Miss Livorno 2022, free Thursday at the casting at the Fonti del Corallo

Wednesday, June 29, 2022 – 3:58 p.m.

The next casting will be in Fonti del Corallo on Thursday, June 30 from 4 to 7 p.m .: you can receive more news and announce yourself at the casting by email at [email protected]or check out the Fb and Instagram pages dedicated to Miss Livorno, or write or call 338-9968869

And we are thirty-two: there will be many candles to which the event-show connects Miss Livorno will turn off inside Terrazza Mascagni on 11 August. A summer event that has entered the heart and tradition of the people of Livorno, who even in the last two years, in the midst of a pandemic, has managed to offer moments of fun immersed in the fascinating world of fashion, shows , art and sport. . In fact, Miss Livorno cannot be categorized as a simple beauty pageant: it is an initiative that allows participants to get involved and overcome shyness in front of a real audience, to express their will if they have the will. artistic passion (in singing, in dance, in acting), to savor, with professionalism but still in a context where the ultimate goal is entertainment, the world linked to the catwalk, advertising, theater and television. The result is that in each edition Miss Livorno manages to excite, make people talk, intrigue and arouse sympathy.

Also this year and many member posts received on social media by many girls, the will of the City of Livorno, the tourist office and major events led by Councilor Rocco Garufo, to sponsor the initiative as every year, as well as the push received by The address. of Confcommercio Livorno, have convinced Cronosax Livorno Acli, which has always organized Miss Livorno, to re-stage another edition, a new adventure of Miss Labronica, which will end as usual at the Terrazza Mascagni, precisely on 11 and 12 d ‘next August. .

Fashion and entertainment – And what will end on August 11 in La Terrassa will represent a kind of real show with fashion shows, a “format” in which the beauty factor will be just a small piece of a big puzzle. And it will be another chapter that will confirm a general rule that has always been the basis of this: to put e empowering the “girls” of rock, offering them a means to grow, get to know each other, overcome fears, accept victories and defeats, moments of glory and disappointment and bring to light passions that could also have a future in the world of work.

Miss Livorno’s numbers – There have been hundreds of girls who over the years have stepped on the “catwalks” of Miss Livorno, thousands of spectators present at the many shows, many organizations, associations, companies and institutions involved, dozens and dozens of young artists, singers, comedians, the illusionists (who later settled in the world of entertainment) first took to the stage. The “numbers” related to Miss Livorno’s “world” are truly remarkable: the web has also awarded Miss Livorno in recent years, with more than 100,000 views of videos and posts posted on social media.

national competitions – Since 2014 Miss Livorno has been combined with “Miss Blu Mare”, a fast-growing national competition (the final of 2022 will be held aboard the ship “Grandiosa”, the flagship of the MSC fleet) which has already given a great satisfaction to “ours” The lack of the last seven years. From 2000 to 2013, the same regional significance of Miss Livorno brought dozens of Labronian contestants to the national final of “A Girl for the Cinema”, with several awards including the two national titles (Sara Vassallo in 1994 and Sara Guidetti in 2006) stand out. ), the third place overall by Naomi Norci in 2010 and the second place by Jessica Cavallini in the fashion section (2000). Previously, Miss Livorno was combined with “Miss Muretto di Alassio”, “A Face for Model” and “Model of the Year”.

Castings and selections- Miss Livorno’s “talents” have already spent several days working in bathing establishments, clubs on the coast of Livorno and Pisa (Tirrenia and Marina di Pisa), meeting points for children (moletti, Venice, etc.) in the search for topics to be included as protagonists of the event. As in previous years, there will be numerous selections and castings that will take place mainly during the month of July. The organization is looking for (in any case practically ready) suitable locations for the event, which will be accompanied by the two afternoon appointments with “Moda e Miss in Galleria” in Fonti del Corallo on 15 and 22 July, and the afternoon appointment at Porta. to Mother on July 29th. And these days there are also closed-door castings for girls already registered through the web or already contacted by the “talent scouts”.

The next casting will be at Fonti del Corallo Thursday, June 30 from 4 to 7 p.m.: you can receive more news and announce yourself at the casting by email at [email protected]or check out the Fb and Instagram pages dedicated to Miss Livorno, or write or call 338-9968869.

It is also possible to present directly on Wednesday 30 June at the Fonti del Corallo (also this year an active member of the event), where girls and parents (whose presence is always welcome), can ask questions, clarify any questions and get closer to the competition. Who will inherit the crown of Irene BiagettiMiss Livorno 2021?

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