Futura closes the defense with Alessandra Mistretta

After the announcements of the players called to score, here comes the officiality of the free, a young woman with a broad perspective with excellent qualities on and off the field, able to ensure solidity and effectiveness in defense.


Of Sicilian origin, born in Erice on February 5, 2002, with a height of 165 cm, Alessandra begins her journey in the world of volleyball in two of the most successful youth sectors capable of producing talent from all over Italy. , Orago first and Volleyball later, with whom he also made his B1 debut in the 2018 season.

After having won everything possible at the youth level, the jump to professional volleyball comes, only of legal age, in the 2020-21 season with the call of Sigel Marsala where, in his Sicily, he plays the first championship of the series A2 and knows for the first time his mentor Daris Amadio.

The Venetian coach immediately began to appreciate the excellent performances and tactical technical qualities of the Sicilian player and after signing with Montecchio for the following season, he pushed to bring Alessandra to Vicenza. This is precisely the destiny also chosen by the freestyle, who, therefore, followed in the footsteps of the coach and, with the number 6 on their shoulders, played the last championship of the A2 series, putting themselves in the spotlight. of sight among the best pounds in the league. , thanks to a series of performances made of quantity, quality and consistency.

Now it’s time to wear another white-red, Futura Volley, which aims at her to close the second line and bring clean balls to the attacking team.


What were your first impressions and what prompted you to choose the Futura?

The choice to play here in Busto next season was based on many factors, among these without a doubt the fact of being a very serious company, with a competitive and winning mentality that has always built important teams and that has also confirmed it with the market this year. Another decisive element for me was the fact that the company and ourselves have set especially important goals for next season and this is certainly an incentive for athletes to know that the company expects a lot from us and wants do it right. . Finally, I have been working with Daris for two years now and I know him very well, I know how you work and how you work in the gym, so I am very happy that he is our technical guide. “.

What kind of championship do you expect next year?

We know very well that the A2 series is a long and very demanding championship. The squads are increasingly defined for all clubs and we will certainly have to deal with many equipped teams that will aim for important goals. To do well and be able to achieve the goals we have set, we must work hard in the gym always giving 110%, be good to be consistent race after race, but at the same time I think we must have fun, in the sense of putting -We are available, with each other and create a good group all together, team and staff, because this can help us both in the easy moments and in the most complex. “.

If you had to describe yourself personally, what do you think are your strengths and what aspects would you like to improve?

Among my main qualities I recognize that I am a very aggressive player on the field of play, I always put the best of myself and this is also due to the fact that I have fun and therefore I get this especially competitive aspect. I am a cheerful girl who always tries to be carefree, but at the same time I am very serious and I dedicate myself a lot to work. I always try to set small personal goals and get angry with myself when I can’t achieve them. As for the aspects I would like to improve, I think there is always room for growth and aspects on which to improve. I want to keep growing and improving overall in all the technical and tactical aspects that make a very strong free. “.

Off the field some curiosities about you, how will you spend the summer?

Being Sicilian this summer I will enjoy the sea in general. I also love to do a lot of sports and especially in the summer, I do water sports, for example I am doing kitesuf. The rest of the time I will dedicate a little to friends and family who I will see very little during the season “.

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