Volley Nations League, Italy-Poland 3-1. The Blues see the Ankara final

Mazzanti’s Volley Nations League for Italy starts again with a victory. The European champions they beat Poland 3-1 with sets of 24-26, 25-20, 28-26, 25-18. This is the Blues’ fifth consecutive success in the competition, the first of this third and final phase of VNL to be played in Sofia. Three important points that bring Egonu even closer (29 points for her) and her companions in the Ankara Final scheduled for July 13-17. The performances of Alice Degradi and Anna Danesi are also excellent. Italvolley returns to the field on Friday at 15.30 against South Korea. Live match for Sky Sport Uno and broadcast by Now.

First set: Italy inaccurate, the comeback does not materialize


The 14 called on Mazzanti for the League of Nations

With Caterina Bosetti not available and stayed in Italy, Mazzanti starts with a titular sextet without any special surprises: Malinov-Egonu to form the diagonal opposite the adjuster, Degrades and Gennari the crushers, Danesi and Chirichella in the middle, De Gennaro the free. On the other side of the net, Lavarini’s star is the setter Woloszcaptain of Conegliano. Poland starts much better which, thanks to two errors by the Blues with Degradi and Egonu, have escaped first by 4-1 and then by 9-4. The Blues, however, react with Egonu and Gennari i shorten the 12-9 to technical downtime. When they return to the field, however, it is the Poles who accelerate until 21-15 taking advantage of an Italy too inaccurate in the service and distracted in defense. From here the European champions change pace on defense and on the wall and, after canceling three points out of seven, they face Poland 24-24. The advantages are, however, our opponents in close 26-24 with an error from Sylla at the reception.

Second set: blue reaction

Balanced start in the second set to 5-5, then it is the blues who get a 3-0 run, leading them to 8-5. The Poles, however, reacted and shortened going to -1 on the 11-10 scoreboard just before the technical timeout. Unlike the first set, the return of downtime smiles on the European champions returning to the field concentrated and precise with Malinov that thanks to a more precise reception manages to order its attackers: Italy flies to the 17-13. Blues who manage to manage the advantage accumulated until the end: to close the set is Paola Egonu on 25-20 with the 14th point of his match.

Third set: still with advantages, this time closing Danesi

Start of Poland’s sprint with Italy struggling to enter the set: Wolosz and his teammates run away with a 5-1. Blue that, however, does not break and shortens point by point, thanks to an excellent Alice Degradi in attack, up to -1 in 7-8. After the connection at 10-10 is a point-to-point fight up to 15-15 when an error in the service of Egonu and a counterattack of the Poles in the next point set the score at 17-15 in favor of our rivals. Also in this case Italy gets the tie by 20-20 and then advance Poland 24-23 thanks to a beautiful wall of Alessia Orro. Canceled the first two points of seven by the Pole, is Anna Danesi will close 28-26.

Fourth set: Italy with ease, Egonu unplayable

Many errors and inaccuracies on both sides at the beginning of the fourth set: the Polish double advantage (2-4) is immediately nullified with an Italian 4-0 run going 6-4. Poland, however, returning to 7-7 but is on a stratospheric attack from Paola Egonu it is the Blues who go to the technical timeout of three (12-8). After returning from time out, Italy is still great: Chirichella in the center is excellent in fast and Orro signs the 16-10 with a second touch. At the end there is also space for Sylvia Nwakalor who replaces Paola Egonu, Italy presses hard and closes without problems on 25-18 thanks to Cristina Chirichella.

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