rom-like on social media today

Perhaps for us Italians the story of My fake boyfriend it could have echoes attributable to a gossip event on the Italian scene that filled magazines and gossip sites for days after its release. For years, indeed, since today its protagonist Pamela Prati continues to issue statements and interviews. The woman was at the center of the issue behind her “fake boyfriend” Mark Caltagirone and how she built herself on the table to offer television and the net a small theater to have fun with and gossip about. See therefore in the film between the June 2022 releases of Amazon Prime Video the play directed by Rose Troche it does not surprise us so much, assuming that by now these things could happen in everyday life, even if the film has managed to take that possibility to a higher step.

Love in the web age

In the romantic comedy written by Luke Albright, Joe Wanjai Ross and Greg Boaldin it is, in fact, the world of the Internet that has a predominant influence that the beloved and invented Mark did not have here in the Bel Paese, and not just because it has never really existed.

In the film starring Keiynan Lonsdale, Dylan Sprouse, Sarah Hyland and Samer Salem it’s the deepfake to watch showing all the (terrifying) opportunities that networking and social media can offer a good graphic designer with a business idea at the base. The vision of how easy it is to create a new and immaculate identity on the Internet, moving to a higher level than it has become over the years cat fishing, giving a digital body to men and women who cannot return to the material world. An amazing speech that My fake boyfriend explores, despite being primarily a narrative ploy for a romantic comedy in the most classical terms. An issue that, therefore, does not delve into the problems that can really raise these practices of digital creation, maintaining a light and calm tone while the non-existent Cristiano Maradona gains one million and six hundred thousand followers and becomes the witness of Absolute Vodka.

The online guy with whom to post photos in the middle of the race with the bulls and lying on the beaches of Mykonos serves in the film the character of Andrew (Lonsdale) to finally end a toxic relationship with the star. Nico (Marcus Rosner), making him conquer some power in that relationship where he was constantly at a disadvantage. But when the bubble bursts e arrives at the World Wild Web it will cost the young man to continue to maintain a relationship that cannot be returned to reality, especially if there is a real, bone-in cook for whom his heart begins to beat.

And you, do you have a boyfriend?

Taking to the extreme the invention of a boyfriend, who usually brags at family dinners or assumes one of the most traditional love tricks as in The wedding date: love comes at a price, My fake boyfriend he has few ideas that he still manages to make work by feeding a certain sympathy for its protagonists. Everything is a bit superficial both in the evolution of relationships between characters, and in solving a multi-dollar scam.

A simplicity in resolving the intricate fabrication of ad hoc life partners shows how written attention has been completely focused on a dossier that no one really knew how to dissolve and investigate. A story to follow, however, in the light and worthy of pleasant moments, without escaping the quality that are offering us various streaming platforms with the genre of romantic comedy, also with an LGBTQIA + theme (don’t miss the film and the Fire Island review, available at Disney +). One more warning to distrust what is seen on social media and to be more specific in everyday life, maybe learn to cook to win a real couple.

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