Pluto TV: the channel dedicated to MacGyver and Settimo Cielo among the summer news

For the summer, the free platform Pluto TV has several new proposals in store. Starting on Thursday, July 25, the channel dedicated to MacGyver arrivesthe secret agent who uses his extraordinary talents and skills to solve problems and save lives.

And then a channel will be activated from Monday 1 August dedicated to one of the iconic series of the 2000s: Seventh heaven. Thanks to Pluto TV we will be able to relive the events of the Rev. Camden struggling with the problems of his seven children and his wife Annie.

But not only. Starting Super lights from Monday July 4th! Moviea very special channel that includes a selection of the most beloved films for children, but also for adults, who will accompany them under the umbrella between one bath and another.

From July 18 instead it is the turn of a channel totally dedicated to Only US tattoo with Charlotte Crosby. One of the craziest realities in which in each chapter a couple of friends or boys will have to pass a real test of mutual trust: one of the two will decide what will be tattooed on the other and on what part of the body. The “victim” will only be able to see the result at the end, when it is too late, and the happy ending is not taken for granted.

Every Monday in July from 9 pm on the Pluto TV Documentaries channel that is broadcast Italy to discover, the exhibition dedicated to some of the most magical places in the beautiful country to discover it in all its splendor.

It airs in prime time on Monday, July 4th The challenge of Venice, an exciting documentary that will take us to the discovery of one of the most magical cities in the world: Venice, made famous by the same tides that threaten its beauty today.

Monday July 11 in prime time Pluto TV Documentaries takes us to the Langhe with the documentary Langhe DOC, to discover all the wonders and delights of this fascinating territory. Next week It will be on the air on Monday 18 July, again from 9 pm The wings of the swamp, a compelling documentary that will lead us to the discovery of Italian swamps and the animals that inhabit them. In the end, July 25, with the documentary City guides of Italy we will go out together with an exceptional tourist guide to discover the most beautiful Italian cities.

The cinematographic novelties

Every Wednesday at 21.00 on Pluto TV Cinema Italiano the dedicated review arrives Italian summera selection of the most beautiful summer films to immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the summer evenings that are lived on the Peninsula.

Wednesday, July 7 broadcast from 21.00 h Souvenir of Italya delicious romantic comedy set in 1950s Italy starring Margaret, an English girl, who during her trip to Italy meets two foreign girls with whom she will continue the trip hitchhiking, collecting intense but fleeting loves until the time to return to house. .

On July 13, the 1983 comedy arrives in prime time The same sea, the same beach, in which the adventures of young holiday playboys on the Romagna coast follow one another, chasing foreign girls in search of ephemeral loves, all with the notes of the most emblematic songs of the 60s.

Wednesday, July 20 in the early eveningPluto TV viewers will be able to follow Commendatore Zerboni and his family A cactus holiday, a 1981 comedy that recounts the vicissitudes of the Zerboni family on holiday in Rhodes amid misunderstandings, deceptions and fears. In the end, July 27, space a A crazy band on an award holidaywhich tells the story of a schoolboy from a night course made up of crazy middle-aged students.

He July 6 is TheInternational Kiss Day and celebrate kisses given, not given, stolen or expected some of the most romantic stories on television will be broadcast on Pluto TV Romantic Films how We play A child for sale with Ashton Kutcher like the homeless Nikki who lives wandering among the luxurious houses of girls conquered at parties, until she meets a young waitress who will change the rules of the game.

On the same day we will be able to accompany Antoine on his journey in search of Cecile, the woman he never stopped loving, in the French romantic comedy. Changing times – Changing times. In the end, Thanks for sharing – Irresistible Temptations cto Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Ruffalo: in a New York of a thousand temptations, three men have to deal with their sex addiction and find a way to continue living a normal life.

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