class, support position).

We point out, as indicated in the previous provision, that in the case of multiple concurrent teachers (ie multiple teachers who use the same preference), the application of the teacher already belonging to the same type of place (city council , contest class, support.) prevails. Basically, if in the former school there is, for example, the availability of a support place and two teachers request the use with preference, the request of the teacher transferred ex officio or application prevails. conditioned that he was the holder (in the said school) in support.

Belonging to the redundant role

Teachers who request use at the previously owned school may be used in the aforementioned center, also available, as we read in article 5/5 of the CCNI 2019/22.

Specifically, what has been said refers to the teachers transferred ex officio or with conditional application to a place of the central headquarters, enjoying the aforementioned preference and membership with redundant paper.

These teachers:

  1. they are used on demand in the required places, available at the provincial level and related to their function (i.e. level of education), type and class of competition; in case of lack of availability
  2. can be usedupon request and on the basis of the score held by all those entitled to participate in the operations of use, available at the old school property.

The use, referred to in point 2 above, is made in accordance with the provisions of the PTOF for the improvement of the training offer as well as for the places that may be available during the school year and for coverage.
of substitutes.

The use available at the former property school may only be implemented until the surplus has been fully absorbed.

Evaluation questions

Usage applications are evaluated by the center in which the interested teaching staff works (ie by submitting the application), in accordance with the assessment table attached (Annex 2) to the said CCNI and received by the CCNI from mobility. In the event that the school of ownership does not coincide with the school of service, the application is evaluated by the latter (that is, by the school of services), possibly acquiring some useful element from the institution of ownership.

For the purposes of assessing applications for use, the following is specified:

  • the qualifications obtained within the deadlines for submitting applications (ie 4 July 2022) are assessed, according to the assessment table attached to the CCNI on mobility, with the data relating to office transfers (also attached to the CCNI of temporary uses and assignments);
  • in the titles of services the current school year must also be valued;
  • to obtain the score of the municipality of residence of the relatives, it is necessary that they have actually resided there for at least three months on the date set for the submission of applications (i.e. July 4, 2022);
  • the age of the children refers to 31 December of the year in which the provisional uses and assignments are made;
  • in case of equality of preference and score, the elderly prevail.

For teachers dismissed in the province, the evaluation of the application is done by the territorially competent offices.

Documentation of questions

In addition to the documentation (declarations in accordance with Presidential Decree 445/2000) accrediting the possession of the assessable qualifications and family needs, the aforementioned teachers must attach to the application a declaration accrediting the transfer of charge or the conditional application (indicating the year in which it was made) and the submission, in each course of the eight-year period, of the application for transfer of return to the formerly owned educational center.

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