UISP – Bologna – From the Uisp Championships to the World Championships in Argentina on skates

From the Uisp Championships to the World Championships in Argentina on skates

It is the story of the Estensi skating quartet that launches a fundraiser to start and play the World Cup. A. Cavicchi speaks

“Alter ego” is the figure skating quartet of the Ups Ferrara Skating Society affiliated to the Uisp Ferrara, formed by Vittoria, Aurora, Daphne and Beatrice, girls aged 16 to 18, formed by Cinzia Roana: these girls created the biggest dream possible in figure skating, they got the opportunity to participate in the World Championship, thanks to the second position in the Italian FISR Championship in Montichiari (Bs) on 27 May. They will then be able to represent Italy in the junior quartet category in Argentina on November 5th. They are the first girls in this specialty, not only in the province of Ferrara, but in the whole region of Emilia-Romagna who have achieved such a high goal. But even if the most difficult thing has been done, there is still a test to overcome to make the dream come true: to raise the funds needed to organize the trip to Argentina. To do this, a fundraiser has been launched on GoFundMe, in which anyone can participate to support these girls in their adventure.

“We make great efforts to support our girls and nurture their passion for skating,” says Andrea Cavicchi, president of the Extensi Skaters, “but the satisfaction pays off.” Qualifying for the World Cup was a desired but unexpected goal, the quartet has a very high level and our small company is committed to giving satisfaction to these girls, who have worked hard, spending many hours on the track. Now we are doing everything to be able to bring the quartet to Argentina: the clubs have to pay for the registration for the Championship, the trips and stays, the test track. We have to register before June 28, but we have already confirmed our attendance. The fundraiser was started by the mother of one of the athletes. The City Council has guaranteed us their support and we are looking for sponsors, because we do not want to weigh on our parents’ shoulders ”.

The Ferrara-based company is affiliated to both the Uisp and the Federation and participates in all the Championships: “We are very happy with the Uisp, especially for the many proposals aimed at children – Cavicchi continues – we are very happy to be part of this big family. The girls of the quartet have participated in the last days in the Uisp Championships, although as individuals and groups, they went out on the field in all specialties. The preparation is the same for both championships, they train 9-10 hours a week, also doing school and study with commitment. The training takes place on the Ferrara skating rink, but we also move to other locations because we share the spaces with other realities and there are not many spaces suitable for skating ”.

The East Skaters is a historic society, active since 1985, with about 140 members including art, hockey and a section of racing fans. At the moment there is only one male among the agonists, but some are entering among the beginners, aged 3 to 7, the hope is that they will be passionate and choose to continue the practice. “Sport must be done with taste and passion. I am also passionate about this discipline because it is practiced by my 16-year-old daughter. They are young guys who live a passion instead of sitting on the couch in front of the cell phone or walking around the city: sport teaches the rules, makes you be united with others, also creating relationships with people from other regions, agonists of the track but friends off. In Uisp we find this spirit of healthy competition that in the Federation is perhaps a little more exasperated, but the excitement of the race and the desire to win are always the same and the 4 minutes on the track are always exciting. Uisp is very busy for young people and children, it helps us build a path together with people with whom we can compare and grow together. Our policy is to let everyone compete and at Uisp we find the same approach ”.

The emotions of the track are also about to return for the approximately 1800 athletes of the Formula specialty who from July 1 to 16 will gather in Mirandola (Mo) for the second part of the “Uisp skating fest” 2022 the UISP national figure skating championships. After the success of the first part of the national kermesse which ended on June 20 in Calderara di Reno and Bologna, it is the turn of the city of Modena to host the rest of the registered skaters.

Source: Uisp Nacional

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