Le Dolcevita: The trio tells their story

Young, beautiful, talented and determined. The trio “Le Dolcevita”, formed by Giada, Martina and Jade, tells their story at La Gazzetta dello Spettacolo

The sweet life, a project born in 2017, from producer Tony Labriola. Three young people, three great artists, united by a great love for music. Jade, Martina I Jade they will soon be doing an international tour. Which will see them take to the stages of many cities.

Music is the reason for the life and deep bond of this musical trio, which has chosen perhaps the most tortuous and difficult path to success. Excluding a summer hit or too much commercial for its uniqueness.

On their horizons they prefer to follow a solid path, like that of “Il Divo”. Choose to sing songs that represent them and that can show the uniqueness of their vocal interpretations.

A journey made of personal sacrifices, intertwining stories and harmonizing voices. A life expectancy that unites them: that of living as artists. Three girls firm in what they want, singularly gifted with great talent, in an explosive mix of talent, chance and beauty.

It is also said that singer Tony Renis, a milestone in international music, has become so interested in the group that he has set their sights on the sixtieth anniversary of their famous song, “when, when, when.”

3 women, 3 souls and music to communicate

The biggest Jadeis the pop-soul soul of the group, and grew up with the music of Aretha Franklin.

From a very young age she began to step on stage with Marco Masini and Ivana Spagna and her favorite artist Mina, from whom her own entourage selected her for a commercial.

She describes herself as a determined girl and a benchmark for the group.

Jadeis the rock soul of the trio, the sandy part, a real musical style, and although young participates in numerous singing events one of the Live Emotions with Mughal and Beppe Vessicchio, and during a concert by Noemi and Rocco Hunt receives the proposal for be part of the international project Le Dolcevita.

Martina instead, he is arguably the most eclectic component of the group, and is the pop-lyric soul.

It was precisely his meeting with the Sweet lifeto direct her to study opera singing in depth, so that she can learn to control her voice more and insert the power of opera into a pop wave.

He comes from a house of musicians, with his brother DJ, and his mother often singing, with lunches and dinners often turning into a Jam Session.

But many will wonder if this band of girls would be prepared to receive a tempting proposal, such as participating in a high-level reality show, such as the Big Brother Vipand they answered without hesitation:

  • We all 3 have very varied characters, but we share the support and the fact that we are for each other, both on stage and in real life, as sisters. He answers Jadethe biggest
  • We would like to participate in the Big Brother VIP, because it would be a personal challenge, another, that would not scare us. We will combine music with our energy, and in my case I don’t have to worry about anything, if I have a leather jacket and a guitar to cover myself to snatch smiles and the desire to live “, he adds. Jade the rock soul.
  • “For someone like me who was born in a place where singing at home is almost the basis of communication at home, girls often wake up in the morning with my warm-up vocals, I would bring a good dose of my family tradition personal, anything but “Subdued” finally concludes Martinathe pop-lyrical soul.

Surely, these girls are willing to leave their mark from all points of view, and we can not help but wish them good luck in their many projects.

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