Why evaluate whether in the end all students are passed?

For teachers it acquires an important role in the teaching and learning process evaluationthat is, to give a grade or an opinion to the student either quarterly or quarterly.

The timing of the assessment, however, is a key aspect of the student’s school life that makes them aware of their preparation.


At one point, the note had its enormous value and represented an element of self-analysis for the student who had learned and for the teacher who had passed on his or her knowledge and skills.

Now it’s all over, almost trivialized: the “false” assessment is applied at school, or in other words sensuous writer of the ambiguous evaluation, that is, of an evaluation (sorry for the reiteration of the term that makes the concept effective!), which does not correspond to the truth, in short, of a doped, doped, amplified evaluation.

The actual grades that students have achieved throughout a school year undergo metamorphosis to look like real balloons with all due respect to school officials who must certify to the competent bodies that the goals have been fully achieved and, to these, with good peace from parents who see their children fully promoted and with teachers who are forced to submit dictated of school officials, who in the face of negative grades subject the unfortunate teacher to real “torture”, accusing him of how he dared to assign a negative assessment and why not all teaching strategies for the recovery of learning .

And, on the other hand, there are the parents, fierce defenders of their children-students, who, instead, collaborate with the teachers to guarantee a full and complete formation of theirs, accuse the teachers of being censors, of not know how to evaluate them and, therefore, to subject them to the picota. So what does the unfortunate teacher do?

He tries in every way to “put together at the end of the month” the assessments between written and oral tests trying to settle the debts of students so as not to incur accusatory convictions by principals and parents of schools.

All in all, we try to promote almost everyone! And then we ask ourselves: why continue to evaluate in school, if then this parameter is no longer objective and everyone is admitted to the classes and subsequent exams? Why always blame teachers if the student does not commit, does not study, does not want to learn. The fault lies not only with the teachers, but with a whole system that filters everywhere and that, without finding any justification, tries to identify the scapegoat in the teacher. If the teacher cynically makes the student believe that he is good, he is harming the student and himself and the school system that is no longer credible.

Is a school that promotes everyone credible to public opinion? We don’t believe it! And what can the teacher do, if the system does not allow him an objective assessment, he adjusts so as not to fight against the powerful windmills and be accused of incompetence, carelessness, of doing his job badly. What a miserable school today! He Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi said this year’s state exams will not be a walk in the parkas last year (after all they will be done with the same criteria as last year, without written and oral tests).

We no longer believe in it: this year will be a perfect reissue already seen in 2020. So is assessment in school still useful? Better to delete it if it does not correspond to reality. The sentences returned to primary. Undoubtedly, explanatory judgment is better than numerical voting.

With judgment, evaluation can be sweetened, it can be sweetened, disguised, watered down, changing adjectives. With the numerical grade it is not possible, because a three or a four could traumatize the student, discourage him, make him uneasy with parents who are more concerned about their children.

It is no longer the time to get anxious, to get angry if in the end everyone ascends.

Let’s repeat: unfortunately the system wants it and the whole class of teachers must rebel, not like them design the membrane. However, promoting at any cost is a mistake that students will bitterly discount during life because it does not always reserve beautiful and pleasant surprises, but also bitter, bitter and painful defeats.

Mario Bocola

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